Whenever you are injured by the negligence of another person, it isn’t fair. You want to call, “Foul!” You are right, it isn’t fair but you can do much more than complain; you can call a personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas at Ladah Law, PLLC. We can help you receive just compensation for your injuries whether it is a slip and fall in a local casino or a car accident in North Las Vegas. Call anytime: 702-570-2075.

Assigning Liability

Soon after your accident, you will find that the other party, who may have been sorry at first, will begin denying any responsibility for your accident. Don’t hold this against them, the attorneys for their insurance company are telling them what to say. Their goal is to pay you nothing or at least as little as possible for your injuries and losses.

As soon as you give us a call, we begin establishing the liability for your accident. We know the dynamics of personal injury cases and how to protect your rights. We aren’t intimidated by the tactics of the insurance companies when they try to skirt their responsibilities. We pay attention to the details that make the difference in a personal injury case. Once we have done this, we can effectively pursue the compensation you deserve for your accident.

Obtaining Your Rightful Compensation

Under the tort laws of Nevada, you have a right to receive compensation for any losses caused by your accident, both directly and indirectly. If your accident affected your employment or even your marriage, there is a financial remedy provided. But first, we seek for compensation for your current and future medical bills and rehabilitation. We also seek for recompense for lost income as well as lost opportunity. You also have the right to seek a settlement that awards you damages for pain and suffering.

At Ladah Law, we take care of your current needs and secure your future. You have a right to have the consequences of your accident covered, even if it means life-long care. We make sure your settlement is what you need and deserve.

Give us a call as soon after your accident as you can.