Las Vegas Car Accident Leaves Three Men With Injuries

Car accidents can result in serious, and costly, injuries which is why the legal process seeks to protect victims of car accidents.

A recent car collision in Las Vegas left two men seriously injured and one man with injuries described as minor. The accident occurred when one passenger vehicle struck another passenger vehicle on its driver’s side. The passenger vehicle that was struck continued on through the intersection following the crash and into an undeveloped lot. Three men were transported to the hospital by ambulance. While the driver of passenger vehicle that was struck was listed in minor condition, the passenger in that vehicle was reported to be in critical condition. The driver of the second passenger vehicle, that struck the other car, was listed in serious condition. The accident investigation continues by police.

Car accidents can be an unexpected disruption in the lives of car accident victims. Victims of car accidents can suffer catastrophic injuries that may lead to significant medical expenses and other types of damages. Because of this, legal recourse is available to victims injured by a negligent driver. Negligent drivers can include distracted drivers, drunk drivers or other types of careless drivers. Negligent drivers may face liability to victims injured in car accidents the negligent driver was responsible for causing.

Depending on the nature of damages suffered, injured victims may be able to recover medical expenses and lost wages through a personal injury claim against the negligent driver. Victims may also be able to recover compensation for long-term medical care and lost-earning capacity, as well as pain and suffering damages. Additional damages may be available depending on the circumstances.

Victims of car accidents may be left facing unexpected challenges following a car accident, including physical, emotional and financial challenges. A trained personal injury attorney can help a victim understand the process of making a claim and can guide a victim through the process.

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