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Driving in Las Vegas: Everything You Need to Know

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There is a lot to do in Vegas, and many people decide to either drive here or rent a car once they arrive. Driving around Las Vegas is a little different than driving in other cities. Fortunately, with some planning and the exercise of sufficient care, avoiding accidents is possible. Consider Not Driving if You […]

What to Do when in a Non-Injury Accident in Las Vegas

Some accidents occur at low speeds or when no occupants are in the vehicle. These non-injury accidents are still serious and should be handled appropriately by all parties involved. If your car was struck but neither you nor your passengers suffered an injury, you should follow the steps below. Move Out of the Way Nevada […]

Las Vegas Crashes of the Rich and Famous : Which Commonly Searched Questions About Star Crashes Actually Happened?

Traffic collisions are among the leading cause of serious injuries in Nevada. According to data from the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT), nearly 35,000 people were injured in accidents in the state in 2017 alone. Motor vehicle accidents can impact every person and every community—from the most famous of celebrities to your neighbor who lives […]

Las Vegas Marijuana Laws

Since 2017, recreational marijuana has been legal in Las Vegas. However, the new laws have not created a free for all where anyone can possess any amount of marijuana that they want. Instead, the law closely regulates who can possess marijuana and how much they can have at any one time. Las Vegas might be […]

5 Reasons Not to Negotiate Your Own Car Accident Settlement

After a car wreck, many people wrongly believe they can negotiate their own settlement. We’ve all watched television shows starring lawyers—Allie McBeal, Boston Legal, The Practice. How hard can it be? Actually, handling your own claim might be one of the worst mistakes that an injured motorist can make. Insurance companies love nothing better than […]

Rented Scooter & Bike Accidents—Know What to Do

Rental scooters and bicycles have taken the nation by storm. Ten years ago, a person had to buy and then maintain their own scooter or bike, which was often unrealistic. Today, in most cities, a person can pick up a scooter or bicycle, use an app to make payment, and then be on their way. […]