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Rent-A-Car Accident

Rental cars are everywhere in Las Vegas. Some tourists prefer renting a car instead of taking public transportation or an Uber to get where they want to go. Any accident involving a rental car has certain complications, however. Whether you...


Car Accidents and Speeding in Las Vegas

Without a doubt, speeding is a major contributor to accidents out on the road. We have seen many victims suffer terrible injuries after they were struck by a driver going too fast. At Ladah Law Firm, our legal team has...


Is it Safe to Walk in Las Vegas at Night?

Walking is arguably one of the best forms of exercise that there is, and therefore one of the best ways to get around. Indeed, not only does walking give you a chance to move your body, but it is also...


Is It Safe To See Las Vegas On Foot?

Las Vegas is among the most popular cities for tourists in the entire world. According to the most recent statistics made available by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Convention Authority (LVCVA), nearly 43 million visitors came to the city...


Smartphones and Pedestrian Accidents in Las Vegas

Pedestrian accidents and fatalities are a serious problem in Las Vegas and throughout the state of Nevada. Indeed, according to a recent report from ABC 13 News, the rate of pedestrian deaths in Nevada rose by 24 percent in 2016,...


Common Injuries Sustained at 5Ks and How to Avoid Them

In recent years, participating in organized 5K races or obstacle courses has become an extremely popular activity. Participants can enjoy time with friends, be challenged, and be physically active all at once. In addition, many companies have started holding themed...