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The Most Common Injuries in Nevada [INFOGRAPHIC]

In Las Vegas, there are any number of situations and circumstances that can result in you suffering an injury. Some injuries may not be serious: a strained back that comes from lifting a heavy package in the wrong way or a sprained ankle caused by stumbling over uneven pavement may cause you some pain and discomfort but should, in most cases, heal on their own. Other injuries, however, can be much more serious and cause:

  • Serious, debilitating pain that prevents you from working or enjoying life;
  • Major reconstructive or reparative surgeries;
  • Significant time missed from work; and or
  • Death.

The Ladah Law Firm wanted to find out which injuries were most common in Nevada. Thus, we went through some Nevada-specific reports and statistics to see what the most common mechanisms or causes for injuries were. A few of these most common causes include:

Motor Vehicle Crashes

Car and truck crashes can result in catastrophic injuries or even fatalities if a driver or passenger is not wearing his or her safety belt. During 2010, the Nevada Department of Transportation reported that there were over 18,000 car crashes that resulted in injuries to at least one person, an increase from the previous year.


This includes falls from heights (i.e., a worker on a roof who falls off the building or someone who falls off of a ladder) as well as slip and falls. Falls can be fatal to a person of any age, but those over the age of 65 are at particular risk of suffering catastrophic or fatal injuries due to a fall. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that over 22,000 senior adults die every year from falls. Falls are also the most common injuries in Las Vegas that lead to traumatic brain injuries in older adults.

Drowning/Submersion: Nevada residents love to cool off in a pool or lake. But bodies of water can be dangerous for adults and children alike. In 2015 alone, there have been 34 instances of non-fatal drownings and seven fatal drownings. A non-fatal drowning can leave the victim with brain injuries, some of which may be permanent.

Below is an infographic that visualizes some of the shocking statistics regarding injuries in Las Vegas and Nevada. If you’ve suffered from one of these injuries, or another type of injury, do to the reckless behavior of another, contact the Nevada personal injury lawyers at Ladah Law Firm today. You may be able to recover compensation for your injuries.

Most Common Injuries in Las Vegas