Five Common Motorcycle Accidents

At Ladah Law Firm, we have helped countless motorcyclists injured in collisions, so we know these accidents quite well. Although it’s true that no two accidents are alike, we do see some common situations that occur over and over where unsuspecting motorcyclists get hurt.

Following a crash, you need a seasoned Nevada motorcycle accident attorney. Contact Ladah Law Firm right away. In this article, we look at 5 common motorcycle accidents and what bikers can do to minimize their risk. We encourage anyone with questions to call our firm to speak with an attorney.

Five Common Motorcycle Accidents

1. Blind Spot Accidents

Motorcyclists often get struck when a vehicle on the highway makes a lane change because the motorcyclist is in a blind spot. Every vehicle has blind spots, but some vehicles have larger spots than others. For example, tractor-trailers have blind spots on all four sides, and they are quite large. The spot directly in front of the truck is about 20 feet long, and the one in the back is 30 feet. The blind spot on the right-hand side is about two lanes in width.

Any motorcyclist should exercise caution when on the freeway, especially when trying to pass a truck. Remember to only pass on the left, where the blind spot is smaller. And be prepared to use your horn to signal to a driver that you are in the blind spot. Maybe they can’t see you, but they can hear you, so hit the horn if they try to switch into your lane. Finally, remember to pass quickly.

2. Left-Hand Turn Collisions

Another common accident involves a motorist hanging out in an intersection to make a left-hand turn once all oncoming traffic passes through the intersection. Unfortunately, the driver isn’t looking for a motorcyclist bringing up the rear. Consequently, the driver makes the turn much too soon and smashes into your bike.

There is not a whole lot you can do to minimize this accident, but one strategy is to slow down as you approach the intersection. That will give you an extra second to take defensive action or hit the brakes. Also, never run a red light because the risk of a crash goes way up. If the light is turning yellow, then just stop and wait for the green light before passing through.

3. Rear End Collisions at Intersections

Stopping at an intersection is risky for bikers because a distracted or fatigued motorist could be coming up behind you and fail to brake in time. Motorcyclists are definitely exposed to other vehicles, and they could suffer horrifying injuries.

You might be tempted to lane split to protect yourself, but that’s not legal in Nevada. Instead, you can make yourself more visible by wearing a neon jacket or helmet, and watch traffic in your rear-view mirror. You might need to jump off your bike. Another option is to stop at the side of the road, which would limit a direct hit.

4. Pothole Accidents

Large potholes can upend any motorcycle, and these are real hazards to watch out for. If you are going too fast, you could easily flip and suffer serious injuries, like road rash and a neck injury.

It is difficult to see potholes from a distance. Many people don’t see one until they are literally on top of it or, even worse, already falling off their motorcycle.

To protect yourself and others, scan several seconds up ahead. Also, report large potholes to the state so that they can get fixed.

5. Open Door Accidents

These accidents happen when someone sitting in a car parked at the curb opens their door without checking if you are coming up from behind on a bike. A motorcyclist slams directly into the door and is often tossed from their bike. These are dangerous accidents.

They are also avoidable. One way to avoid this type of crash is to avoid lane splitting. Often, when traffic is slow, bikers pull into the space between traffic and the cars parked at the curb. But that makes you vulnerable to an open-door accident. Although you might hate slow traffic, it’s safer to ride in a single lane with everyone else.

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