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$70.6 million

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$11 million

head injury case settlement

$10 million

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$9.2 million

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$6.4 million

shooting injury

$5.5 million

SPINAL INJURY case settlement

$5 million

CAR ACCIDENT case settlement

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Las Vegas personal injury attorney Ramzy Ladah of Ladah Law Firm, PLLC is committed to helping Nevada residents who have been injured by the negligent conduct of others recover much-needed compensation for their losses and expenses. Through a careful and thorough consideration of the facts of each case, Mr. Ladah is able to identify all parties that may be responsible for causing or contributing to a plaintiff’s injuries, thereby increasing the likelihood of a full and fair compensation award for his clients. Whether a client has lost $5,000 due to a slip and fall or the surviving family members of a deceased seek millions in compensation, Mr. Ladah’s skill and dedication to his clients’ causes is evident and appreciated by those whom he represents. It has also garnered Mr. Ladah and the Ladah Law Firm, PLLC attention from the media.

Some of Our Top Cases

Some of the personal injury cases in which Mr. Ladah is involved include:

  • A boy going about his day suffered a head injury when a portion of a light fixture fell on him, impacting his head. As a result of his injury, he needed medical treatment that totaled approximately $350,000. The family contacted another law firm who immediately referred the case to the Ladah Law Firm, PLLC because of Ladah’s past success in handling catastrophic injury cases. The Ladah Law Firm team immediately went into action. In the end, the Firm obtained an 11 million dollar settlement for the child – more than 30 times his medical bills.
  • Representing victims of the Las Vegas mass shooting at Mandalay Bay who are now being sued by MGM in an attempt to dissolve their responsibility in the incident. Ramzy has been quoted on Wall Street Journal & mentioned on USA Today in relation to this. MGM is seeking a ruling from federal court absolving responsibility before many lawsuits are even filed in relation to the shooting.
  • Representing several passengers of a bus that crashed after the bus driver allegedly fell asleep at the wheel. The injured plaintiffs were on a trip to the Grand Canyon in Arizona aboard a large tour bus. During the course of the day, the plaintiffs and others saw the driver acting fatigued and consuming energy drinks. On the return trip from the Grand Canyon the bus driver fell asleep and the bus drifted off the road, traveling hundreds of feet before striking a deep desert wash. Some of the plaintiffs are also claiming that the bus driver as well as other company drivers would routinely falsify their driving logs so as to appear in compliance with federal safety standards applicable to commercial drivers. Mr. Ladah is seeking several types of damages on behalf of the injured plaintiffs, including general compensatory damages, special compensatory damages, punitive damages, and attorney’s fees and costs.
  • Representing a woman who says a security worker at the Aria Resort and Casino in Las Vegas checked out a master key and then used that key to later enter the woman’s room and rape her with his fingers. According to the complaint, the woman had asked for an escort up to her room. The security worker who is alleged to have raped the woman was the one who responded to the request, even though he was only assigned to the casino floor. After escorting the woman to her room, the worker somehow obtained possession of the master key and used it to access the woman’s room where he allegedly raped her. The lawsuit also alleges that Aria Casino and Resort acted negligently in hiring and retaining the worker as an employee and for failing to properly supervise its employees as well as providing access to the casino’s master key. The suit brought by Mr. Ladah names both the worker and the Aria Casino and Resort as defendants. The suit requests punitive damages be assessed against both defendants.
  • Representing the family of William Yar Parke, a UNLV biology honors student who was killed after being blindsided by a “sucker punch” to the side of his head. Parke, his girlfriend, and a number of friends were out celebrating the girlfriend’s 21st birthday. When security personnel from the Venetian asked nonfamily members of the party group to leave, Parke also insisted that these members of the group leave. These individuals remained nearby and ambushed Parke as he, his girlfriend, and the other partygoers gathered near an elevator. The punch was delivered to the left side of Parke’s head while he was looking the other direction and talking with another person who had been asked to leave from the party. The punch snapped Parke’s neck and he struck the stone floor with his head, rendering him unconscious. Despite medical attention, including emergency brain surgery, Parke died at the hospital the day after his attack. Mr. Ladah is seeking millions of dollars in damages, representing not only Parke’s medical bills and financial losses but also the potential life he will no longer be able to enjoy. In addition to the individuals who perpetrated the attack against Parke, the lawsuit also seeks compensation from the Venetian. According to the complaint, the Venetian’s security personnel were negligent and could have prevented the fatal attack had they acted in accordance with security industry standards.
  • Finally, Mr. Ladah represented the surviving family members of a homeless man shot and killed by a North Las Vegas police officer. The lawsuit alleged that the officer used excessive force against the deceased man, thereby violating his civil rights. The officer stopped and approached the man near Tonopah Avenue and Woodward Street when, according to the complaint, the officer shot the man without provocation or reason. (The police’s version of events claims that the man became uncooperative and backed away from the officer.) The man was shot in the backyard of an abandoned home and determined to have died from gunshot wounds to the head. This case was settled with NLVP for $500,000.

You Need an Attorney Who Can Effectively Fight For You

When people have been injured or have had loved ones killed because of the negligent, careless, reckless, and/or willful acts of another person, they turn to personal injury attorney Ramzy Ladah and the Las Vegas personal injury law firm of Ladah Law Firm, PLLC for help. Mr. Ladah understands that no amount of money will heal a wound or bring a loved one back to life; however, this does not mean that injury victims and their family should be left to bear the financial burdens that needless injuries and deaths bring. Not only does Mr. Ladah aggressively pursue compensatory damages on behalf of his clients, but (where appropriate) he also seeks punitive damages. This may allow some clients to feel a sense of justice in that punitive damages are designed to punish the at-fault party for behavior that was clearly egregious.

Contact the Ladah Law Firm, PLLC for experienced, compassionate, and dedicated assistance after a personal injury or wrongful death. We can be reached through their website or by telephone by calling (702) 252-0055 twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

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