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You Need The Right Las Vegas Semi Truck Accident Lawyer


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As a metropolis in the middle of a desert, Las Vegas relies on trucks to supply the city with daily sustenance. Trucks, following the arteries of the Interstate highway system, are in and out of the city around the clock.

Long-haul trucks, sometimes dragging two and even three trailers, have an unfair advantage over you in your Prius or even your Escalade. Even a fender bender with a large truck can have catastrophic consequences resulting in serious injuries and the total loss of your transportation.
Large commercial trucks don’t just have an unfair advantage on the road, they also come backed with a cadre of attorneys ready to prove you were at fault in the tuck accident, no matter how clear it may seem to you. Give Ladah Law Firm a call: 702-252-0055.

Tractor-trailers travel at high speeds. Drivers, pressed by their employers to meet tight deadlines, may act carelessly when changing lanes or passing another vehicle. The result? a terrifying collision and serious or fatal injuries. In 2015 alone, the number of large trucks involved in accidents across the nation was staggering.
2015 Large Truck Crash Stats

With numbers like these, it’s no wonder why so many people are finding themselves in a situation where the need the expertise of an attorney to help them recover damages caused by these accident. At Ladah Law Firm, PLLC, Attorney Ramzy Ladah represents victims of semi truck accidents — working tenaciously to help them get quality and outstanding medical care and compensation.

Contact us at 702-252-0055 for a free consultation. If you choose our firm to represent you, we will seek maximum compensation for you.

Act Today to Protect Your Rights In Your Semi Truck Accident Case

It is very important to begin the investigation promptly. After a trucking crash, debris, skid marks and other signs of impact typically get cleaned up quickly, making it more difficult to determine what really happened. To protect your ability to obtain compensation, you should get legal representation as soon as possible.

When you hire our firm, we will begin the legal effort immediately. We will work to build a strong and successful case designed to obtain maximum compensation for you.

Applying Knowledge & Resources To Your Semi Truck Accident Case

Attorney Ramzy Ladah will direct a thorough investigation of the semi truck accident. Our firm can work with a professional accident investigator who can visit the scene of the accident, inspect damaged vehicles and piece together a clear picture of what happened.

There are also a number of resources which can make the investigation of a semi truck accident easier. Under federal law, trucking companies are required to keep a number of records, including driver logs and maintenance records. In addition, most big rigs carry black boxes that can reveal additional information of use in the investigation. Attorney Ramzy Ladah will act quickly to obtain trucking company records and investigate the record of the driver. Attorney Ramzy Ladah will leave no stone unturned as he seeks results for you.

Types of Truck Crashes

Each truck accident in Vegas is unique, but there are certain types of crashes that occur more often than others, including:
Truck Rollover Accident Lawyer Case in Las Vegas

  • Truck rollovers;
  • Multi-car pile-ups;
  • Rear-end crashes;
  • T-bone collisions;
  • Underride crashes, where a smaller vehicle becomes lodged under a much larger truck;
  • Crashes caused by tire-blowouts; and
  • Jackknife accidents.

Any one of these crashes could cause life-threatening injuries, but multi-car pile-ups and underride crashes are especially dangerous, making it doubly important for victims involved in these types of accidents to retain the services of an experienced car accident attorney (like the ones at Ladah Law Firm) as soon as possible.

There are also a number of factors that significantly impact the severity of injuries sustained by victims involved in truck crashes, including:

  • The number of vehicles involved;
  • The sizes of the vehicles;
  • Whether the victims were wearing seat belts;
  • Whether the truck was carrying heavy or dangerous cargo;
  • The age and general health of the injured parties; and
  • The speed at which the vehicles were traveling.

Any of these factors could make the difference between a minor and life-threatening injury. The cause of the accident often dictates where the truck impacts the other vehicle which also affects the outcome of the wreck.
2015 Large Truck Impact Points

Las Vegas Semi Truck Accident Causes and Common Injuries

Although both federal and state law require truck drivers to adhere to certain rules regarding hours of service, cargo loading, and safety procedures, many choose to ignore those regulations and:

  • Drive while under the influence;
  • Improperly load cargo;
  • Drive while distracted;
  • Drive while fatigued; and
  • Speed.

If an injured party can establish that a truck driver exhibited this type of negligence and so caused a crash, he or she may be able to collect compensation for the harm suffered. This is especially important in semi cases because the injuries tend to be much more severe than those sustained in crashes involving standard sized vehicles and can be significantly more expensive to treat. For example, a truck’s impact with another vehicle or object can cause heavy cargo, such as cement pipes to spill onto the road, causing additional collisions and injuries. Most semi trucks are also equipped with larger gas tanks that are more prone to explode after an impact.

Large Truck Crashes by Type
Depending on the circumstances, injuries caused by truck crashes can range from crushed bones and severe lacerations to traumatic brain injury, paralysis or even death. Other common injuries include:

  • Fractured bones: Because of the more forceful impact associated with crashes involving semi-trucks, dislocations and fractures are more likely to be sustained by victims. Especially severe breaks may require surgery and months of physical therapy.
  • Lacerations: Deep cuts from flying debris are also more common in crashes involving large trucks and may require sutures, staples, or surgery to fully heal.
  • Spine and neck damage: The more severe impact caused by a collision with a larger truck can cause an injured party’s head to snap forward at a great speed, which in turn, can result in whiplash, herniated disks, and nerve damage. In some cases, spine and neck injuries can be treated through surgery and physical therapy. Unfortunately, serious injuries can also result in permanent paralysis.
  • Brain trauma: Trauma to the skull and brain can cause a range of problems, some of which can even be permanent, including memory loss and paralysis.
  • Burns: Explosions are more likely to occur in crashes involving trucks not only due to the larger gas tanks, but also because many trucks transport toxic and flammable materials. Burns are extremely painful, can easily become infected, and may require multiple skin grafts, which can leave permanent scars.

These types of injuries are extremely painful and can leave victims permanently disfigured. Treatment often requires painful reconstructive surgeries and long-term physical therapy. Some injuries can even leave victims more susceptible to contracting serious infections and illnesses, such as pneumonia.

Potential Damages

Damages from a truck wreck
Treating these types of truck collision-related injuries can be extremely expensive and may require victims to foot the bill for:

  • Emergency transport and treatment;
  • Doctor’s appointments;
  • Diagnostic tests;
  • Prescription medications;
  • Emergency and reconstructive surgeries; and
  • Physical therapy.

Paying for medical bills can be all but impossible for some injured parties, especially for those who are unable to return to work for months due to their injuries. Furthermore, health insurance does not always cover the entire amount of a person’s medical bills, meaning that an injured party may need to pay out-of-pocket costs for additional therapies, medications, and nursing assistance.  

Fortunately, victims of another person’s negligence can obtain compensation for their losses. With the help of a truck accident attorney in Vegas, these compensations could include:

  • Medical costs;
  • Lost wages;
  • Loss of future income;
  • Property damage; and
  • Pain and suffering.

The pain and suffering endured by a Las Vegas, NV truck crash victim could be severe and may even be life-long. This physical pain is also often accompanied by emotional distress, which can be extremely debilitating and prevent a victim from moving on after the crash. Because truck crashes are so violent, many who are injured in these types of accidents suffer stress-related symptoms. This is especially true for young children and those who lost a loved one as a result of the crash. Some of the most common symptoms of emotional distress include:

  • Insomnia;
  • Mood swings;
  • Flashbacks;
  • Depression;
  • Severe anxiety; and
  • Memory problems.

Emotional distress can make it difficult for a victim to hold down a job or even to operate a vehicle, which in turn, can contribute to his or her physical and financial struggles. Fortunately, injured parties can seek help from therapists, doctors, and religious leaders, who may be able to offer some relief. However, these services are not cheap and may cost thousands of dollars over a period of years.

Seeking Representation

However, it is important to keep in mind that large commercial trucks don’t just have an unfair advantage on the road, they also come backed with a cadre of attorneys ready to prove you were at fault in the semi accident, no matter how clear it may seem to you. Give the Las Vegas semi truck accident attorneys at Ladah Law Firm a call: 702-252-0055.

Taking On Goliath With Experienced Las Vegas Semi Accident Lawyers

The liable parties for a commercial truck may include the driver, the owner of the truck, and the maintenance company. Each will have insurance companies with attorneys to represent them. It may seem like you don’t have a chance. Relax.

Ladah Law Firm, PLLC has the experience and knowledge to help you receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries and losses. The law is a great equalizer in cases like this. Since we know our law, you are the same size as Goliath. By paying attention to every detail, we are able to present a case that is in line with actual events. If we need to, we can even bring in a semi collision reconstruction expert.

Federal Regulation

Because interstate commerce and the transportation of goods is so important to the American economy and the safety of its citizens, both Nevada and federal law require that truck drivers adhere to specific regulations. Failing to follow these rules can have devastating consequences for other drivers and passengers who may be injured as a result. In Nevada, truck drivers must adhere to regulations concerning:

  • The maximum time that drivers can spend on the road;
  • Limits as to the weight that trucks of various size can transport;
  • How specific types of cargo should be loaded prior to transport;
  • Proper maintenance;
  • Safety protocols;
  • How to carefully operate a truck; and
  • How and when cargo should be inspected.

Additionally, based on standards published by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) commercial truck drivers:

  • Cannot begin a shift without having had a minimum of ten consecutive hours off duty;
  • Are only permitted to drive 11 hours out of each 14 hour shift;
  • Cannot drive a truck if they have been on duty for 60 hours within the last seven days;
  • Cannot operate a truck if they have been driving for 70 hours in an eight day period; and
  • Are not allowed to drive a truck for more than eight hours without taking a rest break of at least 30 minutes.

Regulating hours of service plays an important role in preventing driver fatigue and resulting accidents. Unfortunately, some drivers or trucking companies ignore these rules, which can have tragic results.

Securing Cargo

Another heavily regulated area in commercial transportation is the proper securement of cargo. These regulations are in large part a response to the unique danger that heavy load carrying trucks pose to other drivers. According to the regulations, all cargo must be firmly immobilized on or within a vehicle by appropriate materials, such as shoring bars and tiedowns. The number of restraints used is strictly dictated by the size of the cargo. For example, drivers must use at least one tiedown for cargo that is five feet or less in length and less than 1,100 pounds. The number of tiedowns that must be utilized goes up as the weight and length of the cargo item increases. Furthermore, cargo that is likely to roll must be secured with wedges and other special tools that prevent spills.

In recognition that certain cargo poses a serious danger to others if a rollover were to occur, the FMCSA has also adopted special securement requirements for certain commodities, including:

  • Logs;
  • Dressed lumber, packaged lumber, and building materials, such as plywood;
  • Metal coils that weigh more than 5,000 pounds;
  • Paper rolls that weigh 5,000 pounds or more;
  • Concrete pipes;
  • Freight containers;
  • Automobiles and light trucks, which weigh 10,000 pounds or less individually;
  • Heavy vehicles, equipment, or machinery, such as bulldozers, tractors, and power shovels that weigh more than 10,000 pounds each; and
  • Large boulders, which includes large pieces of natural, irregularly shaped rock that weigh more than 5,000 pounds.

These cargo rules are extremely important and a driver’s failure to adhere to them could open him or her up to liability for any resulting injuries.

State Regulation

Drivers of commercial trucks are also subject to stricter alcohol regulation. For instance, most drivers cannot operate a vehicle if they have a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08 or more. Truck drivers, on the other hand, are not permitted to report for duty, remain on duty, or drive if they have a BAC of 0.04 or greater, which is significantly lower than that required for other drivers.

In addition to the federal regulations, Nevada law also regulates:

  • Cargo weight limits;
  • Maintenance and truck repair; and
  • Driver eligibility.

For example, drivers of commercial trucks must have a commercial driver’s license and be over the age of 21 years old to participate in interstate commerce or transport passengers or hazardous materials. If a truck is 70 feet or longer, the driver must be at least 25 years old to legally operate it.

What You Need To Do After Your Las Vegas Semi Truck Accident

Of course, your first priority is to get well, to recover from your injuries. If you need help with that, we have physicians and medical facilities that can help you without payment until you receive your settlement. As soon as you are able, give us a call so we can start working on your case. By now the trucking consortium has begun their countersuit to a claim you haven’t even filed yet. The sooner you call us the better.

Because we know the details and intricacies of the law in Las Vegas semi accident cases, we can enter any negotiations or legal proceedings with confidence. After all, your life is on the line. We know it is more than money we are fighting for, we are fighting for your future. Trucks are giant and dangerous, and if you are in a wreck with one you deserve the right representation.

Give Ladah Law Firm a call today for a free initial consultation and let’s get started.

Checklist of Steps to Take After a Collision With a Truck near Las Vegas, Nevada

Those who have been involved in an accident involving a large truck may feel stunned and powerless after the crash. However, there are certain steps that injured parties can take that will give them a better chance at recovery during settlement or at trial, including:

  • ✓ – Immediately contacting emergency responders, who can help any injured parties obtain treatment as soon as possible. Because truck crashes are so violent, many victims are unable to escape from their vehicles and require the aid of firemen. Time is of the essence in these situations, making it especially important to contact the appropriate authorities.
  • ✓ – Giving a local law enforcement officer an official statement regarding the course of events. This allows victims to explain what happened while the details are still fresh. The officer’s report will also constitute powerful evidence if the parties go to trial at a later date.
  • ✓ – Obtaining contact information from the parties involved, including names, addresses, drivers’ license numbers, the name of the trucking company, phone numbers, and insurance information. It is also important to collect contact information from any witnesses who saw the crash.
  • ✓ – Taking pictures of all property damage, the scene of the crash, and physical injuries.
  • ✓ – Requesting copies of medical records, such as bills, photographs, and a doctor’s description of the victim’s injuries. It’s also a good idea to request a copy of the police report.

Establishing Liability

To prove that a truck driver is liable for a crash, the injured party must provide evidence demonstrating that:

  • The truck driver owed the injured party the duty to exercise reasonable care;
  • The truck driver breached that duty; and
  • The plaintiff was injured as a result of the breach.

However, driver negligence is not always the only cause of a crash. Mechanics, truck manufacturers, and trucking companies can all be held responsible for negligent actions such as:

  • Failing to provide appropriate training to drivers;
  • Failing to enforce regulations;
  • Negligent hiring;
  • Manufacturing defective vehicle parts; and
  • Performing improper vehicle maintenance.

A manufacturer of hazardous materials can also be held liable for the cost of injuries sustained by a victim if it failed to warn the truck driver of the specific dangers associated with transporting a product, such as a flammable chemical, and a victim suffered burns as a result.  

Although most truck crashes involve a driver or trucking company’s negligence, in some cases, the defective design of the truck or one of its parts is to blame in causing a crash. In these cases, the truck part’s manufacturer, distributor, and even the retail seller can be held liable if the defect was a result of their negligent manufacturing, design, or shipping.

Because truck drivers are so highly regulated, establishing that a driver improperly loaded cargo or that a trucking company failed to enforce appropriate safety protocol can be less difficult than in other types of car accidents cases. However, many truck crashes involve the negligence of multiple parties, which can be more difficult to establish.

Other Negligent Drivers

Truck driver negligence
Vegas Semi accidents can also be caused by another driver’s negligence when driving near a semi-truck. Such actions could include:

  • Abruptly changing lanes in front of a truck;
  • Driving in areas behind and beside a truck where the driver has little to no visibility of other vehicles;
  • Driving between two large trucks;
  • Improper passing, which can cause a driver to be blown out of position by air turbulence created by much larger trucks traveling at high speeds; and
  • Failing to move a disabled vehicle off of the road.

Negligent actions of this nature can cause a chain reaction that eventually results in a crash involving many injured parties. These types of multi-car pile-ups are especially deadly due to the repeated impacts involved.  

Modified Comparative Fault

Injured parties who were partly at fault in causing an accident can still recover a portion of their losses. This is because Nevada adheres to the legal theory of modified comparative fault, which simply means that the recoverable amount will be decreased by the injured party’s percentage of fault. However, if an injured party was more at fault than the other driver, he or she will be barred from recovery. This system guarantees that victims who may have been partially at fault in causing an accident are still able to obtain the medical care and support that they need.

Maximum Compensation For Semi Truck Accident Victims

truck accident 10 rating from AVVO

If you or a loved one has been in an accident caused by an 18 wheeler, you face a long and difficult recovery. Our firm will be with you all the way. We will work to help you get medical care, rehabilitation services — and maximum compensation for your losses.

Free Consultation — Get Legal Help Today

For a free consultation with Attorney Ramzy Ladah at Ladah Law Firm, PLLC, about a semi truck accident case, contact our firm.

Contact a Las Vegas Semi Truck Accident Lawyer Today

Las Vegas Accident Lawyer Representation
Truck crashes can have devastating physical, emotional, and financial consequences for victims and their families. Injuries sustained in truck crashes are unusually horrific and can leave an injured party permanently disabled or scarred. Injured parties may be required to take months or years off of work in order to heal and in some tragic situations, may be unable to work for the rest of their lives. Spouses, partners, and relatives may also need to take time off from their jobs to assist with medical care, transportation to and from appointments, and everyday tasks, such as bathing, preparing meals, and dressing. All of these factors can take a substantial financial toll on victims who may also be required to pay for thousands of dollars worth of surgeries and physical therapy, so if you were injured or lost a loved one as a result of a truck crash, contact the Ladah Law Firm, PLLC to schedule a consultation with an experienced semi accident lawyer who can help you collect the compensation you deserve. Just call us at.702-252-0055 

Common Questions Related to Las Vegas Truck Accidents

Find Out More - Call: 702.252.0055

Common Types & Causes of Truck Accidents

Courier Delivery Driver Accidents
Garbage Truck Accidents
Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Accidents
Truck Jackknife Accidents
Loose Cargo Accidents
Truck Lost Load Accidents
Truck Blind Spot Accidents
Overloaded Truck Trailer Accidents
Truck Rollover Accidents
Truck Tire Blowout Accidents
Truck Underride Accidents

Click on one of the tabs above to learn more about different types of trucking accidents.

Truck Accident Lawyers

Courier And Delivery Truck Accidents

Delivery truck drivers are paid to deliver goods to their destinations on strict deadlines. Unfortunately, this need for “efficiency” often overshadows safety concerns. The need for speed to meet deadlines can end up pushing drivers into speeding and/or trying to multitask while they’re driving. This endangers everyone on the roads and highways is endangered when this occurs. When drivers, pedestrians and other innocent people are injured because of delivery truck driver negligence, it is important that accountability is bolstered and that the injured victims are awarded compensation to heal in the best possible way. Call us: 702-252-0055.

That said, insurance companies have the bottom line firmly in view; in practice, they will do everything they can do limit or deny compensation outright. If you or someone close to you has been injured as a result of a delivery truck, you need someone looking out for you, your rights and your future.

Imagine you’re crossing the intersection at West tropicana and South Decatur Blvd, thinking because you’re a pedestrian people will slow down & ultimately stop for you but they don’t & you get hit by a UPS truck. You’d think that if you crossed the street in a crosswalk, motorists would take notice & stop for you. Unfortunately, that’s often not the case for many. In fact, if people will not stop in Vegas for a police officer dressed up as a bright green leprechaun, they probably won’t stop for you either. This includes, Fed Ex, UPS, pizza & other food delivery drivers, home service providers, etc, etc. the lift of courier drivers who are all on a time crunch, in a hurry & potentially not paying close enough attention to the road is nearly endless. Unfortunately the sad truth in Vegas is that it’s a very dangerous place to be for pedestrians and courier drivers are no exception to this rule.

However, it’s not always the courier driver’s fault either. They are not the only dangerous truck drivers on the road. Imagine you’re in their shoes, trying to get your route done on time but YOU’RE following all the rules, not speeding, paying attention to the road. This time, a semi-truck driver pulls out in front of you & kills you. Unfortunately these situations happen also and there are dangerous truck drivers (as well as drivers of every type of automobile) all over the roads & Vegas certainly is not exempt from the perils of the road & inattentive courier & other truck drivers.

Our Las Vegas truck accident attorneys are here for you.

Because our head lawyer Ramzy Ladah has extensive experience as an insurance defense attorney prior to advocating for accident victims’ rights, he is intimately familiar with insurance company tactics. He and our team will bring our experience to work on any commercial vehicle accident, including:

  • Garbage trucks
  • Construction vehicles
  • Cement trucks
  • FedEx trucks
  • UPS trucks
  • Delivery vans
  • Semitrucks
  • Commercial delivery trucks
  • Company vehicle or trucks


Call Today to Schedule a Free Initial Consultation To Discuss Courier Vehicle Accidents With A Las Vegas, Nevada Delivery Truck Accident Lawyer

Injury accident attorney Ramzy Ladah will act quickly to help you secure a full recovery for your current and future medical needs. Contact our law firm today to schedule a free initial consultation.

Las Vegas Garbage Truck And Disposal Truck Accident Lawyers

Picking up the trash should not result in injuries or deaths to loved ones. While garbage pickup is a necessary service provided to the public, it needs to be performed with safety in mind. Too often, garbage and disposal companies perform their duties in a sloppy or unsafe manner with a theme of profits over people in the Las Vegas valley. Garbage and disposal truck drivers often drive recklessly and fail to observe speed limits and traffic laws. Call us today: 702-252-0055.

Drivers of trucks of major garbage and disposal companies like Republic Services, Evergreen Recycling, J & B Hauling and others can make major errors resulting in injuries or deaths. If you or your loved one has been injured as a result of garbage truck driver error accident or negligence, call Attorney Ramzy Ladah at Ladah Law Firm, PLLC today for a free consultation.

Overworked Employees and Bad Company Policies in Green Valley, Spring Valley, Summerlin and Surrounding Areas

When employees and drivers are overworked or do not get enough sleep, as a result of strict and aggressive company sick and work policies, poor driving can result. This can lead to bad decisions on the road which can result in severe collisions, pedestrian accidents, or other types of accidents in Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin and surrounding areas.

Due to their early shift, garbage truck drivers regularly do not get enough sleep or go to work intoxicated from the night before, resulting in drunk driver accidents in garbage trucks. Such accidents can be deadly, resulting in severe injuries from spinal cord injuries and paralysis, to limb amputations, to back, hip and shoulder injuries, burn injuries, and every other type of injury.

Recover Full, Fair and Proper Compensation

Fortunately, garbage and disposal truck companies have deep pockets meaning plenty of insurance money to go after. Victims of accidents with trucks and other vehicles of such companies often recover very large, even seven-figure, verdicts that they deserve and need to put their lives back together.

Has your life been ruined by the negligence of a garbage or disposal truck in Clark County? If so,contact Attorney Ramzy Ladah at Ladah Law Firm, PLLC today for a free consultation. My objective is to recover maximum compensation for clients of garbage truck accidents, and our firm does whatever it takes to fight the insurance companies and insurance defense attorneys.

We represent injured clients in and around the Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, State Line, Pahrump, Boulder City, Spring Valley, the 93, 95, 15 and 215 freeways and all other communities in Clark County, Nevada.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation In Las Vegas


Emergency Medical Transportation Accidents and Negligence

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation companies in Las Vegas, such as Nevada MediCar, MediCoach, HealthTrans and other companies often employ inexperienced and untrained drivers. When accidents occur during the transportation of medical patients, disabled individuals, their family members, nurses, staff, security guards, or others, the results can be detrimental.

If you have been injured as the result of the acts or inactions of a non-emergency transportation driver or company, call Attorney Ramzy Ladah at Ladah Law Firm, PLLC today at 702-252-0055.

Emergency Medical Transportation Accidents and Negligence

Emergency Medical Transporters, including ambulances of companies such as American Medical Response (AMR), MedicWest Ambulance, Mercy Ambulance and others have to follow specific procedures and regulations in order to avoid injuring their passengers and passengers of other vehicles on the road. Failure to do so often results in serious life-threatening injuries or deaths on public roads.

Drivers of such vehicles also have a duty to properly secure patients and carry patients in and out of the vehicle safely without dropping them. If you were dropped by paramedics or drivers carrying you in or out of a medical transportation vehicle, contact Ramzy Ladah at Ladah Law Firm, PLLC today for a free consultation.

Poor Drivers

Drivers of Ambulances and Non-Emergency medical vehicles often drive recklessly and erratically, resulting in injuries to passengers. Such drivers have a duty to ensure that all passengers, including patients and hospital staff, are safely buckled in and in a regular seat before they even begin moving the vehicle.

When these drivers are in a hurry, or when the company is under-staffed and overworked, the drivers can make careless errors resulting in serious injuries. Drivers often fail to properly restrain passengers, including wheelchair-bound patients, resulting in falls or collisions within the vehicle. Drivers also often cause serious collisions or accidents with other vehicles. If you have been injured as a result of the negligence of a medical transportation driver, do not hesitate to contact our firm today.

Improper Driver Training

These medical transportation companies “>rarely properly train their drivers and often hire drivers they know are not fit to provide transportation to the public all to save money. When someone is injured as a result of the negligence of these companies, they must pay for their negligence.

If you have been injured as a result of the negligence of one of these medical transportation companies, call Attorney Ramzy Ladah at the Ladah Law Firm today. Ladah Law Firm, PLLC represents victims of such accidents in Summerlin, Green Valley, Downtown Las Vegas, The Strip, Maryland Parkway, Spring Valley, Stateline, Henderson, Boulder City, Pahrump, and other areas in Southern Nevada.

Truck Accident Lawyers

Las Vegas Truck Jackknife Accident

Jackknifing is a common type of accident that involves vehicles pulling trailers and large commercial trucks. Jackknifing occurs when the brakes of a vehicle seize up and the trailer being pulled swings forward to form an L-shape or an angle similar to that of a folding pocket knife. The weight of the trailer can cause the vehicle to spin around and face backwards, which may lead to loose cargo accidents with trucking companies.

Factors that increase the likelihood of jackknifing accidents include driving at speeds above 55 miles per hour, poor weather, and curved roads. As the weight of a trailer or truck decreases, the odds of jackknifing increase. Furthermore, as the length of a truck or trailer increases, the odds of jackknifing increase. As a truck becomes heavier and shorter, however, a truck is instead more likely to rollover.

Given the weight and size of vehicles involved in jackknifing accidents, these types of accidents are serious and pose significant dangers to other drivers on the road. According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 10% of truck fatalities involve jackknifing. Over 90% of the accidents involving jackknife fatalities involved a truck with a single trailer.

Whether a jackknifing accident involves a car with a trailer or a large commercial truck, jackknifing accidents frequently occur because the driver failed to operate the vehicle with reasonable care. If you have been injured by a truck in a jackknifing accident, it is important to reach out to an experienced Las Vegas jackknifing accident attorney. Call Ladah Law Firm’s jackknifing truck accident attorneys at 702-252-0055 to find out if you can recover compensation for your injuries.

How to Prevent Jackknifing Accidents

Driving with a trailer can be difficult because of the trailer’s size and weight. Fortunately, jackknifing accidents are not foregone conclusions and can be prevented with proper care and control. In this regard, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommends that truck drivers:

  • Drive at moderate speeds. The higher the speed, the more likely there is for trailer instability or sway;
  • Avoid sudden stops and starts of the vehicle;
  • Avoid sudden steering maneuvers that might create sway or undue side force on the trailer;
  • Allow considerably more distance for stopping;
  • Slow down when traveling over bumpy roads, railroad crossings, and ditches; and
    Always anticipate the need to slow down. To reduce speed, shift to a lower gear and press the brakes lightly.

Unfortunately, not all truck drivers adhere to these suggestions, and instead take actions that lead to catastrophic accidents.

What Happens When A Truck JackKnifes?

Because of the position a truck ends up in when it’s jackknifed, it creates a very dangerous scenario. Obviously, the driver has lost all control of the vehicle at this point or they wouldn’t be in this extremely compromising position. They themselves are at serious risk of traffic from behind them hitting them at high speeds. Sometimes, especially on ice or snow, the jackknifing action will even cause the truck to spin around 180 degrees and end up facing the traffic that was trailing behind them. If the other vehicles are also unable to stop, they may end up hitting the truck (head-on now) at much higher speeds than the truck is driving. This can happen if the truck is slowing down faster than the traffic behind them is capable of and could happen simply because there are so many more tires gripping the road, or if the brakes seized up & are helping slow the truck down.

Another common & dangerous scenario is when a semi attempts to stop abruptly or regain control but the cab instead begins to slide sideways. This often results in the truck jackknifing while sliding or upon impact of the cab hitting guard rails, highway directional signs, dry patches between ice & snow, etc. The result is usually a semi taking up most or all of the road, blocking traffic behind them. Again, this traffic is sometimes unable to stop & will impact the trailer because they have nowhere else to go but slide directly into the truck or trailer or potentially swerve of the road or into the median. Neither of which is usually an apparent better option.

None of the potential causes & results of semi trucks jackknifing result in a safe scenario & this type of accident often causes other accidents. Sometimes serious or even deadly ones. These type of wrecks need an experienced lawyer to dissect all the events leading up to the collision & determine who was at fault. If you’ve been hurt in an accident from the initial jackknife event or the result of an additional collision because of it, you need to contact an attorney who is ready to examine the events leading up to the accident & fight on your behalf.

Contact a Las Vegas Jackknifing Truck Accident Attorney

If you or a loved one is involved in a jackknifing truck accident, Ladah Law Firm’s jackknifing truck accident attorneys can help you. We have experience helping truck accident victims recover compensation in a variety of types of accidents, including jackknifing truck accidents.
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Loose Cargo Accident Lawyers

Properly securing cargo is an absolutely critical part of trucking and commercial vehicle commuting. Properly securing cargo requires training and an understanding of large vehicle operation. When cargo is not carefully loaded, it can rapidly shift, causing catastrophic accidents. It can even fly off the top or back of a truck or trailer at rapid speeds, potentially causing fatal injuries. We can help: 702-252-0055.

Industry standards and federal regulations mandate particular protocols to secure loose cargo. That said, trucking companies are often overly focused on profits. When the bottom line eclipses the need for safety and people are injured, these companies and drivers who use our roads and highways must be held accountable for their actions.

We, at Ladah Law Firm, PLLC, have extensive experience working on truck and commercial vehicle accident cases. If an injury has occurred as result of improperly stowed cargo, and you or a loved one was affected by this accident, we can reach out to professionals to review the facts of the accident and build the strongest possible case for negotiation or litigation. We are prepared to work on cases involving:

  • Improper load checking at correct intervals
  • Falling loads
  • Large and unsecured equipment, including construction vehicles and log skidders
  • Dislodged or defective straps, chains or rubber tie-downs
  • Loose pipes or lumber
  • Livestock
  • Fruits, vegetables and other food falling

Regardless of the circumstances of your case, get in touch as soon as possible to understand your rights.

Injured by Falling Cargo? Ladah Law Firm Attorneys Know How To Handle Loose Cargo Accidents

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Truck Accident Lawyers

Las Vegas Truck Lost Load Accidents

Trucks with unsecured loads pose a significant danger to other drivers and cars on the road. Debris that follows from a truck’s unsecured load can hit another vehicle or even another pedestrian alongside the road, which can result in significant injuries or even deaths. Furthermore, these unsecured loads can lead to accidents causing significant property damage. If you are injured by loose cargo falling off of trucks in Vegas, a truck accident attorney at the Ladah Law Firm can help you recover damages. Call us at 702-252-0055 for a free consultation.

Statistics and Regulations Concerning Unsecured Loads

According to data collected from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2010, unsecured loads and road debris caused 440 deaths and 10,000 injuries in more than 51,000 incidents. These figures involve only non-commercial vehicles carrying unsecured loads. A study performed by the Government Accountability Office reports that the exact number of crashes involving unsecured loads is unknown because there is “no mechanism for distinguishing road obstructions resulting from human error, such as an unsecured load, and those involving natural elements such as a fallen tree.”

To ensure the safety of commercial vehicles carrying loads, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has enacted regulations governing securing cargo on commercial vehicles. There, however, is not a similar set of regulations for non-commercial vehicles carrying cargo. Rather, it is up to each state to pass laws and penalties for operating with an unsecured load. As of 2010, only 15 states had laws governing non-commercial vehicles operating with unsecured loads. Even fewer states (10) had safety education programs teaching drivers on how to secure loads.

When regulations are breached, the breach is not only unsafe, but also against the law. As such, a trucking company that breaches regulations may face penalties, and may also be held liable for the breach results in a crash that causes injury to another.

Driving Regulations For Securing Cargo

Fortunately, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has enacted various regulations to ensure that cargo is properly secured on commercial vehicles. Depending on the type of cargo, commercial vehicles must take proper steps to ensure that cargo is secured and routinely inspected. While the FMCSA has passed regulations concerning securing cargo loads for commercial vehicles, this does not necessarily mean that the regulations are followed. In fact, the regulations are often not followed, which can place other drivers and pedestrians at risk.

Common causes of truck accidents involving unsecured cargo include:

  • Failing to properly secure or tie down cargo;
  • Failing to properly load cargo onto truck to ensure that it is balanced;
  • Failing to routinely inspect and correct any cargo that may have shifted during transport;
  • Using broken or faulty equipment to secure cargo; and
  • Improper driving techniques that cause cargo to shift or fall off, such as speeding or improper turns.

When an Unsecured Load Causes a Collision

truck load dumped out
It’s not hard to imagine how an unsecured load could cause a collision. The most obvious way is an accident caused by cargo literally falling off of, or out of, the truck that is carrying it. If cargo falls onto the road, the damage can be catastrophic, with vehicles being immediately struck by the cargo, or attempting to swerve to avoid cargo, resulting in collisions with other cars.

In addition to cargo falling directly off of a truck, the other way that an accident may be caused by improperly loaded cargo/an unsecured load is a cargo shift within the body of the trailer-tractor. When this occurs, the shift in cargo may mean a shift in weight so significant that the trailer swerves, jackknifes, or even flips over. In the mildest of cases, it may simply be more difficult for the truck operator to control the vehicle, which in itself can be dangerous and increase the risk of a crash.

When an unsecured load causes a collision, the effects to those involved in the crash can be significant. Indeed, injuries might include:

  • Crush injuries;
  • Amputation or loss of use injuries;
  • Traumatic brain injuries;
  • Spinal cord injuries and paralysis;
  • Back and neck injuries;
  • Soft tissue injuries;
  • Internal injuries;
  • Fracture injuries; and
  • Injuries to extremities.

These injuries can be fatal. When they are not fatal, they can result in permanent disability and disfigurement. This may mean lifelong in-home care, loss of work, and the development of psychological conditions, not to mention the huge expense of health care. When accidents like these occur, victims deserve to be paid the full extent of economic and noneconomic damages they have sustained, including medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

Who’s Liable for an Accident Caused by Unsecured Cargo?

securing legal representation for your lost load accident
As mentioned above, an unsecured cargo accident may be caused by a range of factors, from improper loading a securement to failing to routinely inspect cargo to even improper driving techniques, like taking a turn too quickly for conditions. Liability is based on negligence, and therefore the party who may be responsible for paying a victim’s damages might be:

  • The truck driver;
  • The trucking company;
  • A manufacturer of a part/piece of securement equipment; or
  • A shipper or loader.

Keep in mind that if the truck driver was to blame for the accident, the trucking company may be held liable regardless per the theory of vicarious liability.

Contact a Las Vegas Unsecured Truck Load Accident Attorney

If you have been injured in a car accident caused by an unsecured cargo load, the Ladah Law Firm’s Las Vegas truck accident attorneys can protect your rights. The Ladah Law Firm employs a team of experienced truck accident attorneys who can help you recover the compensation you deserve.

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truck blind spot accidents

Las Vegas Truck Accidents Blind Spots

Commercial vehicles, simply because of their size and weight, can pose a serious danger to other drivers on the road. This danger is all the more present when one or more drivers fail to operate a vehicle with proper care. Every year in the United States, thousands of people die in large truck-related crashes and in crashes between trucks and passenger cars.

A primary cause of accidents between trucks and passenger cars is speeding, whether it is the truck or the passenger car. Speeding is principally dangerous between these two vehicles because of blind spots. Large 18-wheeler trucks (much more so than any other vehicle) have significant blind spots due to the truck’s size and height.

If the truck driver or other drivers on the road are not aware of these blind spots, it can lead to accidents and cause devastating injuries. If you are involved in a truck accident, or if you are hit by an ambulance in Las Vegas, the Ladah Law Firm’s experienced truck accident attorneys can help protect your rights against. If you’ve been injured by a negligent big rig driver, call us at 702-252-0055.

Where Are the Truck’s Blind Spots?

Even though trucks have several large mirrors, there are still significant blind spots where the driver cannot see. There are several general “no-zone” areas that trucks and other drivers must be aware of. These “no-zones” include the front, rear, and side no-zones. The specific area of any vehicle’s blind spots, however, will necessarily depend on the length and the height of the vehicle. The right side is the truck’s largest and longest blind spot.

If a driver can see the truck’s mirrors then the truck driver can see the other motorist. This, however, does not necessarily mean that the truck driver actually does see the other driver. For whatever reason, the truck driver may not be paying attention. As such, it is important to use extreme caution whenever driving near trucks with large blind spots. The Nevada Department of Public Safety wants to educate others about driving near trucks and to help drivers understand the dangers of no-zones.

The Dangers of Blind Spots

If a truck driver cannot see a vehicle that is within its blind spot(s), it is possible that the truck driver will act without regard to another vehicle. Making a turn, changing lanes, speeding up, or stopping suddenly are all possible actions that can lead to side-swipe accidents, underride and override accidents, “squeeze play” accidents and even rollover collisions. These accidents can be devastating, leaving the driver and any passengers within the smaller vehicle with catastrophic injuries. When driving around large trucks, keeping plenty of distance and spending as little time as possible within blind spots and “no zones” can be a life-saving technique.

Who’s Liable for an Accident Involving a Large Truck and a Vehicle in Its Blind Spot?

If a vehicle is driving within the blind spot of a large truck, the large truck driver may be unable to see the vehicle, and therefore perform a maneuver, such as a lane change, that directly affects the other driver and causes a collision as such. In this case, the question of liability is raised: who is responsible for the accident – the truck driver, or the driver within the truck driver’s blind spot?

Both drivers and commercial truck drivers have a duty of care to others on the road, and in an accident caused by driving within a blind spot, a review of the facts must take place to determine negligence. Negligence means the failure to act with the level of care that is required; in a blind spot truck accident, either party could have been negligent.

For example, the driver of the smaller vehicle may be found negligent based on the idea that the fact that large trucks have blind spots is common knowledge, and therefore a reasonable driver would know better than to hang out in a “no zone.”

On the other hand, if the driver of the smaller vehicle was not within the truck driver’s blind spot for an unreasonable amount of time (i.e. was merely passing the truck in a legal manner), and the crash occurred because the truck driver acted hastily and without properly assessing the situation, double-checking for vehicles, and giving plenty of warning of a lane change (putting on blinkers) ahead of time, then the truck driver may be liable for damages.

Because fault and negligence may be so unclear–and is often disputed–in truck blind spot accidents, working with an experienced attorney who has the resources to hire accident reconstruction experts and fully investigate your case is essential and could make a huge difference in your settlement award.

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truck accident lawyer consultation
If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident, an important first step is reaching out to an experienced truck accident attorney. An experienced attorney can help you investigate the cause of the accident of any accident to determine who may be liable. The Ladah Law Firm’s Las Vegas truck accident attorneys will work tirelessly to make sure that you recover the compensation you deserve.

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Truck Accident Lawyers

Overloaded Truck Trailer Accidents in Las Vegas

Commercial truck drivers must adhere to the laws meant to keep other drivers on the road safe. An overloaded trailer can have deadly consequences. Large commercial trucks can pose a serious threat to other drivers on the roads, especially when trucks are not properly maintained or the drivers do not use proper care. According to data from the U.S. Department of Transportation, in 2012, 3,921 people died in crashes involving large trucks and another 104,001 suffered injuries. There was a 4% increase in the number of fatalities from the previous year, as well as an 18% percent increase in the number of injuries.

Overloaded Trucks Is One Cause of Truck Accidents

Unfortunately, many of the accidents involving large trucks are due to driver error and can be avoided. A common cause of truck accidents is overloading a truck or its trailer. Each truck is designed to only hold a certain weight. Too often, however, there are trucks on the road that exceed the maximum weight limits and disregard federal regulations governing truck weight limits. When the truck exceeds the specified limit, the effects be can dangerous for the truck driver and other vehicles on the roads.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident, the Ladah Law firm’s Las Vegas semi truck & big rig accident attorneys can help you investigate the accident to determine who may be liable. We want to make sure that you recover fair compensation for your injuries, including future and past medical expenses, physical and emotional pain and suffering, and loss of wages and earning capacity. Reach out to us today at 702.252.0055.

Effects of an Overloaded Truck

An overloaded truck is significantly more likely to be in an accident than a truck carrying the proper weight. Common effects of an overloaded truck that can lead to an accident include:

  • Increased risk for truck instability, which can lead to trucks rolling over, jackknifing or swerving;
  • Decreased functionality of the brakes because the truck is not built to withstand weights above the maximum allowable weight;
  • Decreased ability to maneuver the truck; and
  • Greater stress on the tires, which increases the possibility of a tire blowout.

If you’re seriously injured, or a love one is hurt or even worse, killed, due to this type of negligence, how can it be justified? Is the drive to make a little more money per load worth your health, your family’s or loved one’s health or life? Hardly. What about mistakes… we all make them. Drivers should know the seriousness of making this type of mistake & the impact it could have on those around them. Overloading a trailer is nothing to take lightly. When you’re making decisions that can affect the outcome of the rest of someone’s life, this is not something to take pay little attention to.

People have to be held accountable when they make judgement calls that injure or kill others. Overloading a trailer is no exception. If a hard lesson isn’t learned the first time, how long will it be until it happens again? Can you afford to not take a stand, knowing that it could stop this type of accident from happening again? How would you feel if you learned that the driver or company that caused your injury had done something similar before & nothing was done about it? It’s easy for a person or company to say they’ve learned from mistakes but then go onto the daily grind when no real action has been taken & no major consequences have been dealt with. It’s too easy to go back to their normal life & make the same mistake again. How easy will it be for you to go back to life as normal with an injury or loss of a loved one?

Contact a Las Vegas Truck Overloaded Trailer Accident Attorney

WIf you have been injured in a truck accident, an experienced truck accident attorney can help you understand your rights. At the Ladah Law Firm, our Las Vegas truck accident attorneys have experience helping truck accident victims obtain compensation for their injuries. From overloaded trucks to truck tire blowouts, our Las Vegas attorneys have experience prosecuting all types of truck accidents. We want to help you get your life back as much as possible & to the highest quality of life as possible.

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Truck Accident Lawyers

Las Vegas Truck Rollover Accident Attorneys

“Truck rolls over on the highway causes multi-vehicle pileup and numerous injuries.” Unfortunately, this is too often a headline in the news on an almost daily occurrence. Trucks, more so than any other vehicle, are prone to rollover accidents. The truck’s center of gravity plays a primary role. A high center of gravity with a truck carrying a heavy load increases the likelihood of a rollover accident. The majority of truck rollovers occur in curves and primarily on- and off-ramps.

Unfortunately, there is not much that can be done to avoid a truck when the truck suddenly rolls over and blocks multiple lanes. While truck rollover accidents do not occur as frequently as other types of accidents, when they do occur, the damages and injuries can be significant. If you have been injured in a truck rollover accident, Ladah Law Firm’s Las Vegas truck accident lawyers can help you recover damages. Call us today at 702.252.0055.

Vehicle Rollover Accident Statistics

A rollover accident is one that involves the vehicle tipping onto its side or roof at any time during the crash. The accident may occur after a side or frontal impact with another vehicle or a stationary object. Rollover accidents are particularly dangerous because this type of accident often involves the vehicle leaving the roadway or an occupant being ejected.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, in 2013, 7,067 passenger vehicle occupants died in rollover crashes in 2013. This number accounted for 33% of all passenger vehicle occupant deaths. It should come as no surprise that SUVS and trucks consistently have had a higher percentage of rollover deaths than cars since 1978. In 2013, for rollover accidents involving trucks and SUVs, the percentage of passenger vehicle occupant deaths was 45% and 50%, respectively. Conversely, the percentage of passenger vehicle occupant deaths in cars was 24%.

Common Causes of Truck Rollover Accidents

While drivers cannot prevent others from driving negligently on the road, it is important to at least recognize and understand what causes truck rollover accidents. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, truck rollover accidents are frequently caused by:

  • Excessive speeding for the conditions, which leads to a high center of gravity; and
  • Driver condition, such as driving under the influence, and inattention, dozing and distraction leading to sudden course corrections;
  • Control errors, such as turning too sharply, turning too little to remain on the road and overcorrecting path errors.
  • Vehicle condition, such as tire or brake failure or improper loading of the truck; and
  • Other drivers striking the truck or causing the accident.

You or Someone You Care About Has Been Injured Due To A Rollover, Now What?

Maybe you’ve been involved in an accident due to a truck rollover, or maybe someone you care deeply about has been in an accident or affected by a loved one’s accident & you’re looking for help on their behalf. Victims affected by these types of accidents are usually scared, shook up, & just wanting to recover. If that’s you, you’re likely experiencing many emotions at this point. If it’s a loved one, you can imagine what they are going through. It’s nothing that you can plan for & nothing you’d ever\ want to be part of. There are concerns about the medical bills, how will they get paid? The injury itself, will you get back to normal or are there going to be ongoing ramifications from it? maybe even the loss of a loved one. How do you ever get your life back to the way it used to be. Depending on the extent & severity of the accident, it may never be exactly the same. But there is light at the end of the tunnel…and we want to help you get back on your feet.

You’re going to need a strong advocate on your side to deal with the insurance company. Big truck companies have big insurance companies ready to go to bat for them. Saying that attempting to manage this on your own, while dealing with all the elements of an accident is “hard to handle” would be an understatement. You’ve got your hands full trying to put the pieces back together in your life and fighting with an experienced insurance company who’s going to try to get you to settle for much less than you deserve for your medical bills, pain & suffering is not what you need now. You need to focus on yourself & loved ones, healing & getting your life back. It is possible to get back to normal but it will take time & it may be different than before. We’re here to help & we’ll be your support.

Contact a Las Vegas Truck Rollover Accident Attorney

If you have injuries sustained in any type of auto accident, the Ladah Law Firm’s experienced Las Vegas truck accident attorneys can help you recover compensation. Our Las Vegas attorneys have experience prosecuting a variety of truck accidents, including tire blowout, rollover, and jackknifing accidents.

Contact our truck rollover accident attorneys today. Ladah Law Firm’s truck rollover accident attorneys offer a free initial consultation and case evaluation.

Truck Accident Lawyers

Las Vegas Truck Tire Blowout Accidents

A tire blowout, especially one involving a truck, can pose significant dangers for other drivers on the road. Even an immediate tire blowout that does not lead to an accident is dangerous. The tire blowout debris left behind on the road can cause a secondary danger from vehicles either striking or attempting to avoid striking the debris.
Vehicles commonly at risk for tire blowouts are large, heavy commercial trucks. Unfortunately, these same vehicles also pose the most danger to other drivers on the road when a tire blowout occurs. Driving next to a large 18-wheeler truck and not knowing whether one of the truck’s tires will blowout can be terrifying. And if you are in involved in a tire truck blowout accident, the effects can be devastating. The tire can hit your car and cause a severe accident or the truck can overturn causing a multi-vehicle pileup.

Whatever the situation, truck tire blowout accidents can cause significant injuries and damages. It is important that if you are injured in a truck tire blowout accident you reach out to an experienced truck accident attorney. Ladah Law Firm’s Nevada truck accident lawyers want to make sure you recover the compensation you deserve. Call us at 702-252-0055

Common Causes of Tire Blowouts

Unfortunately, as is often the case in car accidents, tire blowouts often occur because the owner of the vehicle failed to properly maintain the vehicle, and more specifically, the tires. Common causes of tire blowouts include:

  • Failure to properly maintain a vehicle in good working condition;
  • Inadequate tread depth;
  • Low tire pressure. This generates a large amount of heat, which can cause rapid tire wear and blowout. Overloading can also increase heat build-up in a tire;
  • Extreme temperatures, which make tires vulnerable to tire degradation, loss of tire pressures, flexing and stress on tire walls; and
  • Failure to avoid road debris, which punctures the tire.

What could happen as a result of a truck tire blow out?

The Truck Driver Loses Control: There’s a number of dangerous scenarios that can play out when a tie blows out on a heavy truck such as a semi. For one, the driver could lose enough control of the truck to cause a wreck from swerving into other cars, forcing them out of their lane, across the median, or off the road entirely. Sometimes, events like this end up causing multiple accidents. For instance, the semi may hit the vehicle traveling in the lane next to them which is the first accident. That vehicle is forced into oncoming traffic (after being pushed across the median) causing cars to swerve out of the way, hitting other cars. Maybe that vehicle even ends up hitting one of the oncoming vehicles head-on. Or, to avoid this type of incident, the operator of the vehicle riding alongside the truck slams on their brakes when they see the truck start to swerve toward them & they end up getting rear-ended due to the sudden reduction of speed.

The Tire Separates: Besides the truck that lost the tire’s instability leading to a crash, there’s also the possibility of the tire breaking free and having the potential to cause accidents on its own. Imagine driving alongside a semi & suddenly a tire separates itself from the wheel & rolls off the truck right in front of you… where can you go? Semi tires are quite large & heavy & when this happens it immediately starts losing speed without having the engine accelerating the wheels to propel it any longer. This difference in speed compared to the vehicles surrounding the truck are the foundation for potential disaster. When a rouge tire is rolling down the freeway with cars approaching at high speeds, people will attempt to swerve away from impacting the tire. The impact from the tire could cause loss of control or speed to the point where it causes the driver of the car which hit it to get into a collision with a nearby car, run off the road (potentially hitting something) or even roll their vehicle. If they swerve to miss it, this could also lead to an accident.

The Tire Comes Apart In Pieces: Finally, tires will often come apart in a number of pieces over the course of hundreds of feet or even miles, leaving a slew of rubber debris on the road and flying through the air. Obviously, this debris causes a lot of distractions & obstacles for drivers. Drivers may dangerously attempt to avoid running over larger pieces left on the road until it’s eventually picked up or strewn about & off to the side from vehicles running it over repeatedly. The pieces flying through the air can be even more distracting & dangerous as they may damage or shatter windshields of oncoming vehicles thus making it difficult or impossible to clearly see the road through the damage. Being involved any of the above situations (or variations not mentioned here) when it results in injury (or worse) justifies hiring an experienced lawyer who is versed in building a case in these types of situations.

Contact Ladah Law Firm’s Las Vegas Truck Tire Blowout Accident Attorney

If you have been injured in a truck tire blowout accident, an experienced Las Vegas car accident attorney can help protect your rights. The Las Vegas car accident attorneys at the Ladah Law Firm have experience helping victims obtain compensation in a variety of types of car and truck accidents. From investigating your claim to litigating your personal injury lawsuit, the Ladah Law Firm’s experienced attorneys will be with you throughout the entire process.

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Truck Accident Lawyers

Las Vegas Truck Underride Accident

According to the Fatality Analysis Reporting System, approximately 10% of passenger vehicle fatalities involve crashes with large trucks. These crashes often involve a passenger vehicle colliding with the back or the front of truck. When the passenger vehicle continues beneath the rear or the side of the trailer, this is known as a truck underride crash. When the front of a large truck crashes over the passenger vehicle, this is known as a truck override crash.

The consequences of under riding and overriding truck crashes can be devastating. These types of crashes often rip into the passenger compartment and can cause serious injuries and even death. In 2011, of the 2,241 passenger vehicle occupants killed in large truck crashes, 260 died as a result of the vehicles striking the rear of the trucks. Furthermore, underride accidents are especially dangerous for Nevada motorcyclists. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the accident, underride and override truck crashes frequently involve fatalities to the passengers of occupant vehicles.

If a loved one has died from an underride or override truck crash, the Ladah Law Firm’s experienced truck accident attorneys understand semi-truck cases & can help you recover damages. Call us today at 702.252.0055 to find out how we can help you.

Federal Regulations Requiring Guard Protection

To help reduce the number of injuries and fatalities involved with large trucks, regulations became effective in 1998 requiring certain trailers to have underride guards, which are steel bars that hang from the back of a trailer. Underride guards are designed to absorb the impact of a passenger vehicle at high speeds in order to prevent the passenger compartment from sliding underneath the trailer. Unfortunately, the regulations do not entirely eliminate the possibility of an underride accident.

In 2011, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety conducted research to test the effectiveness of underride guards installed on trucks. The Institute used a 2010 Chevrolet Malibu and struck the vehicle into the back of parked trailers at a speed of 35 miles per hour. In one of the tests, the trailers with guards that passed U.S. regulations failed every time. Adrian Lund, president of the Institute, said the “tests show how easily some of these guards are failing at relatively moderate speeds.” The Institute has been pushing for stronger regulations, as well as expanding regulations to trucks that are not required to have underride guards, such as dump trucks.

Guard Rails Are Only A Start

Although underside guards can provide at least some form of safety measure against these type of accidents, since the typical guard is on the back of the truck, it does nothing to prevent a car from getting underneath a semi between the from & back wheels. This is a common type of accident from lane changes when the truck driver isn’t paying close enough attention to their mirrors. A small car that is half-way past a semi really has nowhere to go but under the truck or off the road. Imagine minding your own business, trying to pass a semi & suddenly the driver decides to switch lanes, forcing you off the road or even under the semi.

Accidents at highway speeds (where these accidents often occur) are all too often devastating or fatal. Being caught under a semi’s trailer, staring at wheels burning into the side of your car-crushing metal & shattering glass is a horrifying experience even if the vehicles were to come to a stop without a major crash (which is rarely the case). The alternative of potentially driving off the road into the median isn’t a safer bet either. At speeds of 55-80 mph, this could result in a rollover, losing control of the wheel, or even crossing into oncoming traffic. Which, could easily result in a head-on collision. The outcome of these types of crashes is all too often fatal for some or all of the passengers.

These accidents, as well as many other types of truck accidents, are all too common. When they do happen, the insurance company will be ready to fight on the behalf of the driver. This is where a strong, experienced law firm should come into the picture.

Contact a Las Vegas Underride Accident Attorney for Help

If you have been injured in an underride or override truck accident, the Ladah Law Firm’s experienced truck accident attorneys want to help you. Our Las Vegas truck accident attorneys have experience helping victims obtain compensation for their injuries in a variety of types of accidents and situations.

Contact a Las Vegas accident attorney at our firm today for a free initial consultation and case evaluation.

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