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What to Do After a Motorcycle Crash in Summerlin, Nevada

Motorcycle crashes are stressful. By knowing what to do in the immediate aftermath of the accident, you will be in the best position to put the pieces back in place. Here are four important steps to take after an accident on a motorcycle in Summerlin: 

  • Stop Your Motorcycle, Stay at the Scene, and Call the Police: Stop your motorcycle and stay at the scene of the crash, but for medical emergencies. You should report your accident to a law enforcement agency, such as the Summerlin Area Command of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD). 
  • Get Immediate Professional Medical care for Any Injuries: Any motorcycle accident injury should be evaluated and treated by a doctor. Assess yourself and others for injuries. Keep in mind that even if you feel fine, adrenaline can mask pain. Get yourself to a doctor. You cannot bring a motorcycle accident injury claim without supporting medical records. 
  • Carefully Document Your Motorcycle Collision: Gather as much information as you can without compromising your health. This includes photos of the scene, your motorcycle, other vehicles involved, and any injuries. Exchange contact and insurance details with the other party. If there are witnesses, request their contact information as well.
  1. Consult With a Summerlin Motorcycle Accident Lawyer: Before engaging with any insurance company, you should speak to a top-tier Summerlin motorcycle accident attorney. Insurance adjusters are not on your side—they want to pay out less. Your Summerlin, NV motorcycle accident lawyer will protect your legal rights. 

Motorcycle Crashes Can Cause Catastrophic Injuries

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that more than 82,000 motorcyclists were hurt in collisions nationwide in 2021 alone. Notably, there are just over 100,000 motorcycle crashes reported in the United States each year—meaning around 80 percent of accidents result in injuries to the rider. Of course, this is not especially surprising. The lack of structural protection compared to other vehicles puts motorcyclists at a higher risk. Injuries that are frequently reported in motorcycle wrecks in Clark County include: 

  • Road rash; 
  • Biker’s arm; 
  • Broken bones and fractures; 
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs); 
  • Facial fractures and dental injuries; 
  • Spinal cord injuries; 
  • Internal organ damage; and
  • Amputations. 

Safety Tip: A properly-fitted motorcycle helmet will dramatically reduce your risk of suffering a severe injury in a crash. Studies show that motorcyclists who wear helmets are nearly 70 percent less likely to sustain a TBI/concussion and nearly 40 percent less likely to be killed. 


All motorcyclists who ride in Summerlin or elsewhere in Clark County should understand their rights and responsibilities under Nevada law. Here are some of the most important points to understand about motorcycle safety regulations in our state: 

  • You Need a Proper License: As explained by the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV), all riders in Nevada need a proper motorcycle license—or Class M motorcycle endorsement—in order to ride on public roads. To qualify for a Class M license, applicants must pass both a written test and a skills test. Though, as an alternative, completing a course approved by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) may waive the skills test requirement.
  • All Riders Must Wear a Helmet: Nevada has a comprehensive motorcycle helmet law. Under state law (NRS 486.231), all riders must wear a helmet that meets standards set by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Notably, the requirement applies regardless of the rider’s age or experience level. If you fail to wear a safety helmet, you could be cited for a violation. Even more important, you are putting yourself at a far greater safety risk. 
  • Your Bike Must Meet Equipment Standards: Motorcycles in Nevada must adhere to specific equipment standards to be street legal. Among other things, these standards include functioning turn signals, a horn, rearview mirrors on both sides, and an exhaust system that meets noise regulation. Beyond that, the motorcycle must have a headlamp that remains on during operation—enhancing visibility at all times of the day. Compliance is a must. 
  • Motorcycles Can Control an Entire Lane: Even though a motorcycle does not always need a full lane, riders in Nevada have the right to control an entire lane. Other vehicles are prohibited from overtaking or passing a motorcycle within the same lane. The law aims to give motorcyclists enough space to maneuver safely. If another driver in the Summerlin area does not give a motorcyclist adequate space, that driver may be legally liable for a resulting crash. Failure to allow motorcyclists to control their lane is negligence. 
  • Side-By-Side Riding is Allowed, Not Required: In Nevada, two motorcyclists that are riding together have the legal right to ride side-by-side in the same lane. With that being said, motorcyclists are never required by law in Nevada to ride side-by-side. As noted previously, motorcyclists always have the right to control an entire lane. 


Motorcycle accidents can happen for a wide array of different reasons. With that being said, most motorcycle collisions in Summerlin share an important commonality: They could have been avoided if the proper safety precautions had been taken. Some of the leading causes of crashes include: 

  • Speeding: Speeding is a terrible safety hazard. It is a leading cause of all motor vehicle collisions, including motorcycle wrecks. If you or your loved one was hurt in a motorcycle crash caused by speeding, we are here to help. Contact our Summerlin, NV motorcycle accident injury lawyer today. 
  • Distracted Driving: Too many motorists in Summerlin and elsewhere in Clark County are dangerously distracted while behind the wheel. Texting while driving, talking on the phone while driving, and other distractions are extremely dangerous. If you or your loved one was involved in a motorcycle crash with a distracted driver, contact our law firm right away. 
  • Negligent Left-Turns: Full-sized vehicles making a left turn pose a serious safety risk to motorcyclists. Notably, motorcycle riders are less visible to drivers who are making left turns. These accidents typically occur at intersections when a car turns left in front of an oncoming motorcycle. They may misjudge a motorcycle’s speed or distance. If you were hurt in a left turn crash while on a motorcycle, contact today for a free consultation. 
  • Following Too Closely: Rear-end collisions are the most commonly reported multi-vehicle accident. If a motorcyclist is struck from behind, it can be especially dangerous. In some cases, it could even potentially contribute to life-threatening injuries. All motorists in Nevada must keep a proper, safe following distance when behind a motorcycle. 
  • Roadway Hazards: Uneven road surfaces, debris, and small objects on the road can pose significant dangers to motorcyclists. Due to their smaller size and less stable nature, motorcycles are particularly vulnerable to accidents caused by poor road conditions. A highway maintenance crew, construction company, or even state/local government entity may be legally liable for this type of crash. 
  • Motorcycle Defects: Mechanical failures or defects in motorcycles, such as brake failures, tire blowouts, or engine problems, can lead to unexpected and dangerous situations on the road. These defects might not be noticeable during routine use but can suddenly manifest under stress, causing the rider to lose control. A motorcycle manufacturer may be liable for this type of a crash through a product defect claim.

Understanding Motorcycle Accident Liability

Who is responsible for a motorcycle collision in Summerlin? It depends on exactly how and why the accident happens. It could be a driver, a truck company, or even a motorcyclist. Nevada is an at-fault motorcycle accident state. The party responsible for causing the accident is also responsible for the damages. This means that establishing fault is critical— it directly affects the outcome of insurance claims and personal injury lawsuits that are filed. Fault is generally based on the legal principle of negligence. The party whose failure to exercise proper care caused the motorcycle accident in Summerlin can be held legally liable for the resulting damages. 

Nevada follows the doctrine of comparative fault (N.R.S. § 41-141). Under the law, damages for a motorcycle crash—or any other motor vehicle collision—can be distributed among the parties based on their percentage of fault in the accident. For instance, imagine that you as a motorcyclist are found to be 25 percent at fault for a crash in Summerlin. In total, you suffered $20,000 in damages. Under Nevada law, you would bear liability for 25 percent of your own damages ($5,000). Given the fact that every percentage point of fault matters, it is crucial that motorcycle accidents are thoroughly investigated by an experienced attorney. 

Note: Nevada is a modified comparative fault state. An injured motorcyclist can only recover financial compensation through the personal injury claims process if they are found to be at fault for less than 51 percent of the accident. If you are liable for the majority of the crash, you can be barred from financial recovery. 

A Two-Year Statute of Limitations for Motorcycle Accident Injury Claims

A proactive approach is key to any personal injury claim in Nevada—and motorcycle accidents are certainly no exception. Under Nevada law (N.R.S. § 11.190), motorcycle accident injury claims are governed by a two-year statute of limitations. The clock starts running from the date of the accident. Failing to take legal action within this timeframe usually results in the loss of the right to claim compensation at all. In other words, a motorcyclist who takes too long to bring their claim will lose their rights. Do not wait: Consult with a Summerlin motorcycle accident attorney right away.  

We Help Injured Riders in Summerlin Maximize their Financial Compensation

Hurt in a motorcycle crash in Summerlin? Nevada law allows injured victims to seek compensation for tangible and intangible damages. That being said, most motorcycle accident cases are defended by insurance companies. You cannot count on any insurance company to look out for your financial interests—even when you are dealing with your own insurer. Our Summerlin, NV motorcycle accident lawyers put the needs of our clients first. We are ready to fight for the maximum settlement. Motorcycle accident victims may be entitled to compensation for: 

  • Motorcycle repairs; 
  • Emergency room care;
  • Medical bills; 
  • Rehabilitative care; 
  • Loss of earnings; 
  • Diminished future earning power; 
  • Pain and suffering; 
  • Long-term disability; 
  • Permanent impairment; and
  • Wrongful Death. 

How the Summerlin Motorcycle Accident Attorney at Ladah Law Can Help

Motorcycle accident claims are challenging. At Ladah Law Firm, our attorneys invest the time and resources to help injured victims get justice. We have helped injured victims recover more than $300 million in settlements and verdicts. As a boutique practice, we have a proven record of case results and testimonials from previous clients. When you contact our law firm, you will have an opportunity to consult with a Summerlin motorcycle accident lawyer who can: 

  • Listen to your story and answer questions about the motorcycle accident claims process; 
  • Carefully investigate your motorcycle crash—gathering the evidence that you need; 
  • Represent you throughout the legal process, including settlement negotiations; and
  • Take aggressive legal action to help you get justice and the best possible outcome. 


We represent injured victims on contingency. You do not have to worry about the cost of hiring a motorcycle accident attorney in Summerlin. There are no upfront costs, out-of-pocket fees, or hourly bills to pay. Our Summerlin, NV motorcycle accident injury lawyers only get paid when you get paid. Initial consultations are free and there are never any obligations. 


Do I Need to See a Doctor After a Motorcycle Crash?

Yes. Any physical trauma should be diagnosed and treated by a licensed doctor. It is crucial to seek immediate professional medical care after a motorcycle crash. Some injuries, like internal bleeding or concussions, may not show immediate symptoms but can be incredibly servere. Do not wait to get medical care. 

Should I Agree to Give a Recorded Statement to an Insurance Company?

No—at least not until you first consult with an experienced Summerlin motorcycle accident attorney. Insurance adjusters can use your words against you to minimize their liability or reduce the compensation you might receive. A top-tier motorcycle crash attorney can help prepare you for what to say and ensure that your rights and interests are protected. 

What Should I Look for in a Summerlin Motorcycle Crash Attorney?

You need a Summerlin motorcycle accident lawyer who can provide top-tier, fully personalized legal representation. Look for a local attorney who is experienced, committed to your case, and who knows how to get results. Ladah Law Firm has recovered more than $300 million for victims and families. We will review your Summerlin motorcycle accident claim for free with no obligations. 

Is Motorcycle Lane-Splitting Legal in Nevada?

Broadly defined, motorcycle lane-splitting is a practice where a motorcyclist drives between two lanes of stopped or slow-moving traffic. The practice is not allowed in Nevada. While it is permitted in California under certain circumstances, riders cannot lawfully lane split in Summerlin. If you are involved in a motorcycle lane-splitting crash, a Summerlin motorcycle injury lawyer can help. 

Does Nevada Require Motorcycle Helmets?

Yes. Nevada law requires all motorcycle riders and passengers to wear helmets that meet U.S. DOT safety  standards. The requirement applies to everyone, regardless of age or experience level. Failure to wear a helmet not only increases the risk of serious injury but can also make the personal injury claims process more challenging. 

Can I Still Receive Compensation If I Was Not Wearing a Helmet?

Yes. In Nevada, if you were not wearing a helmet at the time of the motorcycle accident, you can still file a claim for compensation. However, not wearing a helmet may affect the outcome of your claim, as the other party may argue comparative negligence, potentially reducing your compensation

What is the Deadline to File a Motorcycle Accident Injury Lawsuit in Summerlin?

Two years. In Nevada, the statute of limitations for filing a motorcycle accident injury lawsuit starts running on the date of the accident. There are only very limited exceptions to the rule. Given the time-sensitive nature of the process, it is imperative that injured riders consult with a Summerlin, NV motorcycle crash lawyer right away after a bad crash. 

Do Motorcyclists Face Challenges from Insurance Companies?

Yes. Unfortunately, motorcyclists can face unfair stereotypes from both law enforcement officers and insurance companies. In some cases, bikers are unfairly viewed as being more at risk for reckless behavior. It is a bias that can impact the handling of claims. It could lead to insurance companies offering lower settlement or even disputing liability. A Summerlin, NV motorcycle accident lawyer can protect your rights and help you handle insurance adjusters. 

How Much is My Motorcycle Accident Injury Claim Worth?

It depends. The value of a motorcycle crash injury claim in Nevada varies widely depending on the severity of your injuries and the extent of your damages. You should not rely on an insurance company to determine the full and fair value of your case. They may try to settle for less. A top-tier Summerlin, NV motorcycle accident lawyer can help you fight for the maximum compensation.

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