Any unexpected death is a painful experience for those who loved the deceased. However, a wrongful death is so much more because it feels so unfair. The carelessness or negligence of another who had little consideration for your loved one can add layers of pain and anguish on top of your grief.

Ladah Law Firm, PLLC has the experience and sensitivity you will want after a wrongful death. A wrongful death lawsuit doesn’t bring anyone back but it is an important act to show the negligent party that this person’s life was important. Unfortunately, the only way we can show that is through financial compensation.

Assigning Responsibility

We understand your grief. We also understand your losses, which may include medical expenses that you shouldn’t have to cover. We take on the task of assembling the details of the accident, making sure all liable parties are identified so the proper insurance companies can be notified. We have professionals available that can reconstruct the events of an accident or testify regarding medical or surgical errors. We don’t let any detail go unnoticed.

By carefully assigning liability, we are able to maximize your compensation when we assign responsibility for your losses.

Your Rightful Compensation

In a wrongful death, you are the victim left behind to pick up the pieces. We focus on your needs and losses, making sure you are properly compensated for every detail. We also seek for compensation for your pain and suffering. You have been deprived of someone. No amount of money is sufficient to cover that. However, that is the system we have. It is your rightful compensation for the loss of your loved one.

Give Ladah Law a call as soon after the accident as possible. We handle everything sensitively and compassionately, protecting your rights and the memory of your loved one. Call for a free initial consultation today.