Gearing Up for an Injury Free Summer

Summer is a time to relax with family and visit new destinations. Unfortunately, hazards abound during the summer months which will send more than one person to the emergency room. To have a safe and fun summer, remember to follow these tips.

Grill Safely

Grilling is a popular activity in the summer, but you need to make sure your grill is in good working order before putting the first steak on to char. Propane grills, in particular, can be dangerous, so do the following:

  • Check for cracks or holes in the hoses. Run a mixture of water and soap over the hose and turn the grill on. Look for bubbles, which are signs that gas is escaping. Replacing any cracked or damaged hoses.
  • Check tubes that lead to the burner for blockage.
  • Put the grill on a level surface away from enclosures.
  • Cover the grill when you are not using it. This will keep debris from falling in.
  • Store propane tanks in a cool place standing up and not on their sides.

Grills can also cause burn injuries, so protect yourself with an apron and oven mitts that reach to your elbows. Also keep children away from the grill by putting up a fence.

Remember to keep your food at the right temperature, as well. Over 47 million people suffer food poisoning, some of which can lead to life-altering injuries and even death. Dairy products and eggs, in particular, can cause salmonella poisoning. Protect yourself and your family by refrigerating foods promptly after eating them. If you are having a picnic, bring an insulated bag or a cooler to store food in.

Protect Children around Pools

pool safety
Nothing beats the heat like a dip in the pool. However, water is very dangerous for children, in particular babies, who can drown while sitting in as little as a few inches of water. Even older children can suffer injuries if they have not been taught how to swim. Proper swimmer safety should include the following:

  • Take swimming lessons early in the summer. If you cannot swim, then take lessons along with your children.
  • Take babies out of pools if you are not sitting right beside them. It only takes 90 seconds for a baby to drown. If the phone rings, take your baby inside with you instead of leaving them unattended.
  • If your children want to swim at a neighbor’s, ask what adults will be present and call to confirm that an adult will be there.

Prepare for a Summer Road Trip

Summer vacation lets families visit relatives in far-flung parts of the country. It also might be the perfect time to visit the Grand Canyon or drive over to the California coast. Unfortunately, roads can become congested in the summer, and accidents are common.
Family Road Trip
Before heading out, have your car serviced. Check and rotate tires and address any problems, like squeaky brakes or a burnt-out blinker. Doing so will reduce the chances you are stranded on the side of the road and reduce the likelihood that a defect will cause you to lose control of your vehicle.

Also remember to give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination. Break up long trips, if necessary, so that you are not tired. Amphetamines and caffeine provide short-lived highs that will leave you more tired than before, so do not rely on them. By padding extra time into your trip, you will also not feel tempted to drive aggressively, which should reduce your chances of getting into an accident.

If you need to check your phone frequently, ask your spouse to drive or schedule regular pit stops to email and text. Distracted driving is a leading cause of car accidents, and you will endanger your family by checking your phone behind the wheel.

If you have young children, remember to have appropriate booster or safety seats and install them properly. Children can get cranky on long trips, so stop often to let them run around while the adults stretch.

Exercise Safely

With a new season comes a new chance to get outside and become more 702-252-0055 or sending a message online.

Avoid delay. Nevada law gives injured victims a short amount of time to pursue their legal right to compensation. If you wait too long, a judge might throw your case out of court.