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Storm Area 51? What Could Happen & Who Will Be Liable?

What could possibly go wrong right?Area 51 is an Air Force facility in Nevada which has been the subject of constant speculation from conspiracy theorists. The most common theory is that Area 51 contains evidence of aliens and UFOs. In...


Five of the Safest Activities to Do in Vegas

While Las Vegas is a busy place all year round, the city truly buzzes in the summer. According to official statistics, approximately ten million people come to Las Vegas between Memorial Day and Labor Day. While the city is often...


Visitor Stats Vs Transportation Deaths in Las Vegas

Las Vegas continues to be a magnet, drawing over 40 million visitors from all corners of the country and the globe. In addition to our famed casinos, Las Vegas offers world-class entertainment in the form of concerts and professional sports....


Helping Your Kids Avoid Back-to-School Injuries

Now that a new school year has started, parents are probably relieved to experience some peace and quiet—at least until next summer rolls around. However, parents also should be aware of the dangers their children face at school.Most schools do...


Gearing Up for an Injury Free Summer

Summer is a time to relax with family and visit new destinations. Unfortunately, hazards abound during the summer months which will send more than one person to the emergency room. To have a safe and fun summer, remember to follow...


How safe is the strip in Las Vegas?

If you’re planning to visit or move to Las Vegas because you’re looking for excitement, things to do & nightlife that never ends, then you’ve come to the right place. And we must say that you’ve chosen a great destination...