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Surprising Pieces of Evidence in Hotel Accidents

Las Vegas welcomes millions of visitors every year, and hotels around the city house most of them. Any accident inside a hotel can absolutely ruin a vacation or business trip. These accidents can also ruin your finances. If you suffered...


Rent-A-Car Accident

Rental cars are everywhere in Las Vegas. Some tourists prefer renting a car instead of taking public transportation or an Uber to get where they want to go. Any accident involving a rental car has certain complications, however. Whether you...


Car Accidents and Speeding in Las Vegas

Without a doubt, speeding is a major contributor to accidents out on the road. We have seen many victims suffer terrible injuries after they were struck by a driver going too fast. At Ladah Law Firm, our legal team has...


Do You Need a Trucking Accident Lawyer in Vegas?

Truck accidents are surprisingly common in Vegas. These large vehicles transport goods up and down The Strip and to all points within the city. Because of their weight and size, they cause serious injuries when they crash into passenger vehicles,...


What to Do if Someone Hits Your Parked Car?

Nothing is more frustrating than coming out of a store only to see your car smashed up because someone hit it. At Ladah Law Firm, we understand that accidents are a fact of life. Still, those who end up with...


Car Accident Caused by a Medical Emergency

  Medical conditions make it much harder to drive safely. In fact, one study out of California in the 1960s showed that drivers with certain medical conditions were twice as likely to be involved in a car wreck when compared...


Spring Break Safety Driving Tips

Las Vegas is increasingly a popular choice for spring break. Our city offers college students great weather, world class hotels, and entertainment shows not found anywhere else. And did we mention gambling? Gambling is legal for someone 21 or older....


Is Las Vegas Safe for Families?

Traveling with the kids can be a headache under even the best circumstances. But heading to a large city like Las Vegas brings with it many additional challenges—principally safety. If you are planning to head to Las Vegas for a...


Where Do Celebrities Stay in Vegas?

Seeing celebrities is one of the thrills of visiting Vegas. They often come to our city to film movies, gamble, or take in a show. Some of the biggest names in entertainment also make Vegas their home, perhaps because they...