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10 Little Known Facts That Will Make You Rethink How You Get Around Las Vegas

Whether you are a local or simply visiting Las Vegas for the weekend, you will want to know the best way to get around the city. Vegas is a fast-growing city, and Forbes Magazine reports that the population of the metro area has nearly doubled in the last fifteen years, making Southern Nevada one of the most rapidly growing places in the entire country. With this growth has come a transportation boom along with some notable growing pains. We want to help you get around the region in a fast, efficient and safe manner. At Ladah Law Firm, we have deep ties to the community. Here, we share our inside knowledge to give you a better view of how to get around in Las Vegas.

1. Want to Save Money From the Airport? Avoid Getting “Long Hauled”

taxi long hauling & hailing
If you are coming into Vegas from McCarran International Airport, you no doubt want to get into the city so that you can begin to enjoy your vacation or business trip. For most people who are staying in a hotel on the Vegas Strip or near Downtown, the fastest route to their room is down Swenson Avenue, and not through the airport tunnel. Going through the airport tunnel is known as a “long haul” and you should make sure your taxi or limo driver avoids it so that you can save time and money. Be aware, although Taxi’s are notorious for this in Vegas, Uber & Lyft drivers could do it as well.

2. Do Not Try to Get a Taxi From the Street

If you are from the East Coast, you are probably used to hailing taxi cabs from anywhere in the street. Go stand by the road almost anywhere in Manhattan, and all you need to do to get a cab is raise your hand. However, in Las Vegas, those taxis are going to fly right by you. There are different rules in this city that not all travelers will be used to. According to city regulations, Las Vegas cab drivers are prohibited from picking up passengers directly from the street. You need to call a taxi or go to a cab stand.

3. The Las Vegas Monorail Can Take You Up and Down The Strip

Not everyone is familiar with the Las Vegas Monorail, but it provides an excellent transportation option for people looking to traverse the Strip. The city’s monorail runs every day, starting at seven in the morning and staying up until midnight, and even later on the weekends. The line is nearly four miles long in total, and it takes a little more than fifteen minutes to get from one end to the other.

4. Several Casino Properties Offer Free, Private Tram Lines

The Las Vegas monorail is not the only tram line in the city. Currently, casino companies operate three different private tram lines that shuttle passengers from one gaming property to another. While these tram lines are all privately operated, they are all free and are open to the public. Depending on where you are going, these lines could potentially serve as a useful, little-known transportation option. To learn more about the private tram lines, please explore their maps and schedules. The lines are:

The Mandalay Bay, Luxor, Excalibur tram;
Monte Carlo, Aria, Bellagio tram; and
The Mirage, Treasure Island tram.

5. Check the Local Bus Routes

Many people underestimate the usefulness of the public buses in Clark County. In fact, for some, a Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) bus might actually be both cheaper and faster than calling and taking a taxicab or an Uber. RTC buses operate all across the Vegas metro area. Whether you are going to the Strip, downtown or somewhere outside of the city, an RTC bus may be a viable option for you to get there.

6.Vegas Has Well-Regarded Bike Paths and Trails

Bicycle paths in Vegas
Las Vegas is rarely given national acclaim for its bike paths and bike trails. Yet, these trails are fast growing. In fact, it remains a little known secret as to how good the city has become for biking. Over the last decade Vegas has put a considerable amount of resources into improving biking in the city. There are trails that are useful for transportation, and some that are largely scenic and offer high quality views of the natural landscape, as well as the city’s unique man made architectural structures. Should you choose biking as an option in Las Vegas, please reference our bicycling safety resources so that you can ensure that you have a safe and pleasant experience.

7. Cross the Street in the Marked Pedestrian Crosswalks

The city of Las Vegas has notoriously aggressive drivers. Many sections of the city also have tons of foot traffic. This can be a potentially dangerous combination. Every year, a distressing number of very serious pedestrian accidents occur in this city. The best thing you can do to protect yourself from becoming the victim of a pedestrian collision is to take extreme care when around the road. Always be sure that you are crossing in marked crosswalks, with the light. Even if you have to go a little bit out of your way to cross, please do so. As a pedestrian, it is always better to be safe rather than sorry.

8. The City Sees More Than Its Fair Share of Car Accidents

While Vegas drivers are not the worst in the country, they are certainly not best either. According to data collected and published by the insurance company Allstate, Las Vegas is the 127th safest city, out of 200 cities measured. In 2015, the city saw nearly 20 percent more accidents per driver than the national average. Despite the Southern Nevada weather generally being favorable to driving, vehicle collisions are a major public safety problem. If you are driving in Las Vegas, whether in your own vehicle or in a rental car, please protect yourself by taking preventative measures to avoid auto accidents.

9. There are Dangerous Intersections You May Want to Avoid

dangerous intersections to avoid in Vegas
There are some areas of the city that are especially dangerous for motorists and pedestrians. The Las Vegas Metro Police Department (LVMPD) comprehensively tracks accidents and has compiled a list of the city’s most dangerous intersections. Three intersections jump out as dangerous:

  • West Sahara Avenue/Arville Street;
  • West Sahara Avenue/South Decatur Boulevard; and
  • Paradise Road/East Tropicana Avenue.

If possible, you may be best off by simply avoiding these intersections. Unfortunately, even if you are a safe driver, you could still be in an accident because of someone else’s negligence. It is best to do what you can to keep yourself out of risky situations.

10. Know the Risks of Public Transportation

Finally, when you are in Vegas, it is imperative that you take extreme care to be safe whenever you are taking any form of public transportation. You should know the risks and you should be sure that you take basic precautions to protect yourself and your family. Whether you are getting into a taxi, taking an Uber or riding the bus, always remain vigilant and stay aware of your surroundings. Avoid making common mistakes, like keeping your head buried in your phone, and watch out for potentially dangerous situations.

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