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Nothing is more traumatic than being hit by a car while riding your bike or getting a call where you are told that a loved one has been hit by a car. After serious bike accident injuries, the recovery process can be equally painful physically and emotionally. If the victim has suffered a traumatic brain injury – one of the most common injuries in a bicycle collision – a spinal cord injury, an amputation injury, or another severe injury type, the victim and their family may feel hopeless and lost about what to do. The attorneys of Ladah Law Firm, PLLC, understand what you are going through and are committed to working on your personal injury claim to help you and your family recover the compensation you deserve after your bicycle accident.

If you are looking for a Las Vegas bicycle accident attorney, you should be sure to choose a qualified professional who has experience with bicycling cases. You want to pick an experienced bicycle accident attorney with successful outcomes from cases like yours. Motorists always injure bicyclists, and they need to have an attorney who understands their specific situation. Start a bicycle accident claim today.

At Ladah Law, PLLC, we can assist you if you have been hurt in a bicycle accident. Drivers are often distracted and can hit bicyclists in the blink of an eye. Sometimes, bicyclists may be in a car’s blind spot, or a car may not be paying attention when they switch lanes. Cars that miss stop signs or run red lights are dangerous to bicyclists. Sometimes, vehicles sideswipe bicyclists, sending them careening off the road.

Nevada Bicycle Law: Bicyclists Have a Legal Right to the Road

Bicycle sign, Bicycle Lane

Nevada bike accidents occur for a wide variety of reasons. One thing that many of these cases have in common is that very few are genuinely inevitable. Mistakes are made, and traffic laws are violated, putting riders at considerable risk. Many motorists in Las Vegas, NV, are bad at sharing the road with bikes. They do not realize that bikes have a legal right to the road, especially if riding in bike lanes. Whether it is a car or truck, too many motor vehicles disrespect bicycles, putting the safety of riders in serious jeopardy. But Nevada law is clear: A bicycle rider has every right to the road. Drivers must give bicyclists sufficient space and allow riders to control a lane like any other automobile.

Knowing the rules is half the battle. Both cyclists and drivers have responsibilities to ensure safety on Nevada’s roads. Let’s break down what these essential rules are:

a close up of a bicycle
  • Cyclists must comply with all road rules and should ride on the road instead of the sidewalk whenever possible.
  • When traveling on the roadway, bicyclists must provide necessary signals using their hands or arms.
  • Bicyclists are not allowed to interfere with the movement of a motor vehicle intentionally.
  • Bicyclists on a roadway may not ride more than two abreast except on paths or areas designated for the exclusive use of bicycles. They are, however, allowed to ride two abreast with other cyclists.
  • A bicyclist needs to have a light on the front of the bike, emitting a visible, white light from a distance of at least 500 feet to the front.
  • Bicyclists must maintain a distance of at least three feet from parked cars and always ride on the right side of the road, staying as far right as practicable.
  • Carrying any package or object that prevents bicyclists from keeping both hands on the handlebars is prohibited.
  • Bicycles must have functioning brakes.
  • Bicyclists are prohibited from holding onto another vehicle.
  • Cyclists should ride in the direction of traffic and, if available, use designated bike lanes.
  • If possible, drivers must shift to the adjacent left lane to pass a cyclist. If not, they must ensure a three-foot buffer when passing and always pass safely.
  • At intersections, drivers should yield to bicyclists just like other vehicles.
  • For comprehensive details on Nevada’s cycling laws by clicking here.

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Statistics and Causes: Why Bicycle Accidents Happen

a bicycle and bicycle section on the ground at in intersection reports that in a single year, just under two people a day in the U.S. lost their lives in a bicycle crash. And bicyclists’ injuries in that same year totaled more than 48,000.

Bicycle accidents are almost always preventable. However, too many drivers and cyclists alike fail to operate their respective modes of transport with a proper degree of care, putting everyone on the road at risk. Some of the primary causes of bicycle accidents in Las Vegas and other areas of the United States include:

  • Driver or rider error. According to The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA), human error – either that of the driver or the rider – is the primary cause of bicycle accidents and is responsible for about 75 percent of all crashes.
  • Failing to look properly. Of the acts of human error that are most common, “failing to look properly” takes the lead. This is most common at intersections. For example, a car may fail to look properly to see a cyclist who is traveling straight through an intersection while the driver is making a left-hand turn, resulting in a collision and subsequent bike crash.
  • Poor turn maneuvers and carelessness. Also, according to ROSPA, poor turn maneuvers on behalf of drivers are to blame for about 17 percent of serious accidents involving a cyclist
  • Being careless or reckless – such as drinking while driving or driving too fast – accounts for about 17 percent of serious accidents involving cyclists.

The Effects Of A Bicycle Accident

a car crashing into a bicycle

When a car goes up against a bicyclist, the rider could have serious injuries or even be killed. Sometimes, a bicyclist may need medical care for the rest of their life after a major accident. The costs of an injury are often more than the costs of the initial physical repercussions and associated medical bills; a victim of a bike crash may be unable to return to work for the remainder of their life, may suffer from permanent disability or disfigurement, and may develop psychological complications as a result. Further, healthcare needs and costs may be long-term and even permanent. Indeed, a bike accident can lead to different types of catastrophic injury. Some of the most common bicycle accident injuries that our Las Vegas bike accident lawyers see include:

  • Road rash;
  • Severe lacerations;
  • Serious ligament damages;
  • Torn muscles;
  • Severe joint damage, including knee, hip and ankle injuries;
  • Mouth injuries and broken teeth;
  • Concussions and traumatic brain injuries;
  • Neck and back damage;
  • Spinal cord injuries;
  • Partial or total paralysis;
  • Amputations; and
  • Fatalities.

An experienced Las Vegas bicycle accident lawyer can help you negotiate or litigate with the insurance company to receive your deserved compensation. You deserve compensation for all the pain, anguish, injuries, and losses due to medical bills, lost income, lost opportunity, and more. When you file a case, you can seek damages for all these losses. No matter if you were hit by a car, bus, or truck.

At Ladah Law, we know how insurance companies function. Their bottom line is more important to them than offering you a fair settlement. Our job is to present your case in the proper detail to make sure all of your current and future expenses are covered, including both economic and non-economic damages. We also make sure your pain and suffering are taken into consideration.

If the driver of the car was drunk or in any other way breaking the law, we may also be able to seek punitive damages. Bicycle riders deserve the protection of the law and Las Vegas bicycle accident attorney by their side.

Who Is Liable?

a bicycle helmet and bicycle in the middle of the road from an accident.

To recover the damages you deserve, you must prove the liability of one or more parties involved. Liability is based on the theory of negligence, which asserts that a person failed to behave with the proper degree of care owed to you. Suppose you can prove that negligence occurred, that the negligence was the direct cause of your accident, and that you suffered damages as a direct result. In that case, the negligent party will be liable for your damages.

In Nevada, liability for personal injury claims involving bicycle accidents must be established under NRS 41.141, the state’s comparative negligence statute. All Las Vegas bicycle accident victims need a basic understanding of accident law and how negligence works in the state. Specifically, to hold another party liable for your accident damages, you will need to be able to prove each of the four required elements of the negligence standard, those being duty, breach, causation, and damages.

Those parties liable in a Las Vegas bicycle accident may include the motor vehicle drivers, a part manufacturer (if the bike or vehicle involved experienced a defect leading to the accident), or any other party who contributed to the crash. Notably, our 
Las Vegas bike accident lawyers see many claims where the driver was to blame for the accident. Driver negligence can come in many different forms, but some of the most common examples include:

  • Distracted driving;
  • Drunk driving or drugged driving;
  • Causing a speeding-related accident
  • Failing to stop or yield, leading to an intersection accident;
  • Unsafe lane changes;
  • Failure to maintain lane integrity;
  • Dangerous, aggressive driving, including “buzzing” a rider and
  • Opening a car door in an unsafe manner.

Still, for each Las Vegas bicycle accident, Liability can be challenging to determine and requires a thorough investigation. Evidence essential to your claim includes video footage, eyewitness testimony, medical reports, police reports, and medical records.

The liable party’s insurance company is typically responsible for paying for damages. As such, an insurance company will likely fight back as hard as possible to mitigate liability and the amount of damages they are responsible for paying. Injured victims must be represented by a qualified bike accident lawyer who can give them proper legal advice and assist them through their injury claims. At Ladah Law Firm, not only do our Nevada personal injury lawyers know how to take on the big insurance companies, but we also assist victims with complex vehicle accident cases, such as hit-and-run accident claims and uninsured motorist claims.

Compensation Available for Las Vegas Bike Accident Victims

Bicycle crashes can be devastating, often resulting in severe injuries and sometimes even fatalities. When these accidents occur due to the negligence of motor vehicle drivers, seeking compensation becomes crucial for the victims and their families. Understanding the process of filing personal injury claims is essential in such cases.

The first step in pursuing a personal injury claim after a bicycle crash is to ensure that you prioritize your safety and health. Seek immediate medical attention for any injuries sustained during the accident. Your well-being is paramount.

Next, it’s crucial to remain at the accident scene until authorities arrive and a police report is filed. This report can serve as valuable evidence when pursuing a personal injury claim. Gather as much information as possible about the accident scene, including the time of day, events leading up to the crash, and the people’s identities.

Consulting with an experienced bicycle accident attorney is highly recommended. Our bike accident attorneys possess the expertise to guide you through the complexities of personal injury claims, especially those involving motor vehicle drivers. We can help you navigate the legal process and maximize your chances of receiving fair compensation.

Bicycle accident fatalities are tragic and can lead to significant emotional distress for the victim’s family. A skilled attorney can provide valuable support during this challenging time, helping you file a personal injury claim to seek justice for your loved one.

It’s important to remember that personal injury claims should be filed promptly. Statutes of limitations vary by location, and there are time constraints for pursuing such claims. Failure to initiate a claim within the specified timeframe may result in losing your legal rights to compensation.

In bicycle crashes involving motor vehicle drivers, personal injury claims are crucial for covering medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages. With the assistance of an experienced bicycle accident attorney at the Ladah Law Firm, you can work toward obtaining the compensation you deserve while holding negligent drivers accountable for their actions.

Once you establish liability in your case, your bicycle accident claim will move on to the issue of damages. Under Nevada personal injury law, victims are entitled to full recovery for their injuries. This means recovery for direct economic damage and non-economic, intangible losses.

Unfortunately, for many accident victims, full recovery can be challenging. Like other cases, the big insurance companies that handle Nevada bicycle accident cases try to undervalue claims. We help victims fight back. Our Las Vegas bicycle accident lawyers have the skills and experience to get victims maximum compensation. Specifically, we can help you seek money for:

  • Property damage to your bicycle;
  • Emergency medical expenses;
  • All other medical bills and required medical treatment;
  • Costs related to rehabilitation;
  • Long-term disability;
  • Lost wages, including diminished earning capacity;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Emotional distress;
  • Disfigurement;
  • Loss of life enjoyment;
  • Punitive damages and
  • Wrongful death damages.

Basics of Nevada Law

Nevada is a fault-based insurance state, which simply means drivers who cause accidents are responsible for paying for them, and victims of accidents have a right to file a lawsuit directly against an at-fault party. Nevada law also requires all drivers to carry bodily injury liability, which can be used to pay for injuries to others in a crash.

Nevada also upholds a comparative negligence law, which states that the compensation a plaintiff can recover in a lawsuit shall be reduced in proportion to the plaintiff’s degree of fault. The state’s comparative negligence standard could substantially impact your claim. You do not want to let an insurance company unfairly push accident blame onto you; thousands of dollars may come directly out of your pocket when they do. For example, if you sustained $20,000 in total damages in a Vegas bike accident, you would be entitled to $20,000 in recovery. However, if an insurance company could prove that you were at fault for 25 percent of the collision, you would be liable for 25 percent of the damages, or $5,000. Thus, your recovery would be reduced accordingly, down to $15,000.

Finally, to file a claim after a bicycle accident, you must do so within the state’s statute of limitations, which is two years in Nevada. For clarity, this does not mean that your claim must be entirely resolved within this time frame, simply that you must have initiated it. If you wait longer than two years to bring forth your claim, you may be barred from recovering damages. Do not let this happen to you. Take action today.

What We Do?

The attorneys of Ladah Law Firm, PLLC, are responsible for handling the cases of bicycle accident victims. From start to finish, we are responsible for conducting an independent investigation and gathering evidence, working with accident reconstruction experts, handling all communication with insurance companies, proving fault, negotiating for a fair settlement amount, and taking your case to court if necessary. While it is impossible to say how long it may take to resolve a case, we are dedicated to doing the work necessary to resolve your claim as quickly as possible so that you get the money you deserve sooner rather than later.

Why Choose Ladah?

We have the experience and reputation that your case deserves and have helped dozens of injury victims recover the settlements that they have needed. You do not have to go at it alone – we know how insurance companies work and will do whatever we can to help you. A consultation with our team is always free – please schedule a free consultation with yours today so you can learn more about your rights after a bicycle accident.

If you need an experienced Las Vegas car collision attorney like the ones at Ladah Law Firm, PLLC, who knows how the laws apply to bicycle accidents, call and let us help you obtain the compensation you deserve for your bicycle accident.

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Within the first six months of the program, 8,269 rentals and 25,000 miles were logged, showcasing the popularity and success of the RTC Bike Share.

Bike Safety with RTC Bike Share

Prioritize safety when utilizing the RTC Bike Share program. Follow safety tips from the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), emphasizing sharing the road, using hand signals, and making eye contact with other drivers.

Preventing Bicycle Accidents

Adhering to safety guidelines significantly reduces risks. The Nevada DMV recommends cyclists share the road responsibly, utilize hand signals, and ensure visibility.

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