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Safe Holiday Traveling Around Vegas

Tips for Safe Holiday Traveling The holiday season is here, and with the Christmas trees and holiday music comes frantic shoppers, holiday travelers, and an increased risk of injury. If you’ll be traveling this holiday season, whether to your relatives’ a few miles away or a longer distance, staying safe should be a top priority. […]

Helping Your Kids Avoid Back-to-School Injuries

Now that a new school year has started, parents are probably relieved to experience some peace and quiet—at least until next summer rolls around. However, parents also should be aware of the dangers their children face at school. Most schools do everything possible to make sure that students are safe. But that doesn’t mean that […]

What You Need to Know About Recovering from a Bicycle Injury

Getting hurt in a bicycle accident can be devastating. Not only can it take weeks, months, and sometimes even years to recover physically and emotionally from your injuries, but bicycle accident injuries can also result in substantial medical bills and lost wages. Recovering from a bicycle injury is a long process, whether you are dealing […]

Gearing Up for an Injury Free Summer

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Summer is a time to relax with family and visit new destinations. Unfortunately, hazards abound during the summer months which will send more than one person to the emergency room. To have a safe and fun summer, remember to follow these tips. Grill Safely Grilling is a popular activity in the summer, but you need […]

How Safe is the Water in Las Vegas?

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Whether you are planning a family trip to Las Vegas or currently live in the Las Vegas area, it is important to think carefully about water safety. In some cases, you may have particular concerns about the quality of your family’s drinking water in Las Vegas. In other scenarios, you may want to know more […]

How safe is the strip in Las Vegas?

If you’re planning to visit or move to Las Vegas, then you’ve come to the right place. And we must say that you’ve chosen a great destination that truly offers something for everyone! The popularity of Las Vegas does not come as a surprise to anyone. Everything from the nightlife to the casinos in Las […]

Is it Safe to Walk in Las Vegas at Night?

Walking is arguably one of the best forms of exercise that there is, and therefore one of the best ways to get around. Indeed, not only does walking give you a chance to move your body, but it is also better for the earth than is driving, and may even be more convenient depending upon […]