Some of our biggest cases have been premises cases.

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Las Vegas Premises Liability Attorneys With The Right Experience

Just in case you haven’t looked over to the Strip or downtown Las Vegas in a while, Las Vegas has a lot of property with public access. Each property owner is responsible to maintain a specific level of safety on their property whether inside the building, in the parking lots, sidewalks, or outside venues such as swimming pools or other facilities.

If there are any specific dangers not normally associated with public access private property, the business is required to post visible warnings of that danger, no matter how temporary. Hence, slippery floor warnings need to be posted the very instant they occur.

Hospitality businesses in Las Vegas typically employ full-time individuals to minimize premise liability on hotel and entertainment property. They also have nearly full video coverage of their entire facility. This doesn’t mean accidents don’t happen. Ladah Law Firm can help: 702-252-0055.

What You Should Do If You Have An Accident

Some businesses are so conscious of premise liability, if you do have an accident there could be three people standing over you before you fully realize you fell over a piece of frayed carpet. Even though your head is still throbbing, the hotel may attempt to comp their way out of liability.

If you do have an accident, you should relax and gather your wits about you. Look around. What happened? Make a mental note and then get medical help. Don’t sign anything.

As soon as you can, give Ladah Law Firm, PLLC a call. We can investigate your accident and help determine what happened. And just in case you think it isn’t a big deal, your throbbing head could indicate a brain injury.

Obtaining A Fair And Just Settlement

Even though most businesses in Las Vegas are heavily insured for premises liability, they aren’t going pay out any settlement without a thorough investigation or maybe even a fight. To win the settlement you deserve we focus on all of the details of the event, the law, and even their own policies to determine their liability. We also obtain, when necessary, surveillance footage for review by our forensics expert.

We understand. You didn’t suffer a severe head injury just so you could win back money you may have lost at the tables. We will fight for your rights, however. We make sure you receive the compensation you need and deserve. Some of our biggest cases have been premises cases.

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See some of the types of premises liability cases we can help you with below:

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