Truck Accident In Las Vegas Seriously Injures Three

When people decide to get their licenses and drive, there is most likely an understanding that an accident will happen in during their driving lifetime. Because of the sheer dangers of driving, people are often the victims in truck accidents. The thing with truck crashes is that the damage that results from these types of accidents is often quite devastating. Trucks tend to cause significant serious bodily injuries to those involved in these types of accidents.

Trucks come in various sizes. Many times when people think of truck accidents they think of the accident involving big 18-wheeler trucks or semi-trucks. The reality of the situation is that pick-up trucks are also a type of truck that are in truck crashes as well. In Las Vegas, Nevada a pickup truck was in a accident that resulted in death. A pickup truck struck three pedestrians. One of the pedestrians was killed at the scene of the accident while the other two were treated at the hospital for serious injuries.

Victims in truck accidents need to know their rights in the accident. Once the authorities do their investigation and make a determination on who was at fault in the accident, then the no-fault party can decide on whether or not to file a claim in court. If the party at fault was negligent in the accident, then the other party can make address the court and seek damages which could either be compensatory or punitive in nature.

Truck accidents can be devastating. Protecting one’s rights will go a long way in handling the accident in its later stages.

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