Were You Injured in a Bar Fight?

Las Vegas has an exciting nightlife, and the bar scene is a big part of that. Thousands of people head out to the bars each night to drink, hook up, or watch a game on a big screen. Others enjoy some bar fare before heading to a casino. Unfortunately, dozens of people get into fights and are hurt in the process. At Ladah Law firm, our Las Vegas bar accident lawyer has helped innocent people who have taken a knuckle to the face. Depending on the facts, you might sue your attacker or possibly even the bar for compensation.

bar fight injuries

Liability for Your Injuries

If you were hurt in a bar fight, you probably want to know who is responsible. Here are the usual options:

  • You. If you started the fight, then you might be solely responsible. People have a right to use reasonable force to defend themselves, which might be why someone punched you in the face. If you threw a haymaker at someone, you are probably the sole person to blame for your injuries.
  • Your attacker. You might have been an innocent bystander who got clocked by someone in a scrum. Whoever hit you and injured you is liable for your injuries.
  • The bar. Sometimes the bar shares responsibility because they did not have sufficient security to protect patrons like bouncers. In other situations, a bar employee might actually start the fight. In any event, bars must act reasonably to protect their customers from violence.

Some innocent people have no idea how a fight broke out. One moment they are reaching for a beer and the next they are thrown off their stool. Our lawyers want to hear from you.

When is the Bar Legally on the Hook for a Fight?

A bar is not “always” responsible for the fights that take place on its premises. There is no bright-line rule. Instead, it’s liable when it fails to act reasonably. Here are some examples of this negligence:

  • Negligent hiring. Like any business, a bar should probably vet their employees before hiring them. This might include running a background check or at least talking to references. A reasonably careful employer might find out that an applicant to work as a bouncer has a history of violent assault or failing to do their job.
  • Inadequate security. A bar should have reasonable security in light of the history of crime in the area and on its premises. For example, the bar might have a fight every week. They should have sufficient security, such as bouncers and other features. If they don’t, they could be liable because it’s foreseeable that a fight will break out again.
  • Negligent supervision. There might have been complaints about a bouncer starting fights or failing to break them up. The bar should investigate complaints and take reasonable remedial action when supervising staff.

These are the most common situations where a bar has at least a little responsibility for the fight. If so, we might sue them for your injuries suffered in a bar fight.

Can You Receive Compensation?

One factor is whether you are partially to blame. Nevada’s comparative negligence statute states that you can seek compensation so long as you are not over 50% to blame for your injuries. If you started the fight or willingly participated, there’s a good chance you won’t receive a penny.

Innocent bystanders have a stronger claim. The key is identifying who to sue. If the police were called, you might find out the name of your attacker. Some people flee too soon, however, and you can’t sue someone whose identity you don’t know.

Still, you might be able to sue the bar for either causing the fight or failing to stop it. We can review your memories of the event and talk to any witnesses who can back up your version of what happened. A bar should have a liability policy in place—the state won’t let them open without it.

At Ladah Law, we will review whether you can make a claim on the bar’s insurance policy. We can seek compensation for pain and suffering, emotional distress, medical bills, income lost, and other damages.

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No one comes to Vegas expecting a broken nose or cracked cheekbone, but these are real possibilities when bar fights break out. Helpfully, Nevada personal injury law provides powerful remedies to those who are injured through no fault of their own. To talk with a lawyer, please call (702) 252-0055 to talk with a member of our legal team.