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How safe is the strip in Las Vegas?

the Las Vegas Strip

If you’re planning to visit or move to Las Vegas because you’re looking for excitement, things to do & nightlife that never ends, then you’ve come to the right place. And we must say that you’ve chosen a great destination that truly offers something for everyone! The popularity of Las Vegas does not come as a surprise to anyone. Everything from the nightlife to the casinos in Las Vegas are unlike anything that you could ever witness elsewhere which is why there is never really a time when people aren’t storming into the city for fun and leisure. With that said, however, people still have their concerns when it comes to the safety of the city – and that too for good reason. The crime rate of Las Vegas is not only significantly higher than the national average but accidents and crashes, too, are extremely common in the city due to rash driving and other scenarios. If you do find yourself in an accident, contact an experienced lawyer right away to discuss your options 702-252-0055.

The Las Vegas Strip

Around 4.2 miles in length, the Las Vegas Strip is one of the most easily recognizable and identifiable areas in any city. The Strip almost always has quite a number of people walking around and taking in the unparalleled sights and sounds that the area offers. Additionally, places like the Bellagio and Caesar’s Palace add to the inherent charm of the strip.

Letting all of that fool you, however, would be one of the worst decisions that you could make as someone traveling or moving to Las Vegas. Read on for some sobering facts about the safety and security situation in the city and what you should do about it.

How Safe is The Las Vegas Strip Really?

The city of Las Vegas and the Strip are almost always in the news for all of the wrong reasons. From muggings to crashes, the strip is not only unsafe for tourists and people who aren’t yet used to the city, but also almost equally dangerous for locals. In fact, data goes as far as stating that Las Vegas is more dangerous than up to 89% percent of cities in the United States explaining why Las Vegas got the moniker “Sin City”. It is no wonder why the first things that come to the minds of people not only in the United States, but across the globe, when they hear about the Strip is gambling, robberies and other similar vices.

Even though people have never really claimed that Las Vegas is safe, it would not be incorrect to say that people are not yet fully aware of how widespread and common crime in the Strip and Las Vegas has become. Las Vegas unfortunately experienced a staggering 168 homicides in the year 2016 alone.

Drug deals and gang activities, too, are extremely common not only in the Strip, but in the entire city of Las Vegas, which is another reason why it is very important for you to be extremely vigilant when you’re out in the city and especially if you’re all alone. What’s more is that incidents like the one involving Lakeisha Holloway, a 24 year old woman who drove her vehicle on the sidewalk and into a crowd of pedestrians killing and injuring several people, are becoming increasingly common in the city of Las Vegas. This is primarily because drug and alcohol are very prevalent in the city which naturally affects the driving ability of motorists.

Tips to Keep in Mind

safely crossing street in vegas
If you’re still reading this, you’ve probably understood that Las Vegas isn’t exactly one of the safest places that you could be which is why it is imperative for you to be vigilant. When you’re out and about in the city, it is not only important for you to keep all of your personal belongings including your wallet, mobile phone and all money protected, but it is also imperative that you don’t drink so much that you are no longer in a condition to make sane and sensible decisions. This is of particular importance because thieves in in Las Vegas are proficient at what they do and they can recognize an easy or distracted target from afar.

It is also important for you to look at both sides of the road carefully before you cross. This is because road accidents are very common in the city and a delay of a few minutes is far better than risking your life.
While there may be negative things you’ll see about Las Vegas in the news, it’s certainly not all bad. There’s a lot of fun places to go & things to see that really offsets much of the negative things you’ll hear about. However, it is still best to always be prepared and take your own protective and security measures when you’re in Las Vegas or on the strip, especially if you’re alone. You should also be prepared by knowing what to do if you are injured and know where to go.

A lawyer like those at Ladah Law Firm can help in case you or a loved one is involved in an accident in the city of Las Vegas. All you need to do is contact Ladah Law Firm at (702) 252-0055 and let the professionals deal with the rest.