Nothing is more relaxing than taking a short trip from your desert home to go boating on a nearby reservoir. The cool water in contrast to the warm sun is the perfect combination for a relaxing weekend. However, many people add one too many elements to this mix when they choose to add alcohol to the fun. Boating accidents happen everyday; some involve alcohol and many of them involve boater inexperience.

Unlike our cars, that we drive every day, many boaters only boat occasionally and don’t always know how to react when zipping by other boats, water skiers, or other water craft. Pair inexperience with even a little alcohol and a boating accident could prove deadly or at least, cause severe injuries.

Boat Accident? Call Ladah Law

A boat accident is very much like any other accident. As Nevada accident lawyers, we know the dynamics of any type of accident. We know how to identify responsible parties and assign liability for your injuries and losses. As experienced boat accident attorneys, we know all of the rules of boating and the responsibility boaters have to each other and to their passengers. When you are injured in a boat accident, the insurance company covering the boat of the negligent party is liable for your injuries and losses.

Obtaining Your Rightful Compensation

Insurance companies owe their main loyalty to their owners and shareholders. They hire attorneys to minimize the amount of money they pay out for a claim. It is never adequate for your injuries and especially never enough to cover future needs and other losses.

At Ladah Law, we make sure you receive the compensation you need and deserve. We investigate the accident enough to prove liability and then seek for compensation for your medical bills, current and future, your lost income, current and future, lost property, and pain and suffering.

A day of fun on the lake shouldn’t be a life-altering experience that denies you of all you have worked so hard for. We make sure you have what you need to meet your needs today while securing your future.

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