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Is Las Vegas Safe for Families?

Traveling with the kids can be a headache under even the best circumstances. But heading to a large city like Las Vegas brings with it many additional challenges—principally safety.
If you are planning to head to Las Vegas for a family vacation, please watch for many of the most common hazards. It is possible for families to enjoy a safe, injury-free visit, but they must take adequate precautions and do a little planning ahead of time. And if you or a loved one is injured, our Las Vegas personal injury attorneys are standing by to help.
family in Vegas

Watch Your Children Closely

You might let your kids run free at the park back home, but Vegas is very different. This is a crowded city, and you never know who is around. Child abductions make the news with some regularity in Las Vegas, so always keep a tight eye on your children.

For example, you might carry very young children when you leave the hotel to get into a cab. Always walk holding your child’s hand. Things get tricker if you travel with teens, since they typically don’t want Mom or Dad hovering over them all the time. Still, it is vital that you keep an eye on teens. Ideally, they will have a cell phone and can call you should you get separated.

Choose Transportation Wisely

Some travel writers recommend that families rent their own vehicle while in Vegas, which can make traveling together easier. However, we caution visitors not to drive in the city if they are not comfortable doing so. Car wrecks are one of the biggest safety concerns. There is a lot going on in Vegas—pedestrians jaywalking, cars changing lanes, and larger commercial vehicles transporting goods. It is too easy to get into an accident if you are easily flustered. Also, hauling around a child safety or booster seat might not be convenient, either.

To safely get around Las Vegas, choose sensible options include taxis and ridesharing services like Lyft and Uber. They provide door-to-door service, which limits having to walk with your children. There are also public transportation options, such as the Deuce system, that might fit your budget better.

Renting a car is a great idea, however, if you choose to travel outside the city. For example, you might visit Red Rock National Park or just view the scenery. Driving makes perfect sense in those situations.

Avoid Walking around After Dark

walking in Vegas at night
Vegas becomes a different city when the sun sets. Not only does foot traffic increase dramatically, but it is easier to get lost in the dark, especially if you venture off the Strip.

One tip is to find activities for your children to do in the morning or afternoon when the city is relatively calm. At night, you can relax in your hotel room or partake of some activities inside your hotel.
We recommend checking to find what activities are offered at a hotel before booking a room. For example, the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino has an aquarium that children love, and the Mirage Hotel & Casino has nightly shows your children might enjoy. Young children might be so tired that all they want to do is watch some TV after a busy day, which is okay too.

Watch for Hazards around the Hotel

Your hotel might seem like a haven from a crazy world. However, both adults and children can be injured by many hazards on the premises, such as:

  • Swimming pools that are not properly maintained or that lack signs
  • Defective equipment, such as hair dryers, that can catch on fire or explode
  • Food poisoning
  • Debris or spilled liquids on the floor that cause falls
  • Loose tiles and bunched carpeting cause a person to trip
  • Defective furniture that sends a person sprawling to the ground

If you notice something wrong, let the hotel know immediately. They should prioritize your safety, also.
A hotel might also lack adequate security. Windows and doors should have locks, and there should be adequate staff on hand to deal with intruders or other people loitering around the establishment. Common areas and parking lots should be properly lit, and any complaints of criminal activity should be dealt with swiftly. If you are injured in a violent attack, you could have a claim for negligent security against the hotel.

Choose Age-Appropriate Activities

There’s a ton to do in Vegas as adults, but some activities might be too dangerous for your children. For example, one popular destination is AdventureDome, which is a five-acre amusement park. It contains a roller skating rink, arcade games, and roller coasters. Very young children might not be robust enough to do all of the activities, so use your best judgment. It is very easy to get injured, and if an activity is too risky to do at home, it’s too risky to do in Vegas.

Don’t Leave Your Children Alone in the Hotel at Night

Some parents might think it’s safe to lock the kids in the hotel at night while they go out exploring, such as a quick trip to the casinos. Unfortunately, many hotel staff members have access to your room. The labor market in Las Vegas is pretty transient, and there’s no guarantee that everyone who works at the hotel is on the up and up. Someone might kidnap or harm your child.

If multiple families travel together, then one adult can stay behind with the children while the others go out and explore the nightlife. This is why Vegas is a great choice for extended family vacations! Bring aunts and uncles along for a safe, enjoyable trip.

Go During the Week

Vegas is more crowded on the weekend. A nice trip during the middle of the week could make things more enjoyable for the entire family.
Contact a Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer if Injured
Accidents happen every day in Las Vegas, and injured family members need top-shelf legal representation. To schedule a consultation, please call us today at 702-252-0055.