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We Handle All Types of Train Accidents in Summerlin, Nevada

Although train accidents are relatively uncommon—at least on a passenger per mile traveled basis—they can be especially catastrophic. According to comprehensive data from the National Safety Council (NSC), there were 954 people killed and 6,252 people hurt in train accidents in the United States in 2022 alone. All train accidents require an immediate investigation. The Nevada railroad accident lawyers at the Ladah Law Firm take on all types of cases. Along with other types of train accidents in Summerlin, our attorneys have the experience to help injured victims with: 

  • Train Derailments: Train derailments happen when trains come off their tracks, often leading to catastrophic results. Causes can range from mechanical failures, track defects, to operator error. The consequences can be truly devastating, not just for the passengers but also for people who were near the site of the derailment. 
  • Railroad Crossing Accidents: Railroad crossings are a high risk area. Southern Nevada—including Summerlin—is full of railway crossings. Accidents at railroad crossings are far too common. These accidents can be due to a lack of proper warning signals, malfunctioning gates, or driver error. In some cases, poor visibility or badly maintained crossings can contribute to a collision. 
  • Pedestrian Collisions: Unfortunately, there are cases in which pedestrians and cyclists are struck by trains. These collisions are disproportionately likely to result in catastrophic harm, including fatalities. Pedestrian/train accidents happen for many different reasons—from pedestrian errors to inadequate safety measures at crossings to train operator negligence. 
  • Train Passenger Falls: There are some train accidents that happen on the train itself. For example, passengers can suffer falls due to sudden stops, poorly maintained interiors, or other unsafe conditions. These falls can lead to significant injuries, especially for elderly or disabled passengers. We assess the train’s operational standards, maintenance records, and any potential negligence on the part of the train staff or company. Our Summerlin, NV train accident lawyer is committed to helping victims and families get justice. 

What to Know About Train Accident Liability

Who is responsible for an injury or fatality sustained in a train accident? It depends entirely on who is deemed to be at-fault for the crash. As with most other types of personal injury/wrongful death claims in Nevada, liability for a train accident is generally based on the legal theory of negligence. The party whose unsafe actions or inactions contributed to the railroad accident can bear legal liability for the resulting damages. 

Under Nevada law (N.R.S. § 41-141), personal injury cases and wrongful death cases—including train accidents—are subject to a comparative fault state. Each party to a train accident is liable for their share of the damages. Imagine that you were seriously hurt in a railroad crossing crash in Summerlin. You suffered $100,000 in damages. However, you were found to be partially liable for your own accident. In Nevada, you can still seek compensation for your damages—but you will bear liability for your proportionate share of the fault. If you were found 20 percent at fault for a train accident in Nevada, you could be liable for 20 percent of your own damages. 

Why Do Train Accidents Happen?

A train accident can happen for a wide array of different reasons. When a serious injury happens in a train accident in Summerlin or elsewhere in Southern Nevada, it is imperative that there is a comprehensive investigation to determine what exactly went wrong. Some of the leading causes of railroad accidents include: 

  • Human Error: Human error can include mistakes by the train operator, such as speeding, distractions, and misjudging stopping distances.
  • Mechanical Failure: Faulty equipment or machinery, such as brake failure or engine issues, can lead to serious accidents. Regular maintenance and inspections are a must. 
  • Track and Railway Infrastructure Problems: Poorly maintained tracks, malfunctioning signals, or defective crossing gates can be major contributors to accidents.
  • Inadequate Safety Measures: Lack of adequate safety measures, especially at crossings and platforms, can lead to accidents involving pedestrians and vehicles.
  • Communication Failures: Miscommunication between the train operator and control centers can lead to serious mishaps, including collisions.

Understanding the Statute of Limitations for a Train Accident Claim

How long do you have to file a train accident claim? Under Nevada law (N.R.S. § 11.190), these claims are generally subject to a two-year statute of limitations. With very limited exceptions, victims and families have two years from the date of a railroad accident to file a personal injury lawsuit or a wrongful death lawsuit. Wait too long to initiate a claim and you may lose out on your right to take legal action at all. Of course, you do not want to fall behind the train operator or their insurance company in the claims process. Be proactive: Consult with a top-tier Summerlin train accident lawyer as soon as possible. 

Injured Victims Deserve the Maximum Financial Compensation

Were you hurt in a train accident in Summerlin or elsewhere in Clark County? Nevada law allows you to pursue financial compensation for your out-of-pocket costs (economic damages) and your intangible harm (non-economic damages). That being said, you should not expect the claims process to be easy. Corporations and insurance companies fight hard to limit their liability. They want to pay out the minimum amount possible to injured victims. Our Summerlin, NV train accident lawyers fight aggressively to ensure our clients receive every penny that they are owed. Depending on the specific circumstances of your train accident, your compensation may include: 

  • Property losses, such as vehicle repairs;  
  • Ambulance costs and emergency room care; 
  • Hospital bills and other health care expenses; 
  • Lost wages and diminishment of your future earnings; 
  • Pain and suffering and emotional trauma; 
  • Scarring and physical disability; and
  • Wrongful death of a loved one. 

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Involved in any type of train accident in Summerlin? The sooner you have a top-tier attorney on your side, the better position that you will be in to secure justice and the financial support that you need to pay your bills. At Ladah Law Firm, we provide proactive representation to victims and families. With our law firm, you will get access to a Summerlin train accident attorney who can: 

  • Hear what you have to say during a free, confidential initial consultation;
  • Thoroughly investigate your train accident—securing the evidence you need; 
  • Assist you with legal paperwork and handle any settlement negotiations; and
  • Take aggressive legal action to ensure that you secure the very best results. 

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