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Pedestrian Killed in Crash in Las Vegas, Jaywalking Suspected

According to a report from the Las Vegas Review-Journal, a pedestrian was killed in a crash in the northeastern corner of the city. An early investigation indicated that jaywalking was a factor in the collision. Here, our Las Vegas pedestrian accident attorney explains what we know about the crash, highlights the safety risks that pedestrians […]

Is a Hands-Free Cell Phone Distracting?

Distracted driving is one of the most serious threats in Las Vegas and other parts of Nevada. Motorists who fail to pay attention end up crashing into other motorists or defenseless pedestrians, causing thousands of dollars in damage. There is perhaps no greater source of distraction than cell phones. Because so many people were calling […]

Texting and Driving is More Dangerous than Drunk Driving

The number of drunk driving deaths in the 1980s led to the formation of Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been an equivalent movement to combat distracted driving, especially texting while driving. Anyone who reaches for a cell phone to read or compose a text is a clear and present danger to others on […]

How Do I Find Out about Local Car Accidents

Car crashes remain one of the primary safety risks in the United States. According to a report cited by the Insurance Information Institute (III), nearly 4.8 million people were injured in auto accidents nationwide in 2020 alone. It is normal to be worried that your loved ones may have serious injury or fatality if you have not heard […]

Were You Injured in a Bar Fight?

Las Vegas has an exciting nightlife, and the bar scene is a big part of that. Thousands of people head out to the bars each night to drink, hook up, or watch a game on a big screen. Others enjoy some bar fare before heading to a casino. Unfortunately, dozens of people get into fights […]

Were You Bitten by a Service Animal?

Millions of Americans use service animals to help them get around and perform daily tasks. Those who are blind, hard of hearing, or live with a different disability often have service animals, in particular dogs. In Las Vegas, we see countless people on the sidewalk or in the casinos with their service animals. Sometimes, these […]

Who is Responsible for a Las Vegas Sidewalk?

Most pedestrian accidents are caused by negligent drivers, but sometimes the sidewalk itself is to blame. Some sidewalks are crumbling, whereas others have tree roots pushing through. In the winter, some sidewalks can become icy as rain freezes overnight, and various objects like tree branches or leaves can cause a person to slip. Sidewalk maintenance […]

Dangerous Gym Equipment

People head to the gym hoping to get buff or at least lose a couple inches from their waistline. Few expect to get a black eye, broken arm, or concussion. But gym accidents happen all the time. Some of them are fatal, whereas others will leave gym goers with serious injuries. Anyone hurt by a […]

Road Rash is a Serious Bicycle Accident Injury

Bicyclists suffer some of the most horrific injuries when struck by a passing vehicle. In addition to concussions, they might also endure a fractured pelvis, facial injuries, or whiplash. A rib could fracture, leading to a collapsed lung, and many cyclists end up on life support. Road rash is also common, and this little-known injury […]

Rules of the Road for Nevada Pedestrians

Each year, hundreds of pedestrians are seriously injured in collisions. According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, 88 pedestrians died in Nevada in 2021. Given the increased weight of motor vehicles, even a collision at low speeds can have devastating consequences for pedestrians, who are completely unprotected. At Ladah Law Firm, we promote pedestrian safety […]