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The Best of Vegas (What’s The Worst That Could Happen?)

The ultimate list round-up of things to do in Vegas & the worst things that could happen (to avoid) while enjoying them.

Best of the Best in Vegas

Part 1: The Best Of The Best In Vegas (List Round-Up)

If you’re looking for the best of the best when it comes to things to do and places to stay while you’re in Vegas, consider this awesome list round up of some favorites. Since this is a very detailed & somewhat long resource, we’ve provided a short Table of Contents below in case you’d like to jump to a specific point in the post. The Table of Contents will allow quick reference & skipping to various points of interest in the post, including the Part 2 (What’s The Worst That Could Happen) which details some of the crazy, real life things that have injured people in Vegas. Enjoy the Best of the Best Lists and learn how to avoid the worst case scenarios (brought to you by Ladah Law Firm).
Linked Table of Contents:
Eat & Drink
Pool & Spa
Kids & Family
Things To Do
Saving Money
Additional Resources
Part 2: What’s The Worst That Could Happen In Vegas
Video: The Worst That Could Happen In Vegas
More Details/Scenarios On “The Worst”

Best Food & Places to Eat in Vegas

Eat and Drink

It’s no secret that Las Vegas has some of the best food around. But with so many to choose from, how do you know where to start? To narrow it down, take a look at some of these choices on others’ best pick lists:

1.Andre’s Bistro & Bar

2. Eatt

3. Cinnamon’s Restaurant

  • Best Restaurants by Category from Some of the categories include: Best Food, Best Services, Best Ambiance, Best Wine & Bar Selection, Value, etc. Some we see topping these lists more than once are:

1.Il Mulino New York

2. Aureole

3. N9NE Steakhouse

1. Aureole

2. Alize

3. N9NE Steakhouse

Best Pizza in Vegas

  • Top Five Pizza Places on the Strip by (we’ve listed three for you here):

1. 800 Degrees

2. Flour & Barly

3. Five50 Pizza Bar

1. Bacchanal Buffet

2. Feast Buffet

3. Le Village Buffet

  • Best Dining Bets by Here is their top picks by type. Some of the types include things like: best downtown, best comfort food, Best Theme Restaurant, etc. Great list of options depending on your mood. A couple of their top picks include the following but there’s many other categories:

1. Best Theme Restaurant: Gilley’s

2. Best Breakfasts: Hash House a Go Go

  • Another Insider pick by type list can be found here with This list has less categories than the last but more selections to each and a little lengthier description of each.
  • Best Coffee Places in Downtown Vegas from There’s a few more on the full list (in no particular order) but here’s a couple from the list:

1. Inspire News Cafe

2. The Beat Coffeehouse and Records

1. Morels French Steakhouse & Bistro

2. Mon Ami Gabi

3. Mix


When it comes to where to stay in Vegas, there are a lot of great options to choose from. From staying in the heart of the strip to heading to old Vegas (downtown) for some quieter time, here our a few of the top picks, compiled from the following fantastic resources:

  • Best Hotels Based on Value, Deals, and Trends by

1. Palazzo

2. Vdara

3. Mandalay Bay

1. Mandarin Oriental

2. ARIA Sky Suites

3. Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas

  • 11 Best Las Vegas Hotels Based On Your Personality by A few examples form the list are:

1. The Family Guy: Red Rock Casino

2. The Hipster: Oasis at Gold Spike

3. The Rockstar: SLS Las Vegas

Best Spas & Pools in Vegas

Pool and Spa

What’s one of the best things about Vegas? The opportunity to pamper yourself, of course! While you’re in Vegas, don’t miss out on the opportunity to enjoy some much needed YOU time at one of the best pools or spas around:

1. The Spa at Wynn Las Vegas and Encore

2. The Spa at Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas

3. Qua Baths and Spa at Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel and Casino

1. Boulevard Pool, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

2. Liquid at ARIA, ARIA Resort and Casino

3. Rehab, Hard Rock Hotel and Casino


Even when you’re on vacation, getting your sweat on before hitting the pool or the casino is a great feeling. If fitness is a priority, make sure you check out these great places to get your heart-rate up:

1. Four Seasons

2. Green Valley

3. Wynn

  • Best walking paths and trails throughout and around the city – see the map provided by
  • Best Walking Trails (mostly out of city) Near Las Vegas from

– Calico Tanks Trail

– Turtlehead Peak Trail

– Gold Strike Hot Spring Trail

Las Vegas Transportation


Need to get around? Here are a few great transportation options provided by

    • Airport shuttles
    • Taxis
    • Car rentals
    • Public transportation (the bus)
    • Bike sharing
    • Transportation network companies
  • The Las Vegas Monorail
  • Limousines


If you’re in Vegas and you’re not gambling, what are you doing? Consider these great places to spend – and win! – some of that hard-earned cash.
Best Gambling in Vegas

1. The D

2. Golden Gate

3. Treasure Island

4. Bellagio

5. Cosmo

1. The California

2. El Cortez

3. Fremont

4. Main Street Station

5. Plaza

1. The Venetian Las Vegas

2. Mandalay Bay

3. Luxor Las Vegas

  • Best Places To Gamble On (or near) Freemont Street from (top 3):

1. El Cortez

2. The D Las Vegas

3. Four Queens


Vegas isn’t just about the gambling, pools, and bars; it’s about the nightlife, too. Las Vegas is home to some of the greatest clubs on earth, so make sure you heed the advice to check out the following:

1. Chateau

2. Marquee

3. LAX Nightclub

1. Omnia Nightclub

2. Hakkasan Nightclub

3. XS Las Vegas

Best Things to Do for Families in Vegas

Kids and Family

Vegas can be a family friendly place, too. If you’ll be traveling with kids, make sure to schedule some all-age-appropriate outings. Here are some ideas:

  • Best Kid-Friendly Hotels in Las Vegas by

1. The Mirage Hotel & Casino

2. Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino

3. MGM Grand Hotel & Casino

1. LOVE by Cirque du Soleil

2. Zarkana by Cirque du Soleil

3 .Legends in Concert

4. M&M Factory

5. Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Show

1. Mandalay Bay

2. MGM Grand Hotel and Casino

3. Monte Carlo Resort and Casino

Things to Do

If the lists above still left you itching for more, check out these other great things to do, from shows to attractions, while in Vegas!

1. Absinthe

2. Baz-Star Crossed Love

3. Blue Man Group

4. Cirque du Soleil

5. Evil Dead: The Musical

1. Flightlinez Bootleg Canyon

2. Vegas Indoor Skydiving

3. Big Bus Tours

4. Fashion Show Mall

1. SlotZilla Las Vegas Zip Line

2. Freemont Street Experience Light Shows

3. Mob Museam

4. Banger Brewing Tour

1. Le Reve

2. Penn And Teller

3. VEGAS! The Show

  • Great List of Thrill Rides by in no real order but here’s a few from the list:

1. Roller Coaster at New York-New York

2. Stratosphere (3 separate rides: Big Shot, Insanity & X-Scream)

3. The Adventuredome at Circus Circus

  • 12 Things You Absolutely Must Do In Las Vegas from (top 3):

Budgeting Vegas
1. Play Craps at Binion’s

2. Have BBQ at Ellis Island

3. Hit Happy Hour at Stratosphere

Penny Pinching

On a budget? Here’s a couple other lists to help you save money while enjoying Vegas:

  • To find some good deals on things to do, also check out Best of Vegas Coupons and Promo Codes by
  • There’s also a good list here of Cheap Things to Do in Vegas with a general price range from

A Few Additional Vegas Lists Worth Looking At For Even More Options:

Things to do:
Free Things To Do:
Las Vegas Strip Hotels:
Las Vegas Casinos:
Golf Courses:
Car Rentals:
Coffee Shops:

Now You Know Where To Find The Best

We hope you have a great time in Vegas, whether you live here or are just visiting! Just remember to stay safe while you are in Vegas because while these are some of the best experiences you can have in Vegas, some of the worst things that have happened have happened to ordinary people just out trying to enjoy everything this amazing city has to offer. So now you’ve seen The Ultimate List Roundup of the Best of Vegas above, you may be wondering…

The Worst That Could Happen In Vegas

So, What Is The Worst That Could Happen In Vegas? (Part 2)

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Some Of The Worst Things That Have Happened In Vegas

Below are details on some of the most outrageous injuries & traumatic accidents that have been reported to have actually happened to people in Vegas. If the video above peaked your interest, here’s the rest of the details on those real life events (plus many more). You’ll also find links to more information about each event. Continue at your own discretion.

You break bones, ribs & loose your vision in one eye while working out:

Some of the details are a little fuzzy with this case & there’s some skepticism around it but it’s really not a huge stretch. People get injured working out all the time. Exercise equipment fails & doesn’t always work to the manufacturer’s specifications. Some equipment is designed to shut off if the user fails while others don’t. Heavy weights and equipment can be unforgiving.

You Fall Through a Ventilation Shaft Outside Your Hotel:

This man happened to be lucky to only sustain minor injuries after falling about 20 feet through a ventilation shaft after a grate outside his hotel gave way. This isn’t something anyone should have to worry about as they walk around outside their hotel while on vacation. What’s more common, is people tripping from uneven or broken areas of parking lots & sidewalks. There’s also been instances where people have fallen in uncovered man holes or utility vaults. Unreasonable safety hazards can lead to broken bones, cuts, soft tissue damage, spine and/or head injuries (or even death).

You Get Your Poker Chips Robbed Away From You At Gun Point:

This event was witnessed by unsuspecting patrons in a Vegas casino when a “motorcycle bandit” tromped down the casino floor up to the craps table & pulled out a gun, demanding all the chips. While robberies right in the middle of the casino like this aren’t the norm, it certainly wouldn’t be the first or last time an unsuspecting victim was robbed while enjoying a night out at the casinos. Unfortunately, this man walked right by a single security “guard” and waived at the small elderly woman on his way into the casino. There are times at different Vegas venues when the security just isn’t adequate for the location, places aren’t lite well enough to avoid shady activity or patrons aren’t warned of criminal activity on the premises which results in negligent security lawsuits.

You Freeze To Death At The Spa:

In this particular case, the person was an employee of the spa & decided to try the Cryotherapy tank after hours. This isn’t a very likely scenario for most visitors to the spa but more likely examples that could happen are: burns from chemicals or equipment (like curling iron & dye chemicals) or infection from cuts & braids weaved to tightly. Not to mention the type of injuries/risks associated with medical spas that perform injections, laser treatments, hair removal & other types of cosmetic surgeries.

You Have a Bullet Ricochet & Hit You While Target Practicing at the Shooting Range:

This unlucky person was just out with a friend for some target practice & had a bullet ricochet & hit him. He ultimately lost his life. Another one of those freak accidents that you just don’t expect to happen. More likely than this happening to you, would be someone else at the shooting range mishandles their firearm & accidentally ends up shooting you. Accidental shootings from mishandling is far more common than getting hit by ricocheting bullets. Be aware of what those around you are doing when around firearms & stay alert because it’s not necessarily your knowledge (or lack thereof) that will cause you injury or harm. It might be the guy next to you.

You Get Run Over Walking Down The Strip:

Not so long ago, a woman ran over people on sidewalk at 2-3 locations, killed someone & injured dozens more. What’s worse is police believed it to be intentional. This type of thing isn’t commonplace, even in a city as busy and bustling as Las Vegas but it’s a sobering reminder to stay vigilant & aware of your surroundings. You can never be too careful, even when you’re just a minding your own business as a pedestrian walking down the sidewalk or street. It’s more likely that you would get struck by a motorist as you cross the street due to the driver texting on their phone or intoxicated and it would be unintentional. Either way, the pavement & a car’s bumper/hood is far from soft & injuries aren’t much less likely to occur whether the accident is intentional or unintentional. And, while cases like this are rare, pedestrians getting struck in Las Vegas (or anywhere else for that matter) are all too commonplace.

You Get Hit by a Car While Eating Out in a Restaurant by Someone Driving Under The Influence:

Usually when you go out to eat the worst you figure could happen is you might not have good service or at very worst, could get food poisoning. That’s not what happened to the unsuspecting diners at one Las Vegas restaurant when a car crashed right into the buildings window & nearly collapsed the entire side of the building while injuring several people… some severely. It’s not every day someone gets hit by a car inside a building but it’s far too common to get hit by a car on the street while walking or riding your bicycle. Which, can be just as devastating.

You Get Electrocuted While Crossing the Street:

You would never expect a live wire to be exposed in the street. For this unfortunate woman, that’s exactly what happened which resulted in the loss of her life. Flooding on the street from rainwaters contributed to this but you never know when you’re going to end up being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Always be on the look out for potential dangers or obstacles where you walk so you don’t end up being one of those unfortunate people.

You Get Mauled by a Tiger During a Vegas Show:

It’s unlikely that you are going to be the one performing in the next big Vegas show like Roy (of Siegfried & Roy) who was mauled by his white tiger while performing at a show in 2013. That doesn’t mean that accidents don’t happen to members of the audience on occasion. In fact, at another event (next on the list), a skater was hurled onto the lap of an audience member who was taken out on a stretcher:

You Become Part Of The Show:

You’re probably not planning on becoming the center of attention when you go out to see a show in Vegas but that’s what happened at this Las Vegas Show. A member of the performance got hurled out into the audience & landed on a stunned woman’s lap in the crowd. This case may not have resulted in a serious injury but it could have. A roller skating act probably isn’t the top of the list for dangerous events to attend but when it comes to concerts, sometimes it’s the crowd around you that you need to worry about much more so than the performers.

You Get Trampled in the Chaos & Stampede Ensuing an Alleged Killer Clown Sighting:

Not long ago, clown sightings were all over the news and this is just what happened at one Las Vegas school. Several children were injured in a stampede that ensued over the reported sighting of a clown at the school. As it turned out, it was made up by someone who thought it would be funny but that didn’t change the fact that 6 kids got hurt & one ended up at the hospital. When you take your children to school, daycare or even the hotel swimming pool, you expect that they’ll be safe. Unfortunately there can be unsafe conditions present in the very places where you expect you and your love ones to be in preeminent safety.

You End Up With Brain Damage After Watching a Magic Show:

One of the top attractions to Vegas is the abundance of live shows of all kinds, including top performer’s magic shows. However, there’s nothing magical about sustaining a brain injury while participating in one of the acts. Sometimes, the audience is asked to participate in various acts of shows & in this particular case, a man claims to have fallen over debris where they were told to go to make one of the tricks successful. Whether or not the claim bared any merit, it wouldn’t be the first injury sustained during a show or event. Stadiums & event centers can harbor unsafe conditions due to things in the way, on the ground, unsafe lighting & stairs, negligent security… just to name a few.

You Get A Concussion & Brain Injury While Watching a Ball Game:

Speaking of brain injuries, this man gained a concussion & brain injury after the bat flew out of a player’s hands & hit him in the head as he was walking. He then hit his head again when he fell to the ground. His injuries were so severe that he’s had to learn speech again as well as other basic motor skills. While most people who attend sporting events aren’t unlucky enough to sustain an injury like this, it still happens from time to time. Besides getting hit with equipment, there may be other factors that lead to dangerous conditions in the stadium such as obstacles or things on the ground, uneven or damaged sidewalks, and even dram shop liability or negligent security issues.

You Get Burned Up In A Hotel After A Fire Breaks Out Across Your Floor:

In this monstrous event, 8 people lost their lives and 200 more were injured because a drug induced busboy used his lighter to set fire to some curtains. The fire ended up spreading and burning up much of the building.

You Die Hours After a Minor Auto Accident That Didn’t Even Seem to Inflict Any Injuries:

Car accidents are not uncommon by any stretch in Vegas. Often, with fender benders, you don’t consider going to the hospital because you think “you’re fine”. However, this woman had a minor accident & decided not to go because she didn’t feel like she sustained any injuries, she did. She didn’t realize that the impact broke her rib, which, ended up puncturing her heart later that day. No matter how unharmed you think you are after a car accident, don’t take the risk of something like this happening to you. Beyond that, if you are injured & end up needing to seek compensation to cover the costs of your injuries, the sooner you get to the hospital, the better.

You Accidentally Shoot of Your Finger While Cleaning Your Gun:

Whether you live in Vegas or are just visiting, who knows when you’ll need to clean your handgun. Just try not to shoot yourself while doing it. But hey, anything can happen…Jose Canseco shot his finger off while cleaning his gun in his Las Vegas home. Liability of another party seems like a stretch in this case but it goes to show, accidents happen. It just as easily could have been someone else in his home who took the bullet. Which could have been a very different situation.

Fall to Your Death While Out For A Hike at Red Rock Canyon:

This unfortunate soul was out for a hike (which didn’t seem dangerous) & happened to slip down an area of wet rock, right off a cliff. More people get hit in their car on the way to their hiking destination than have something like this happen. Be careful on your way to the hike as well as through the hike itself. You never know what can happen.

You Die On a Construction Site Due to Lax Regulations:

Talk about unsafe work conditions when someone is dying on construction sites on average of once every six weeks in a single city. That’s exactly what happened at one point during a building boom here in Vegas. It’s a sobering reminder to watch out for dangers any time you’re around a construction site whether you’re working on it or just passing by as there can be a number of injuries incurred if safety regulations aren’t met properly.

Get Gunned Down In Your Car On The Strip:

Unfortunately, disputes happen that lead to violence. Even famous music icons are not exempt from becoming the targets of acts of violence and neither are you. You never know where you might be when a fight (or other type of violence) breaks out. Obviously, don’t want to be in the line of fire. Again, be aware of your surroundings & if something seems awry, find the nearest form of security to notify & get yourself to safety.

Have someone jump off the 11 floor of the hotel & land on you while waiting for your bus to GO to Vegas:

This poor guy hadn’t even got to Vegas yet when the unimaginable happened that resulted in his spine being fractured. While waiting for the bus to go to Vegas, he stepped outside right when a woman plunged from over 10 stories and landed on his back. What’s more likely is to end up in a bus accident on the way to (or in) Vegas. Or, end up in some type of auto accident while aboard a shuttle, cab, Uber, etc.

And…Now You Know

So now you have it, the best of the best and the worst of the worst. You can leave here armed with the knowledge of what to do & where to go to experience some of the best there is to experience in Vegas and you also know that no matter what you do, you can’t guarantee avoiding unimaginable no matter how hard you try. All you can do is be alert & aware of your surroundings, be safe & don’t do anything stupid. But that doesn’t mean that someone around you won’t.

Ladah Law Firm Has Your Back

Now that doesn’t mean stay at home & cut yourself short of being part of everything the fabulous city of Las Vegas has to offer you. You’ll miss out on a lot of good memories. Just know that you can take comfort with having resources & people nearby that have your back if the worst does happen. The experienced, skilled attorneys at Ladah Law Firm are here for you if you need us. We’ve got your back & will do what it takes to ensure the best results should you find yourself faced with a personal injury in Las Vegas. So go forth, be safe & have fun! Call us if you need us: 702-252-0055.

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