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At Ladah Law Firm, our experienced boating accident attorney in Nevada is standing by, ready to protect your rights and your interests. Our boating accident attorneys handle both commercial and recreational boating accidents. If you or your loved one severe injuries in any type of Nevada boat accident, we were more than ready to help with your boating accident injuries and boating accident case in Nevada. To arrange your free consultation with an experienced Nevada boat accident attorney, please do not hesitate to seek legal assistance from our Las Vegas personal injury attorneys at our Las Vegas law office today for a free initial consultation of your personal injury claim.  

We Handle the Full Range of Boat Accidents in Nevada

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With favorable weather through much of the year in many areas in the state, Nevada can be a great place for boating. Indeed, our state is home to many popular lakes for boaters, including Lake Mead near the Colorado River, Lake Tahoe, Lake Mohave, Pyramid Lake, and Lake Topaz. As great of an experience as an afternoon on your personal watercraft can be, it also has the potential to be extremely dangerous if the proper safety precautions and Nevada boating regulations by the Nevada department are not taken. At Ladah Law Firm, we handle the full range of boat safety cases. Our legal team Nevada boat accident lawyers have the skills and experience to represent victims and families in: 

  • Recreational Boat Accidents: Our team is skilled in managing cases involving recreational boat accidents across Nevada’s waters. Whether it is a collision, capsizing, or a jet ski incident on Lake Mead or Lake Tahoe, we understand the complexities of maritime and personal injury laws that protect boaters and passengers. Our Nevada boat accident lawyers are committed to fighting for the maximum compensation for victims in recreational cases. 
  • Commercial Boat Accidents: We represent victims of commercial boat accidents, addressing complex cases that involve charter boats, ferries, and other commercial vessels operating in Nevada. These incidents often include navigational errors, equipment failures, and regulatory non-compliance. If you or your family member was involved in an accident on a commercial vessel, contact our Nevada attorneys today for immediate help. 

Know the Safety Risk: Drowning is a Major Hazard of a Las Vegas Boating Accident

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Unfortunately, drowning is a serious risk associated with boat accidents. It can result from the craft capsizing,  a person falling overboard, or boat collision. In many cases, victims are not wearing life jackets—which dramatically increases the risk of drowning. Understanding and mitigating this hazard is crucial. Both recreational and commercial boat operators have a duty to take proper care to protect passengers. 

The family of a person who drowned in a boat accident that was caused by negligence may have a wrongful death claim against the responsible party, such as a recreational boat owner, commercial boat operator, or any insurance company that provided a liability policy. A wrongful death claim is a civil cause of action that allows grieving family members to seek justice, accountability, and financial support. If your loved one drowned in a boat accident, contact a Nevada wrongful death attorney who has experience with boating fatalities for immediate help. 

The Most Common Reasons Why Boat Accidents Happen

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The United States Coast Guard (USCG) reports that approximately 650 people are killed on average in recreational boat accidents nationwide each year. Many others suffer serious injuries, such as broken bones, and need to seek medical attention. Dozens more are killed in commercial boat accidents. Notably, the overwhelming majority of boat accidents could have been prevented with the proper care. Unfortunately, in far too many situations, corners are cut on safety. Boat accidents can happen for a wide range of different reasons. Every specific incident requires a thorough investigation. Here are some of the leading causes of boat accidents in Las Vegas and other areas of Nevada: 

  • Speeding: Keeping a reasonable speed is one of the keys to boat safety. Indeed, speeding is one of the leading causes of boat accidents. High speeds reduce the operator’s reaction time and increase the severity of accidents when they occur. Speed-related crashes often result from losing control over the vessel or misjudging the distance needed to stop safely. In busy waterways, excessive speed can lead to collisions with other watercraft or fixed obstacles.
  • Operator Inexperience: Inexperience can be a critical factor in boating accidents. Novice operators may lack the necessary skills to navigate complex maritime environments safely, especially under challenging conditions. Inexperience can lead to poor decision-making by a boat operator—from misjudging weather conditions to making vessel handling errors. A boat operator may be liable for an accident caused by inexperience. 
  • Intoxicated Boating: It is unlawful for a person to operate a motorized boat while under the influence of drugs or alcohol in Nevada. Operating a boat under the influence of alcohol or drugs dramatically impairs judgment, balance, and coordination. Intoxication is a major factor in boating accidents due to decreased operator capabilities. These accidents are fundamentally preventable. 
  • Reckless Boating: Reckless boating encompasses a range of dangerous behaviors, including aggressive maneuvering, overcrowding the boat, and disregarding weather advisories. Such recklessness often leads to accidents by creating unsafe conditions that can quickly escalate into emergencies. Indeed, many serious accidents are caused by recklessness. 
  • Poor Boat Maintenance: Neglecting regular maintenance can lead to equipment failures on the water, which is a frequent cause of boating accidents. Engine failures, steering problems, or hull damage can all stem from poor maintenance. Regular checks and repairs are essential to ensure the vessel’s safety and functionality. Proper maintenance of a boat goes a long way towards reducing the risk of a serious accident. 
  • Lack of Safety Equipment: All boats should be equipped with the proper life-saving devices. In Nevada, there are laws in place requiring commercial boats to have adequate life jackets for passengers. The absence of proper safety equipment on board can turn otherwise manageable situations into terrible tragedies. Life jackets, fire extinguishers, flares, and communication devices are all crucial for ensuring safety. Accidents where such equipment is missing could even lead to a death by drowning. 

Understanding Boat Accident Liability in Nevada

While there are some federal regulations that apply to boat accidents—even an incident that occurs at a lake that is entirely within the state of Nevada—the personal injury claims process is still governed primarily by state law. Here are two key points to understand about Nevada boat liability: 

  • Fault Determines Liability (Negligence): Nevada is a fault-based boat accident jurisdiction. To hold a boat operator—whether recreational or commercial—legally liable for an accident, you must prove that their negligence contributed to the harm suffered by the victims. Negligence is the failure to take proper safety precautions. Notably, commercial boat operators in Nevada are held to an especially high standard of care.  
  • Comparative Negligence Applies: Under Nevada law (NRS 41.141), a modified comparative negligence standard applies. A boat accident victim can still recover if they are deemed to be partially at fault for their own injuries. However, their recovery will be reduced proportionately to their degree of blame. Further, they will be barred from financial recovery if they are found to be liable for 51 percent (or more) of their injuries.  

Recovering the Maximum Compensation for a Boat Accident in Nevada

Suffered injuries in a boat accident? Nevada law allows you to seek compensation for both economic losses and non-economic losses with experienced Nevada injury lawyers ranging from operator inattention to an intoxicated boater. At Ladah Law Firm, we fight aggressively to help injured victims secure the absolute maximum financial support. Your damages should be accounted for. Through a bicycle accident claim, you may be entitled to recover compensation for: 

  • Property damage, such boat repairs; 
  • Emergency medical treatment; 
  • Hospital and other types of health care costs; 
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitative treatment; 
  • Loss of wages and loss of earning power; 
  • Pain and suffering & emotional distress; 
  • Physical disability/physical disfigurement; and
  • Wrongful death of a loved one. 

A Two-Year Statute of Limitations for Boat Accident Claims

Most boat accident injury claims in Nevada are subject to a two-year statute of limitations (NRS 11.190). You have a limited amount of time to file your claim. Only limited exceptions apply. In other words, you need to file any personal injury lawsuit for a boat accident within two years of the date of the incident. If you do not bring your legal claim within a timely manner, your case may be dismissed outright as a legal technicality. 

How the Nevada Boat Accident Attorneys at Ladah Law Firm Can Help

A boat accident can cause devastating, even life-threatening harm. Liability in these cases can also be unusually challenging to unravel. At Ladah Law Firm, we have the specialized skills and experience that you can trust. Our firm represents injured victims—not big insurance companies. With us, you will get access to a Nevada boat accident attorney who can: 

  • Hear what you have to say and answer your questions during a free case review; 
  • Investigate the boat incident—ensuring you have the evidence to prove fault;
  • Represent you in all aspects of the claims process, including settlement; and
  • Take aggressive action to help you and your family maximize your compensation. 

We believe that all personal injury claims require a comprehensive, personalized approach. Boat accidents are no exception. With extensive testimonials from our former clients and a proven history of case results, injured victims can rely on our Nevada boat accident lawyers when it matters most. We are prepared to get started on your case right away. 

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