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Five of the Safest Activities to Do in Vegas

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While Las Vegas is a busy place all year round, the city truly buzzes in the summer. According to official statistics, approximately ten million people come to Las Vegas between Memorial Day and Labor Day. While the city is often associated with a party atmosphere, there are also many family-friendly and safe activities that you […]

Summer Dangers to Avoid in Vegas

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Las Vegas is one of the most popular destinations in the country to visit in the summer. According to statistics published by the Las Vegas Convention Visitors and Authority (LVCVA), more than ten million tourists came to the city in July, August, and September of 2018. As great as summer in Vegas can be, it […]

What Are the Most Dangerous Places in Nevada & Why

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Whether you are visiting the state on a vacation or you were born and raised in Nevada, you undoubtedly want to keep yourself and your family safe while you are here. Nevada is a wonderful place to live, a great place to work, and fun place to relax. Of course, like anywhere else, there are […]

Nevada Motorcycle Laws (updated)

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Hundreds of motorcyclists traverse Nevada’s roads and highways every day. If operated appropriately, riding a motorcycle can be a fun and safe hobby. Unfortunately, other drivers do not always exercise the degree of care that they should while operating their vehicles. This can have devastating consequences for more vulnerable motorcycle riders, so if you or […]

Visitor Stats Vs Transportation Deaths in Las Vegas

Las Vegas continues to be a magnet, drawing over 40 million visitors from all corners of the country and the globe. In addition to our famed casinos, Las Vegas offers world-class entertainment in the form of concerts and professional sports. Millions more visit the city each year for business, whether to close deals or attend […]

Safe Holiday Traveling Around Vegas

Tips for Safe Holiday Traveling The holiday season is here, and with the Christmas trees and holiday music comes frantic shoppers, holiday travelers, and an increased risk of injury. If you’ll be traveling this holiday season, whether to your relatives’ a few miles away or a longer distance, staying safe should be a top priority. […]