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How Safe is the Water in Las Vegas?

Whether you are planning a family trip to Las Vegas or currently live in the Las Vegas area, it is important to think carefully about water safety. In some cases, you may have particular concerns about the quality of your family’s drinking water in Las Vegas. In other scenarios, you may want to know more about the cause of injuries around swimming pools and ways of avoiding drowning incidents when you are staying at a Las Vegas hotel. We want to tell you more about safety issues surrounding the water in Las Vegas and to emphasize that a Las Vegas personal injury attorney can help if you or someone you love suffers an injury.

Drinking Water Contamination and Tap Safety in Las Vegas

When we ask about water safety in Las Vegas, one of the first questions that might come to mind is tap water safety and the risks of water contamination. For example, if you are staying at a hotel in Las Vegas with your family, you want to be certain that your children can get a drink of water from the tap without worrying about chemicals, bacteria, or other substances that could result in illness or injury. Is the tap water in Las Vegas safe to drink?

According to an article in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, “water that flows from taps across the valley exceeds all federal and state health standards,” based on information from an annual Water Quality Report released by the Las Vegas Valley Water District. However, this information comes with a caveat. In short, the Las Vegas Valley Water District recommends that “pregnant women and people with weakened immune systems . . . consult a doctor about drinking” the tap water. If the water is so safe, why should someone with a weakened immune system or who is pregnant think twice about drinking it? In short, tap water always may contain some contaminants, and anyone who is concerned should speak with a healthcare provider about supplements or alternatives.

Is the Water in Las Vegas Safe to Drink?

How can you know if the tap water you are drinking is actually contaminated such that it could make you sick? An article from Aqua Safe suggests that you should fill up a glass with tap water before drinking and let it settle. Once the water has settled, the following can be indicators of water contamination:

  • Oil or gas odor;
  • Bleach or chlorine-like odor;
  • Blue-green stains;
  • Metallic taste; and/or
  • Other sharp chemical taste.

Any of the signs listed above can indicate that the water is contaminated. While most types of water contamination do not have clear and obvious short-term effects, those contaminants can do significant damage in the long run. One common type of water contaminant is lead, and it can have debilitating consequences for children and adults alike. How does lead get into the water, and does the Las Vegas Valley Water District test for lead? Even though the Las Vegas Valley Water District may show no signs of lead in the water, a report from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) clarifies that “lead can enter drinking water when service pipes that can contain lead corrode, especially where the water has high acidity or low mineral content that corrodes pipes and fixtures.” An individual home that was built prior to 1986 may have lead pipes, lead fixtures, or lead solder. Any of those elements could result in lead contamination that would not necessarily be identified city-wide in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Swimming Pools and Water Safety

is the water safe?

Aside from water contamination, the other major way in which water can cause personal injuries in Las Vegas is at pools. Whether at a neighbor’s private pool or the pool at a hotel on the Strip, you should understand the risks of poolside injuries. Most commonly, pool injuries concern one of the following:

  • Slip and fall around the pool; or
  • Drowning incident in the water.

As an article in CN Traveler explains, Las Vegas is in the middle of the desert, yet visitors and residents alike find that “watering holes are everywhere.” Indeed, the hotel pools in Las Vegas “offer not only a place to cool off when temperatures spike above 100 degrees, but also a chance to keep last night’s party going, thanks to inventive cocktails and every-present DJs.” Yet pools can also pose serious injury risks.

Prevent a Swimming Pool Slip and Fall

First, there is always the risk of making things slippery around a swimming pool, especially on the pool deck area. Whether you are visiting Mandalay Bay Beach, the Las Vegas Pool Deck at the Mandarin Oriental, or one of the Cosmopolitan’s pools, you should know that hotels and resorts have a duty to keep the premises reasonably safe for use and to warn guests about any known injury risks. What can resorts, hotels, and other businesses with pools in Las Vegas do to help prevent slips and falls, and other premises liability accidents, on a pool deck? Any of the following can help:

  • Keep walkways as dry as possible;
  • Coat walkways with a non-slip surface;
  • Put fencing around the pool;
  • Place a “no running” sign around the pool deck and enforce this; and
  • Ensure that there are no tripping hazards around the pool.

safety sign at pool

Avoid Drowning Accident Risks

In addition to preventing slips and falls, hotels and resorts also have a duty to take steps to prevent drowning accidents and near-drownings. According to a fact sheet from the National Safety Council (NSC), we often assume that only young children are at risk of drowning. However, drowning can happen to anyone, regardless of age, especially for teenagers and young adults. To avoid a drowning accident, consider the following:

  • Do not swim alone;
  • Learn CPR and other rescue techniques;
  • Swim in a supervised area;
  • Do not push anyone in the water;
  • Do not dive into a shallow area; and
  • Avoid drinking alcohol anytime you are swimming.

Contact a Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer

To learn more about filing a personal injury lawsuit after a drowning incident, a poolside slip and fall, or an illness resulting from contaminated water, you should speak with a Las Vegas personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Contact Ladah Law online or by calling us at 702-252-0055.