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Paradise Personal Injury Attorney

The Las Vegas everyone knows and loves is really part of Paradise, Nevada. Ironic that “Sin City” is part of Paradise but not any more ironic than the injuries that occur here. Far too many people come to town for a good time and end up in the hospital.

If you are a tourist and you have sustained a serious injury caused by a casino, hotel, or person in Nevada, you will need a personal injury attorney near Las Vegas to handle your claim. In Paradise and Las Vegas that would be Ladah Law, PLLC. Your attorney at home can’t help you here except to advise you on personal matters.

Injuries We Handle For You

No matter your injury, we can help you receive the compensation you need and deserve. From car accidents to slip and fall, we know how to help you identify the liable parties and establish your personal injury claim. You might be a tourist but we will treat you like a neighbor, a part of Paradise.

One common injury prevalent to the area is a pedestrian accident. No matter how awesome the attraction is on your side of the street, there is something even more exciting across the street. Getting to the other side means you need to watch for gawking drivers who didn’t know that red light was for them.

Establishing Liability

When you are injured, you will need help determining who or what company is liable for your injuries. Sometimes it is complicated. As soon as possible after your accident, you or a family member should give us a call. We can advise you on your case and let you know your best course of action. Your first consultation is free.

As much as we love tourists, the insurance companies representing everyone here love money more; and they don’t want you to have any of it. We are a very detail oriented law firm. We use the facts and the law to convince them otherwise.

Your Rightful Compensation

Your personal injury claim shouldn’t be a gamble. We make sure you receive the compensation you deserve. We seek to recover your current and future medical bills, rehabilitation, lost income, as well as pain and suffering. You have a right to feel safe here. When somebody’s negligence breaks that trust, we help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

Give Ladah Law, PLLC a call for your no-obligation initial consultation today.

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Your Paradise Personal Injury Attorneys

Common Paradise Accidents

Car Accidents
Truck Accidents
Motorcycle Accidents

Click on one of the tabs above to learn more about different types of common Paradise accidents.

Car Accident Attorneys

Paradise Car Accident Attorney

Just when society made everyone hyperaware of the dangers of drinking and driving, smartphones came along and the addicted masses are now texting and driving When you get injured in a car accident, determining the cause of the accident is important since the responsible party will be liable for your injuries and losses.

Like any legal case, evidence and witnesses may need to piece together what happened, especially when the last thing you remember is getting in your car. If the police initially put the blame on the other guy, his or her insurance will be responsible to compensate you for the accident. However, the insurance company attorneys will descend on the incident in force to show you responsible as well and attempt to minimize your claim.

Protecting Your Rights

Ladah Law, PLLC is an experienced car accident attorney firm. We know the tactics of insurance companies and their attorneys don’t intimidate us. We know how to gather the evidence and details of the accident to protect your claim for compensation. We can’t do this however, until you call. By calling us as soon after the accident as possible we can stay ahead of the insurance company.

When your injuries are serious, the insurance company will seek to settle early. They will flash a large sum in hopes that you will accept their offer. You shouldn’t do this without legal representation. Here is why.

Your Needs, Today & Tomorrow

Most people have little understanding of the costs of their current and future medical bills. They also may not understand the complications their injury may present in the future. Lost income and future income are a little easier to calculate but how do you put a value on the loss of a relationship or your pain and suffering? The insurance company has no desire to pay the fair value of these losses. We make sure they do anyway.

At Ladah Law, we understand that your settlement isn’t just a big number, it is your life; possibly your retirement as well. The negligence of another person shouldn’t rob you of your life and future. Give us a call today and let’s discuss your future.

Paradise Truck Accident Attorney

Possibly, more than any other state, Nevada depends on trucks to supply us with our basic needs. Trucks are omnipresent on our roads and freeways; which is fine when you are talking about fresh strawberries from Southern California or prime beef from Texas. However, when you need to get on the beltway to get to Summerlin, it can sometimes feel like you are taking your life into your hands as you “share” the road with big rigs and other trucks.

If you are hit by a semi truck in Paradise, Ladah Law, PLLC is the experienced truck accident injury attorney firm you should call. An accident with a large truck is often catastrophic. Even a low-speed fender bender could result in severe injury due to the difference in mass between you and the truck. Determining the cause of the accident is critical to obtaining the compensation you need and deserve in the event of a truck accident. By calling us as soon as you can after a truck accident we can make sure critical evidence is preserved and witnesses located.

Assigning Liability

At the scene of the accident, law enforcement will determine any wrongdoing and issue citations accordingly. However, these aren’t always conclusive. Sometimes accident reconstruction experts are needed to fully determine fault and liability.

In a typical truck accident, you will be facing attorneys from insurance companies representing the insurance companies of the driver, maintenance company, truck owner, and maybe even the dispatcher. Their goal is to deny you the settlement you deserve by contesting their responsibility and even assigning blame on you. Their tactics don’t intimidate us. We are prepared for them and we know how to make sure they accept their responsibility for the accident.

Obtaining A Proper Settlement

Even when we prove liability against the responsible parties, they will try to minimize your settlement by not acknowledging the severity of your injuries or the amount of you losses. We know how to itemize your losses and make sure you receive compensation for damages that were a direct result of you accident.

We make sure you receive compensation for your current and future medical bills, rehabilitation, lost income, lost opportunity, even pain and suffering. We make sure your compensation takes into consideration your future needs and quality of life.

Give Ladah Law a call today for a full recovery from your truck accident.

Paradise Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Paradise is famous for the Las Vegas Strip. Paradise is also famous for being the second most populated unincorporated community in the United States behind Honolulu, Hawaii. Located in Clark County, Nevada, Paradise boasts a population of about 223,000 people living within an area of about 47 miles. This means that there are a large number of motorists and motorcyclists all sharing limited roadways. Therefore, motorcyclists are at an increased risk of being involved in a motorcycle accident. When you or a loved one suffers a motorcycle accident in Paradise, you need vigorous and aggressive representation in order to receive compensation for your injuries. The attorneys at Ladah Law Firm are these type of attorneys: 702-252-0055

Injuries and Damages Suffered in a Paradise Motorcycle Accident

Outside ofVegas
Motorcyclists don’t have the protection and benefit of things like seatbelts, vehicle frames, and airbags to absorb force and prevent injuries when an accident occurs; instead, it is likely that the motorcyclist’s own body will absorb the shock of the crash. The motorcyclist may be hit and pinned between the motorcycle/motor vehicle and another object, may have their body crushed under a car, or could be thrown from their motorcycle – all of these can result in devastating injuries. Some of the most common injuries that can be suffered in a Paradise motorcycle accident include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries. For motorcyclists involved in crashes, traumatic brain injuries are one of the most likely injury types. These injuries occur when the motorcyclist’s head is hit with an object/strikes the ground, or when the skull is penetrated. Traumatic brain injuries are more likely, and more likely to be serious when the motorcyclist is not wearing a helmet at the time of the collision.
  • Spinal cord injuries. Back and neck injuries are common in motorcycle crashes. One of the most terrible and catastrophic back and neck injuries is a spinal cord injury. The spinal cord is responsible for transmitting information from the brain to other parts of the body, allowing for sensation and movement. If the spinal cord is disrupted, so is this ability to send messages, resulting in total or partial paralysis. Tragically, spinal cord injuries are permanent.
  • Injuries to extremities: crush injuries, bone fractures, amputation injuries. A motorcyclist’s limbs and digits are at serious risk of being injured in a crash. Common injuries include bone fracture, soft tissue injuries (sprains and strains), crush injuries, and even amputation injuries in the most tragic of cases. While some injuries, such as a minor bone fracture, will likely heal with time and proper medical care, some injuries–like a crush injury or amputation injury–can never be remedied.
  • Road rash and road burn injuries. When a motorcyclist is hit, they may be thrown from their bike. This can result in them skidding along the road until friction causes them to come to a stop. If they are not wearing the right clothing to protect their skin, being pulled along the road can cause the motorcyclist’s skin to be burned as a result of heat and friction, resulting in what’s caused road rash or road burn. While some road rash injuries are relatively insignificant, others can lead to complications, including infection, and cause permanent scarring and disfigurement.
  • Internal injuries. Finally, a motorcyclist may suffer severe internal injuries. These can occur if a motorcyclist is hit with force, or if they suffer a bone fracture that punctures an internal organ, or if they are punctured with a sharp object. Internal injuries can lead to internal bleeding and other complications, including organ failure.

Injuries are traumatic, painful, debilitating, and emotionally difficult to process and live with. In addition to the injuries themselves, though, a motorcyclist injured in a crash may also suffer high medical expenses and ongoing medical costs, including the costs of surgery, rehabilitation, in-home care, etc.; property damage expenses; lost wages and a loss of earning capacity and benefits, especially for those who are still very active in the workforce; and the value of pain, suffering, emotional distress, and a diminished quality of life.

Anatomy of a Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit

When you have been injured and bring a lawsuit, you are known as the plaintiff. The individual whose carelessness caused your injuries is known as the defendant.In a Paradise motorcycle accident, you must establish four things in order to be entitled to recover damages. You must:

  • Show the defendant owed you a duty of care to act in a certain manner. In the context of a motorcycle accident, this means showing that the defendant had an obligation to operate his or her vehicle in a reasonable and careful manner. In most cases, this is not difficult to show. It is generally accepted that anyone who uses a vehicle on the roadway owes others on the roadway a duty of care.
  • Demonstrate that the defendant breached the duty of care. This means you must show evidence that the defendant did not operate his vehicle in a reasonably careful manner. This can be demonstrated by showing the defendant failed to follow the rules of the road or violated a traffic law.
  • Explain that the defendant’s breach of the duty of care caused your injuries. It does not matter if there was a breach of the duty of care if that breach was not the cause of your injuries. This usually means showing that but for the defendant’s breach of the duty of care, there would not have been any accident. It is not uncommon for there to be multiple persons at fault for a motorcycle accident; in such a case, expert witnesses may be necessary to establish what caused your collision.
  • Establish that you suffered injuries. This typically involves introducing evidence of your medical bills, lost wages, and other injuries and losses you suffered. You are unable to recover any compensation if you cannot show what it is you are needing to be compensated for. Although this is likely one of the easier elements to prove, failing to produce evidence of the extent of your injuries can result in a compensation award that is too low or no compensation at all.

Steps To Take After a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle Wreck in Paradise
While it can be difficult to think clearly after a motorcycle crash, especially as you cope with catastrophic injuries and severe economic and noneconomic losses, taking certain actions can help to preserve your right to compensation and improve your chances of recovering your full compensation amount. If you need help or guidance at any part of the process, please call us directly today.

  • Report your accident to the police. One of the first things that you need to do after a crash is to report your motorcycle accident to the police. When you do this, request a copy of the police report for your records.
  • Collect evidence. If your injuries do not preclude you from doing so, you should collect evidence to the extent possible after your crash. This might include taking pictures of the accident site and your damages, getting witnesses’ information, recording the details of the crash, and more.
  • Get medical care. If you have been in a serious crash, getting medical care won’t be an option – you’ll likely be transported directly to the hospital from the accident site. If your injuries are not serious, though, you should still seek medical care. If you don’t seek medical care, you risk having your claim denied if you attempt to seek compensation for injuries at a later date.
  • Call your insurer. As soon as you are able to, you should call your insurance company and report your accident to your insurance agent. If you wait too long to report your accident, your claim could be denied on this alone. We recommend reporting your accident within the first 24-48 hours of its occurrence.
  • Follow your doctor’s orders and keep a journal. As you heal and recover from your injuries, it’s very important that you a) follow your doctor’s orders and b) keep a journal about your recovery. The former is important because if you don’t follow your doctor’s order, the insurance adjuster responsible for processing your claim may try to argue that you failed to do your due diligence in mitigating injuries and therefore aren’t eligible for your full compensation award. The latter is important because it can be used during your claim – if you keep a journal detailing the impacts that your injuries have had on your life, this may be referenced later to prove pain and suffering damages.
  • Call a Paradise motorcycle accident attorney. If you have been in a crash, you should connect with a motorcycle accident attorney who can start working on your case, gathering evidence, and building your claim. Working with an attorney can significantly improve the outcome of your case.

Contact a Paradise Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

At Ladah Law, PLLC, we are committed to helping injured motorcyclists recover compensation after a crash. We know the evidence and testimony needed to prove your case and will keep you informed every step of the way. Do not leave your chance at receiving fair compensation to chance.Contact Ladah Law, PLLC at 702-252-0055 today for a free consultation.

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