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I-15 Closed for Several Hours After Semi-Truck Overturns

According to a report from News 3 Las Vegas, a significant stretch of the southbound lanes of Interstate 15 (I-15) was shut down for several hours following a semi-truck rollover accident. The incident occurred on a section of the highway just South of the City of Las Vegas. The cause of the major commercial truck accident is still under a more comprehensive investigation. Here, our Las Vegas semi-truck accident lawyer provides a comprehensive guide to tractor-trailer rollover crashes, including the risks, the causes, and the steps you should take if you are hurt in a collision.

Truck Rollovers are Often Catastrophic Accidents

A fully loaded tractor-trailer can weigh a maximum of 80,000 pounds on many roads and highways in Nevada. If a truck overturns, it can result in a devastating crash. A study published by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) finds that “an estimated 9% of all large truck crashes involve rollovers.” These crashes are disproportionately likely to cause severe injuries or fatalities. For reference, around 13,000 semi-truck rollover crashes are reported nationwide each year.

Why So Many Semi-Truck Overturn Crashes Happen in Nevada

The vast majority of semi-truck rollover accidents could have been prevented if all parties—especially the trucking company—had taken the proper safety precautions. A tractor-trailer overturn crash should always be thoroughly investigated to determine the precise cause. Some of the most common reasons why these accidents happen in Clark County include:

  • Speeding: Semi-trucks need more time to stop due to their size and weight. Speeding makes it more difficult for truckers to control the vehicle. It can lead to loss of control and rollovers.
  • Improper Loading: How cargo is loaded onto a semi-truck greatly impacts its balance and stability. If the load is unevenly distributed, the risk of a rollover rises dramatically.
  • Driver Fatigue: Truck drivers often have long, demanding routes. Fatigue can reduce a driver’s reaction time and decision-making ability—increasing the risk of an accident.
  • Poorly Maintained Vehicles: Regular maintenance of semi-trucks is crucial. Issues like worn-out tires, faulty brakes, or steering problems can contribute to rollover accidents.
  • Driver Inexperience: Handling a semi-truck requires skill and experience. Inexperienced drivers may not know how to react appropriately in certain situations.
  • Road Conditions: Slippery or uneven roads, sharp curves, and unexpected obstacles can challenge even experienced drivers. Poor conditions can contribute to rollover crashes.

What to Do If You Are Hurt in a Tractor Trailer Rollover in Las Vegas, Nevada

Were you involved in any type of semi-truck rollover accident in Las Vegas or Clark County more broadly? The immediate aftermath is stressful and chaotic. A proactive approach can make a difference. Here are some of the steps to take after a tractor-trailer rollover in Southern Nevada:

  • Stop Your Vehicle and Call Law Enforcement: Your safety comes first. If you can do so, move your vehicle to a safe spot. Then, turn off your engine and turn on your hazard lights to warn other drivers. It is crucial to stay at the scene of the semi-truck rollover crash unless you have a medical emergency. Call 911 or the police to report the crash. Officers from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) or another state/local law agency will come to the accident site to help control the scene. 
  • Document the Semi-Truck Accident: Nevada is a tort state for semi-truck accidents. Liability for a collision is based on fault—and overturned truck crashes are no exception to the rule. Use your phone to take pictures of the vehicles, road conditions, traffic signs, and any injuries. If there are witnesses, ask for their contact information. Write down what happened while it’s fresh in your memory. The more evidence you have, the better your chances to make a maximum financial recovery. 
  • Seek Prompt Medical Care for Any Injuries: Semi-truck rollover accidents can cause life-altering injuries. Truck accident victims should always be evaluated by a licensed doctor. Even if you feel okay after your crash, it is still important to get checked out. In some cases, truck accident injuries do not fully show up right away. Prompt medical attention is one of the keys to a full recovery. Beyond that, there is a legal reason to see a doctor as well. To bring a truck accident injury claim in Nevada, you must have supporting medical records.
  • Consult With a Las Vegas Truck Accident Lawyer: In the aftermath of a semi-truck crash, you may hear from a representative of the trucking company or, even more likely, an adjuster from its insurance company. Neither the trucking company nor the insurance company is on your side. The best step that you can take to protect your rights is to consult with a Las Vegas semi-truck accident lawyer right away after a crash.

Semi-Truck Accident Victims Deserve the Maximum Financial Compensation

A semi-truck rollover crash can leave injured victims with major damages—including medical bills, missed paychecks, and immense pain and suffering. In Nevada, you have the right to pursue financial relief for economic and non-economic damages after a crash. Unfortunately, you cannot rely on trucking companies or insurance carriers to look out for your rights or interests. A top-tier Las Vegas truck overturn accident lawyer can help. You may be entitled to recover for:

  • Property damage, including vehicle repairs;
  • Ambulance costs and emergency room care;
  • Hospital bills and other types of medical expenses;
  • Lost wages and loss of ability to earn a living;
  • Pain and suffering & mental anguish;
  • Long-term disability and physical disfigurement; and
  • Wrongful death of a family member.

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