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You Need The Right Las Vegas Semi Truck Accident Lawyer

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As a metropolis in the middle of a desert, Las Vegas relies on trucks to supply the city with daily sustenance. Trucks, following the arteries of the Interstate highway system, are in and out of the city around the clock.

Long-haul trucks, sometimes dragging two and even three trailers, have an unfair advantage over you in your Prius or even your Escalade. Even a fender bender with a large truck can have catastrophic consequences resulting in serious injuries and the total loss of your transportation.
Large commercial trucks don’t just have an unfair advantage on the road, they also come backed with a cadre of attorneys ready to prove you were at fault in the tuck accident, no matter how clear it may seem to you. Give Ladah Law Firm a call: 702-252-0055.

Tractor-trailers travel at high speeds. Drivers, pressed by their employers to meet tight deadlines, may act carelessly when changing lanes or passing another vehicle. The result? a terrifying collision and serious or fatal injuries. In 2015 alone, the number of large trucks involved in accidents across the nation was staggering.
2015 Large Truck Crash Stats

With numbers like these, it’s no wonder why so many people are finding themselves in a situation where the need the expertise of an attorney to help them recover damages caused by these accident. At Ladah Law Firm, PLLC, Attorney Ramzy Ladah represents victims of semi truck accidents — working tenaciously to help them get quality and outstanding medical care and compensation.

Contact us at 702-252-0055 for a free consultation. If you choose our firm to represent you, we will seek maximum compensation for you.

Act Today to Protect Your Rights In Your Semi Truck Accident Case

It is very important to begin the investigation promptly. After a trucking crash, debris, skid marks and other signs of impact typically get cleaned up quickly, making it more difficult to determine what really happened. To protect your ability to obtain compensation, you should get legal representation as soon as possible.

When you hire our firm, we will begin the legal effort immediately. We will work to build a strong and successful case designed to obtain maximum compensation for you.

Applying Knowledge & Resources To Your Semi Truck Accident Case

Attorney Ramzy Ladah will direct a thorough investigation of the semi truck accident. Our firm can work with a professional accident investigator who can visit the scene of the accident, inspect damaged vehicles and piece together a clear picture of what happened.

There are also a number of resources which can make the investigation of a semi truck accident easier. Under federal law, trucking companies are required to keep a number of records, including driver logs and maintenance records. In addition, most big rigs carry black boxes that can reveal additional information of use in the investigation. Attorney Ramzy Ladah will act quickly to obtain trucking company records and investigate the record of the driver. Attorney Ramzy Ladah will leave no stone unturned as he seeks results for you.

Types of Truck Crashes

Each truck accident in Vegas is unique, but there are certain types of crashes that occur more often than others, including:
Truck Rollover Accident Lawyer Case in Las Vegas

  • Truck rollovers;
  • Multi-car pile-ups;
  • Rear-end crashes;
  • T-bone collisions;
  • Underride crashes, where a smaller vehicle becomes lodged under a much larger truck;
  • Crashes caused by tire-blowouts; and
  • Jackknife accidents.

Any one of these crashes could cause life-threatening injuries, but multi-car pile-ups and underride crashes are especially dangerous, making it doubly important for victims involved in these types of accidents to retain the services of an experienced car accident attorney (like the ones at Ladah Law Firm) as soon as possible.

There are also a number of factors that significantly impact the severity of injuries sustained by victims involved in truck crashes, including:

  • The number of vehicles involved;
  • The sizes of the vehicles;
  • Whether the victims were wearing seat belts;
  • Whether the truck was carrying heavy or dangerous cargo;
  • The age and general health of the injured parties; and
  • The speed at which the vehicles were traveling.

Any of these factors could make the difference between a minor and life-threatening injury. The cause of the accident often dictates where the truck impacts the other vehicle which also affects the outcome of the wreck.
2015 Large Truck Impact Points

Las Vegas Semi Truck Accident Causes and Common Injuries

Although both federal and state law require truck drivers to adhere to certain rules regarding hours of service, cargo loading, and safety procedures, many choose to ignore those regulations and:

  • Drive while under the influence;
  • Improperly load cargo;
  • Drive while distracted;
  • Drive while fatigued; and
  • Speed.

If an injured party can establish that a truck driver exhibited this type of negligence and so caused a crash, he or she may be able to collect compensation for the harm suffered. This is especially important in semi cases because the injuries tend to be much more severe than those sustained in crashes involving standard sized vehicles and can be significantly more expensive to treat. For example, a truck’s impact with another vehicle or object can cause heavy cargo, such as cement pipes to spill onto the road, causing additional collisions and injuries. Most semi trucks are also equipped with larger gas tanks that are more prone to explode after an impact.

Large Truck Crashes by Type
Depending on the circumstances, injuries caused by truck crashes can range from crushed bones and severe lacerations to traumatic brain injury, paralysis or even death. Other common injuries include:

  • Fractured bones: Because of the more forceful impact associated with crashes involving semi-trucks, dislocations and fractures are more likely to be sustained by victims. Especially severe breaks may require surgery and months of physical therapy.
  • Lacerations: Deep cuts from flying debris are also more common in crashes involving large trucks and may require sutures, staples, or surgery to fully heal.
  • Spine and neck damage: The more severe impact caused by a collision with a larger truck can cause an injured party’s head to snap forward at a great speed, which in turn, can result in whiplash, herniated disks, and nerve damage. In some cases, spine and neck injuries can be treated through surgery and physical therapy. Unfortunately, serious injuries can also result in permanent paralysis.
  • Brain trauma: Trauma to the skull and brain can cause a range of problems, some of which can even be permanent, including memory loss and paralysis.
  • Burns: Explosions are more likely to occur in crashes involving trucks not only due to the larger gas tanks, but also because many trucks transport toxic and flammable materials. Burns are extremely painful, can easily become infected, and may require multiple skin grafts, which can leave permanent scars.

These types of injuries are extremely painful and can leave victims permanently disfigured. Treatment often requires painful reconstructive surgeries and long-term physical therapy. Some injuries can even leave victims more susceptible to contracting serious infections and illnesses, such as pneumonia.

Potential Damages

Damages from a truck wreck
Treating these types of truck collision-related injuries can be extremely expensive and may require victims to foot the bill for:

  • Emergency transport and treatment;
  • Doctor’s appointments;
  • Diagnostic tests;
  • Prescription medications;
  • Emergency and reconstructive surgeries; and
  • Physical therapy.

Paying for medical bills can be all but impossible for some injured parties, especially for those who are unable to return to work for months due to their injuries. Furthermore, health insurance does not always cover the entire amount of a person’s medical bills, meaning that an injured party may need to pay out-of-pocket costs for additional therapies, medications, and nursing assistance.  

Fortunately, victims of another person’s negligence can obtain compensation for their losses. With the help of a truck accident attorney in Vegas, these compensations could include:

  • Medical costs;
  • Lost wages;
  • Loss of future income;
  • Property damage; and
  • Pain and suffering.

The pain and suffering endured by a Las Vegas, NV truck crash victim could be severe and may even be life-long. This physical pain is also often accompanied by emotional distress, which can be extremely debilitating and prevent a victim from moving on after the crash. Because truck crashes are so violent, many who are injured in these types of accidents suffer stress-related symptoms. This is especially true for young children and those who lost a loved one as a result of the crash. Some of the most common symptoms of emotional distress include:

  • Insomnia;
  • Mood swings;
  • Flashbacks;
  • Depression;
  • Severe anxiety; and
  • Memory problems.

Emotional distress can make it difficult for a victim to hold down a job or even to operate a vehicle, which in turn, can contribute to his or her physical and financial struggles. Fortunately, injured parties can seek help from therapists, doctors, and religious leaders, who may be able to offer some relief. However, these services are not cheap and may cost thousands of dollars over a period of years.

Seeking Representation

However, it is important to keep in mind that large commercial trucks don’t just have an unfair advantage on the road, they also come backed with a cadre of attorneys ready to prove you were at fault in the semi accident, no matter how clear it may seem to you. Give the Las Vegas semi truck accident attorneys at Ladah Law Firm a call: 702-252-0055.

Taking On Goliath With Experienced Las Vegas Semi Accident Lawyers

The liable parties for a commercial truck may include the driver, the owner of the truck, and the maintenance company. Each will have insurance companies with attorneys to represent them. It may seem like you don’t have a chance. Relax.

Ladah Law Firm, PLLC has the experience and knowledge to help you receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries and losses. The law is a great equalizer in cases like this. Since we know our law, you are the same size as Goliath. By paying attention to every detail, we are able to present a case that is in line with actual events. If we need to, we can even bring in a semi collision reconstruction expert.

Federal Regulation

Because interstate commerce and the transportation of goods is so important to the American economy and the safety of its citizens, both Nevada and federal law require that truck drivers adhere to specific regulations. Failing to follow these rules can have devastating consequences for other drivers and passengers who may be injured as a result. In Nevada, truck drivers must adhere to regulations concerning:

  • The maximum time that drivers can spend on the road;
  • Limits as to the weight that trucks of various size can transport;
  • How specific types of cargo should be loaded prior to transport;
  • Proper maintenance;
  • Safety protocols;
  • How to carefully operate a truck; and
  • How and when cargo should be inspected.

Additionally, based on standards published by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) commercial truck drivers:

  • Cannot begin a shift without having had a minimum of ten consecutive hours off duty;
  • Are only permitted to drive 11 hours out of each 14 hour shift;
  • Cannot drive a truck if they have been on duty for 60 hours within the last seven days;
  • Cannot operate a truck if they have been driving for 70 hours in an eight day period; and
  • Are not allowed to drive a truck for more than eight hours without taking a rest break of at least 30 minutes.

Regulating hours of service plays an important role in preventing driver fatigue and resulting accidents. Unfortunately, some drivers or trucking companies ignore these rules, which can have tragic results.

Securing Cargo

Another heavily regulated area in commercial transportation is the proper securement of cargo. These regulations are in large part a response to the unique danger that heavy load carrying trucks pose to other drivers. According to the regulations, all cargo must be firmly immobilized on or within a vehicle by appropriate materials, such as shoring bars and tiedowns. The number of restraints used is strictly dictated by the size of the cargo. For example, drivers must use at least one tiedown for cargo that is five feet or less in length and less than 1,100 pounds. The number of tiedowns that must be utilized goes up as the weight and length of the cargo item increases. Furthermore, cargo that is likely to roll must be secured with wedges and other special tools that prevent spills.

In recognition that certain cargo poses a serious danger to others if a rollover were to occur, the FMCSA has also adopted special securement requirements for certain commodities, including:

  • Logs;
  • Dressed lumber, packaged lumber, and building materials, such as plywood;
  • Metal coils that weigh more than 5,000 pounds;
  • Paper rolls that weigh 5,000 pounds or more;
  • Concrete pipes;
  • Freight containers;
  • Automobiles and light trucks, which weigh 10,000 pounds or less individually;
  • Heavy vehicles, equipment, or machinery, such as bulldozers, tractors, and power shovels that weigh more than 10,000 pounds each; and
  • Large boulders, which includes large pieces of natural, irregularly shaped rock that weigh more than 5,000 pounds.

These cargo rules are extremely important and a driver’s failure to adhere to them could open him or her up to liability for any resulting injuries.

State Regulation

Drivers of commercial trucks are also subject to stricter alcohol regulation. For instance, most drivers cannot operate a vehicle if they have a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08 or more. Truck drivers, on the other hand, are not permitted to report for duty, remain on duty, or drive if they have a BAC of 0.04 or greater, which is significantly lower than that required for other drivers.

In addition to the federal regulations, Nevada law also regulates:

For example, drivers of commercial trucks must have a commercial driver’s license and be over the age of 21 years old to participate in interstate commerce or transport passengers or hazardous materials. If a truck is 70 feet or longer, the driver must be at least 25 years old to legally operate it.

What You Need To Do After Your Las Vegas Semi Truck Accident

Of course, your first priority is to get well, to recover from your injuries. If you need help with that, we have physicians and medical facilities that can help you without payment until you receive your settlement. As soon as you are able, give us a call so we can start working on your case. By now the trucking consortium has begun their countersuit to a claim you haven’t even filed yet. The sooner you call us the better.

Because we know the details and intricacies of the law in Las Vegas semi accident cases, we can enter any negotiations or legal proceedings with confidence. After all, your life is on the line. We know it is more than money we are fighting for, we are fighting for your future. Trucks are giant and dangerous, and if you are in a wreck with one you deserve the right representation.

Give Ladah Law Firm a call today for a free initial consultation and let’s get started.

Checklist of Steps to Take After a Collision With a Truck near Las Vegas, Nevada

Those who have been involved in an accident involving a large truck may feel stunned and powerless after the crash. However, there are certain steps that injured parties can take that will give them a better chance at recovery during settlement or at trial, including:

  • ✓ – Immediately contacting emergency responders, who can help any injured parties obtain treatment as soon as possible. Because truck crashes are so violent, many victims are unable to escape from their vehicles and require the aid of firemen. Time is of the essence in these situations, making it especially important to contact the appropriate authorities.
  • ✓ – Giving a local law enforcement officer an official statement regarding the course of events. This allows victims to explain what happened while the details are still fresh. The officer’s report will also constitute powerful evidence if the parties go to trial at a later date.
  • ✓ – Obtaining contact information from the parties involved, including names, addresses, drivers’ license numbers, the name of the trucking company, phone numbers, and insurance information. It is also important to collect contact information from any witnesses who saw the crash.
  • ✓ – Taking pictures of all property damage, the scene of the crash, and physical injuries.
  • ✓ – Requesting copies of medical records, such as bills, photographs, and a doctor’s description of the victim’s injuries. It’s also a good idea to request a copy of the police report.

Establishing Liability

To prove that a truck driver is liable for a crash, the injured party must provide evidence demonstrating that:

  • The truck driver owed the injured party the duty to exercise reasonable care;
  • The truck driver breached that duty; and
  • The plaintiff was injured as a result of the breach.

However, driver negligence is not always the only cause of a crash. Mechanics, truck manufacturers, and trucking companies can all be held responsible for negligent actions such as:

  • Failing to provide appropriate training to drivers;
  • Failing to enforce regulations;
  • Negligent hiring;
  • Manufacturing defective vehicle parts; and
  • Performing improper vehicle maintenance.

A manufacturer of hazardous materials can also be held liable for the cost of injuries sustained by a victim if it failed to warn the truck driver of the specific dangers associated with transporting a product, such as a flammable chemical, and a victim suffered burns as a result.  

Although most truck crashes involve a driver or trucking company’s negligence, in some cases, the defective design of the truck or one of its parts is to blame in causing a crash. In these cases, the truck part’s manufacturer, distributor, and even the retail seller can be held liable if the defect was a result of their negligent manufacturing, design, or shipping.

Because truck drivers are so highly regulated, establishing that a driver improperly loaded cargo or that a trucking company failed to enforce appropriate safety protocol can be less difficult than in other types of car accidents cases. However, many truck crashes involve the negligence of multiple parties, which can be more difficult to establish.

Other Negligent Drivers

Truck driver negligence
Vegas Semi accidents can also be caused by another driver’s negligence when driving near a semi-truck. Such actions could include:

  • Abruptly changing lanes in front of a truck;
  • Driving in areas behind and beside a truck where the driver has little to no visibility of other vehicles;
  • Driving between two large trucks;
  • Improper passing, which can cause a driver to be blown out of position by air turbulence created by much larger trucks traveling at high speeds; and
  • Failing to move a disabled vehicle off of the road.

Negligent actions of this nature can cause a chain reaction that eventually results in a crash involving many injured parties. These types of multi-car pile-ups are especially deadly due to the repeated impacts involved.  

Modified Comparative Fault

Injured parties who were partly at fault in causing an accident can still recover a portion of their losses. This is because Nevada adheres to the legal theory of modified comparative fault, which simply means that the recoverable amount will be decreased by the injured party’s percentage of fault. However, if an injured party was more at fault than the other driver, he or she will be barred from recovery. This system guarantees that victims who may have been partially at fault in causing an accident are still able to obtain the medical care and support that they need.

Maximum Compensation For Semi Truck Accident Victims

If you or a loved one has been in an accident caused by an 18 wheeler, you face a long and difficult recovery. Our firm will be with you all the way. We will work to help you get medical care, rehabilitation services — and maximum compensation for your losses.

Free Consultation — Get Legal Help Today

For a free consultation with Attorney Ramzy Ladah at Ladah Law Firm, PLLC, about a semi truck accident case, contact our firm.

Contact a Las Vegas Semi Truck Accident Lawyer Today

Las Vegas Accident Lawyer Representation
Truck crashes can have devastating physical, emotional, and financial consequences for victims and their families. Injuries sustained in truck crashes are unusually horrific and can leave an injured party permanently disabled or scarred. Injured parties may be required to take months or years off of work in order to heal and in some tragic situations, may be unable to work for the rest of their lives. Spouses, partners, and relatives may also need to take time off from their jobs to assist with medical care, transportation to and from appointments, and everyday tasks, such as bathing, preparing meals, and dressing. All of these factors can take a substantial financial toll on victims who may also be required to pay for thousands of dollars worth of surgeries and physical therapy, so if you were injured or lost a loved one as a result of a truck crash, contact the Ladah Law Firm, PLLC to schedule a consultation with an experienced semi accident lawyer who can help you collect the compensation you deserve. Just call us at.702-252-0055 

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