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Truck Accident Lawyers

Las Vegas Truck Tire Blowout Accidents

A tire blowout, especially one involving a truck, can pose significant dangers for other drivers on the road. Even an immediate tire blowout that does not lead to an accident is dangerous. The tire blowout debris left behind on the road can cause a secondary danger from vehicles either striking or attempting to avoid striking the debris.
Vehicles commonly at risk for tire blowouts are large, heavy commercial trucks. Unfortunately, these same vehicles also pose the most danger to other drivers on the road when a tire blowout occurs. Driving next to a large 18-wheeler truck and not knowing whether one of the truck’s tires will blowout can be terrifying. And if you are in involved in a tire truck blowout accident, the effects can be devastating. The tire can hit your car and cause a severe accident or the truck can overturn causing a multi-vehicle pileup.

Whatever the situation, truck tire blowout accidents can cause significant injuries and damages. It is important that if you are injured in a truck tire blowout accident you reach out to an experienced truck accident attorney. Ladah Law Firm’s Nevada truck accident lawyers want to make sure you recover the compensation you deserve. Call us at 702.252.0055

Common Causes of Tire Blowouts

Unfortunately, as is often the case in car accidents, tire blowouts often occur because the owner of the vehicle failed to properly maintain the vehicle, and more specifically, the tires. Common causes of tire blowouts include:

  • Failure to properly maintain a vehicle in good working condition;
  • Inadequate tread depth;
  • Low tire pressure. This generates a large amount of heat, which can cause rapid tire wear and blowout. Overloading can also increase heat build-up in a tire;
  • Extreme temperatures, which make tires vulnerable to tire degradation, loss of tire pressures, flexing and stress on tire walls; and
  • Failure to avoid road debris, which punctures the tire.

Contact Ladah Law Firm’s Las Vegas Truck Tire Blowout Accident Attorney

If you have been injured in a truck tire blowout accident, an experienced Las Vegas car accident attorney can help protect your rights. The Las Vegas car accident attorneys at the Ladah Law Firm have experience helping victims obtain compensation in a variety of types of car and truck accidents. From investigating your claim to litigating your personal injury lawsuit, the Ladah Law Firm’s experienced attorneys will be with you throughout the entire process.

Contact Ladah Law Firm’s personal injury attorneys in Vegas today for a free initial consultation and case evaluation. You can call us at 702.252.0055.

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