We Hold Corporations Liable for Harm Caused By Dangerous and Defective Products

At Ladah Law Firm, our Las Vegas product liability lawyers are skilled, experienced, and sophisticated advocates for injured victims. With the expertise needed to take on all types of product liability claims—including design defects, manufacturing defects, and failure to warn—our firm is committed to getting results. If you or your loved one was harmed by a dangerous and defective product or sustained serious injury, our product liability lawyer are here to help. Contact us at our Las Vegas law office today to set up a free consultation with a top-tier Nevada product liability attorney.

We Handle a Full Range of Product Liability Claims

airbags are supposed to deploy, but are still an example of defective products

The Ladah Law Firm is a justice-focused, solutions-driven practice devoted to helping victims and families secure the absolute maximum financial compensation. With a law office in Las Vegas, our our product liability lawyer handles dangerous and defective product cases throughout all of Nevada. No matter the situation that you and your loved ones are dealing with, we are here as a legal resource. Along with other types of product liability cases, our Las Vegas attorneys have the experience to handle: 

  • Automobile Defects: The road can be a dangerous place. Traffic collisions are consistently a leading cause of accidental physical injuries in Nevada. Not all of these crashes are caused by driver error. We handle cases involving flawed car designs or manufacturing errors that lead to accidents or severe injuries. These defects could be faulty brakes, airbag issues, or tire problems. Contact our Las Vegas law office today for help with an automobile defect claim and from any injuries sustained from the accident.
washing machine and dryer sets can suffer from manufacturing error.
  • Malfunctioning Appliances: Home appliances are supposed to make life easier—not put you and your family in avoidable danger. Unfortunately, appliances can malfunction due to poor design or manufacturing defects. It could be anything from a microwave that explodes to faulty wiring in washing machines causing a fire. These incidents can cause serious injuries or property damage. Our team is adept at holding manufacturers accountable for suffered injuries.
  • Dangerous Consumer Products: Other everyday items can sometimes be hazardous. Consumer product defects is a broad category that includes a wide range of products—from electronics that overheat to furniture that tips over far too easily. If you or a loved one has been injured by a consumer product, our Las Vegas product liability attorneys can help file a personal injury lawsuit for injured consumers.
sparking power strip and other defective and dangerous products
  • Defective Industrial Equipment: In industrial settings, equipment failure can have devastating consequences for injury victims. Whether it is machinery that lacks proper safety features or tools that malfunction, workers can suffer a serious injury. Our Las Vegas product liability law firm is experienced in handling even the most complex of cases.
  • Defective Medication: Medications should improve your health. Modern prescription and nonprescription medications are incredibly powerful. At the best, they can save lives. However, at the worst, they can put innocent people in terrible danger. For example, some drugs have harmful side effects that are not properly disclosed. Alternatively, they may be contaminated during manufacturing. If you have suffered health issues due to defective medication, contact our Las Vegas product liability attorney for a free case review for your personal injury claim.
medical equipment
  • Dangerous Medical Devices: Similar to medication, medical devices are meant to help people in their time of health need. That being said, some medical devices have design flaws or manufacturing defects that can lead to severe health complications. Medical device defects include everything from faulty hip replacements to problematic pacemakers. We have the expertise to challenge big medical device companies. Contact our Las Vegas product liability lawyer today for a free, no obligation case evaluation.
  • Dangerous Toys: The safety of children is paramount. Companies must take additional safety precautions—and include more comprehensive warnings—to ensure that all toys are as safe as they should be during the manufacturing process. Some toys with small, detachable parts can pose a choking hazard and are unreasonably dangerous. Other toys may contain toxic materials. If a dangerous toy has harmed your child, our compassionate Las Vegas product liability lawyers are more than ready to help file a strict product liability claim.

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An Overview of Product Liability Laws in Nevada

man holding a drill at the store. Drills can be an example of a product defect.

For the most part, product liability claims arise under state law. That means that if you are harmed by a dangerous product in Las Vegas, your claim will fall under Nevada law. In a number of different ways, product liability claims are different from other types of personal injury cases. Some unique rules, regulations, and legal standards apply. Here are the most essential things that injured victims need to know about the dangerous and defective product claims in Nevada and the possibility of a potential product liability lawsuit:

  • Strict Liability Applies to Defective Product Claims: Nevada’s product liability law operates under the principle of strict liability. If a product is found to be defective and it causes injury through reasonable and foreseeable use, the manufacturer or seller can be held liable without the need for the injured party to prove negligence.
  • A Four-Year Statute of Limitations for Most Product Liability Cases: Under Nevada law, there is a four-year statute of limitations for most product liability claims. A defective product claim must be initiated in a timely manner. Otherwise, the claimant may be denied an opportunity to seek financial compensation at all. Do not fall behind the corporation or its insurance company: Consult with an experienced Las Vegas, NV defective product attorney as soon as possible after a serious incident causing harm.

The Three Main Types of Product Defects

a man in pain after falling from a scooter that underwent a product defect.

Product liability claims come in a wide variety of different forms. Not only are many different products subject to defects—from consumer electronics to industrial equipment to medical devices—but there are different categories of problems. Broadly speaking, product defects in Nevada will fall into one of the following three categories: 

  1. Design Defects: Design defects occur when a product’s design is inherently unsafe—even before it is actually manufactured. Put another way, there is a flaw in the product’s fundamental blueprint. As a result, every item produced is potentially dangerous. For instance, a car model designed with a fuel system that increases the risk of fire in a crash could be considered to have a design defect. 
  2. Manufacturing Defects: Manufacturing defects, unlike design defects, arise during the production or assembly of a product. In other words, only a portion of the manufactured items are affected, not the entire line. For example, imagine that there is a batch of bicycles with a weak frame weld. As a result, these bikes are likely to break under normal use. In Nevada, demonstrating a manufacturing defect requires showing that the product deviated from its intended design and that the deviation in question was a defect. 
  3. Failure to Warn: Sometimes referred to more simply as “marketing defects”, failure to warn involves inadequate instructions or safety warnings about the product’s label regarding the potential risks. For example, a powerful cleaning chemical sold without proper usage instructions and warnings about its corrosive nature could be a case of failure to warn.

We Fight for Full and Maximum Compensation for Injuries Caused by a Product Defect

product liability lawyers

A dangerous and defective product can cause catastrophic harm. Injured victims in Nevada have the right to seek compensation for both their intangible losses and their non-economic damages. However, sadly, defendants and insurers make the claims process incredibly difficult for injured victims. Ladah Law Firm goes above and beyond to help our clients secure justice. We fight for the maximum settlement or verdict. You may be entitled to recover financial compensation for:

  • Property loss; 
  • Ambulance fees; 
  • Emergency medical care; 
  • Hospital bills; 
  • Other medical expenses; 
  • Physical therapy; 
  • Lost wages; 
  • Loss of earning; 
  • Pain and suffering; 
  • Long-term disability; 
  • Permanent impairment; 
  • Loss of life enjoyment; and
  • Wrongful death. 

Note: In some limited cases, punitive damages may also be granted in a dangerous and defective product claim. Punitive damages are not tied to specific losses endured by the victim. Instead, it is a form of compensation that is intended to punish the exceptionally egregious conduct of the defendant. For example, if a major corporation intentionally cut corners on product safety and willingly put innocent people at serious risk, they may be subject to punitive damages in any subsequent product liability claims. 

Why Rely On the Las Vegas Defective Product Lawyers at Ladah Law Firm

man spilled hot coffee on himself. These dangerous products can cause serious burns.

Product liability claims are notoriously complex. Do not take on a big corporation or its insurance company alone. At Ladah Law Firm, we fight tirelessly to protect victims and their families every step of the way. Our firm is proactive and detailed-focused. When you reach out to our Las Vegas law office, you will have an opportunity to work with a Nevada product liability attorney who can: 

  • Conduct a free, comprehensive review and evaluation of your case;
  • Answer questions about product liability claims in Nevada;
  • Investigate your case—gathering the evidence you need to establish liability; 
  • Handle the legal paperwork and any settlement negotiations with insurers; and
  • Develop a personalized strategy to help you get the best possible results. 

A one-size-fits-all approach to legal representation is not good enough for a product liability claim. You need a defective product lawyer who will invest time and resources into your case. With more than $300 million recovered for injured victims across all of our practice areas, you can rely on our Las Vegas, NV product liability attorneys for real results.

We Handle Product Liability Claims in Las Vegas On Contingency

children's playgrounds need to obey simple safety regulations

Following a serious accident involving a product, victims need full and fair financial compensation. The absolute last thing that you need to worry about is another bill that needs to be paid. You do have to be concerned about the cost of top-tier legal representation when you work with the Ladah Law Firm. We handle product liability claims in Nevada on a contingency basis. There are no upfront costs, hourly bills, or out-of-pocket expenses. Instead, our law firm only gets paid when you get paid. Consultations in defective product cases are always free, no obligation, and confidential.

Contact Our Las Vegas Product Liability Lawyer Today for a Free Consultation

At Ladah Law Firm, our Las Vegas product liability lawyers are committed to putting the best interests of victims and families first. Were you or your loved one hurt by a dangerous or defective product? Our legal team is more than ready to help obtain compensation from negligent product manufacturers. Reach out to a Las Vegas product liability lawyer by phone at (702) 252-0055 or contact us online to arrange your no cost, no obligation case review. From our office in Las Vegas, we handle product liability claims in Clark County and throughout Nevada. 

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