Man And Woman Injured In Motorcycle Accident

The reality is that there are certain dangers that can occur when on a motorcycle that may be different than those presented by driving an automobile. The motorcyclist can do everything right when riding their motorcycle and heed all traffic laws, but accidents can still happen as a result of other vehicles on the streets not heeding to the rights of motorcyclists.

Man Flees on Foot After Rear-Ending Motorcyclist

In Las Vegas, Nevada, there was a rather horrific accident involving a car and a motorcycle. Apparently, a motorist collided with another vehicle and then rear-ended the motorcyclist. The driver of the car fled the accident on foot. However, a few hours later he turned himself in. The motorcyclist and his passenger were transported to the hospital for medical attention. They suffered injuries that have been described as serious. The perpetrator in the accident was charged with a felony.

In cases where an automobile accident occurs, there are certain rights that the victims in the accident are privy to in relation to the accident. For instance, motorcyclists who suffer catastrophic injuries due to the actions of a negligent driver may have the opportunity to pursue compensation if they so choose. Legally, when the other party was at fault and is being charged with a crime, the victim can make a claim for relief for injuries. The claim is usually a monetary one made to cover medical expenses, lost wages and property damage.

It is vital for motorcyclists in any type of accident to know their legal rights. Fortunately, there are professionals available to help individuals injured in motorcycle accidents determine what steps to take in seeking compensation.

Source: Las Vegas Sun, “Driver hits motorcyclist, injuring 2, and flees on foot, police say,” Ana Ley and Brian Nordli, March 6, 2014

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