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Las Vegas Monorail & Tram Accidents

The Las Vegas Monorail provides tourists (and locals) with easy access to both ends of the Vegas Strip. The monorail runs seven days a week, starting at 7AM, and generally stays open past midnight. There are currently seven different stops along the line, and the ride from one end to the other takes approximately fifteen minutes. Beyond the Las Vegas Monorail, a few casinos now also offer their own short tram services to make travel between certain properties even easier. Indeed, at the current time, you can ride:


  • The Mandalay Bay – Luxor – Excalibur Tram (all properties are owned by MGM Resorts);
  • The Monte Carlo – Aria – Bellagio Tram; or
  • The Mirage – Treasure Island Tram.


To be clear, these are all private tram lines. They each have their own set schedules and hours of operation. That being said, they are all free and open to the public. So, depending on where you are headed, these tram lines could be a great option for transportation in Las Vegas.

Of course, it must also be noted that there is always a risk of serious accident on both the Las Vegas Monorail and on the private tram lines. In the unfortunate event that you have been hurt in an accident, you need to seek immediate legal assistance. At Ladah Law Firm, our experienced Las Vegas Monorail & tram accident attorneys are standing by, ready to explain your rights and help you explore your legal options.

Past Incidents on the Las Vegas Monorail

Vegas Monorail
No form of public (or private) transportation is perfect. Indeed, with other forms of transportation like buses, many different types of accidents can occur. In fact, you could even be involved in a serious accident without taking any type of public transportation, as pedestrian collisions remain a major problem in Clark County. With the Las Vegas Monorail or tram lines, at least you won’t get hit while crossing the street.

Still, there has been a notable history of safety issues with the Las Vegas Monorail system. For example, in 2004, less than two months after the current Las Vegas Monorail system opened to the public, the entire enterprise had to be shut down for four months. The reason? There were serious safety concerns. In September of 2004, a large wheel actually fell off of one of the trains on the northbound route. Further, in the winter of 2009, the monorail had a brake issue leading to an accident that resulted in several injuries.

The Las Vegas Monorail and Trams are Owned By Private Entities

If you are riding on one of the three casino tram lines, then you are taking a method of transportation that is owned and operated by one the large casino companies. Additionally, while many people do not realize this, the Las Vegas Monorail system is also privately owned. Indeed, the Vegas Monorail was originally created as a joint operation between two Vegas casino hotel properties. Eventually, it came under the ownership of Las Vegas Monorail Company (LVMC), an official Nevada nonprofit public benefit corporation.

The fact that these transportation systems are privately owned is relevant to injured victims. Due to the private ownership, victims can take legal action against these companies, without worrying about any of special legal immunity that sometimes is bestowed on government entities. Instead, because the monorail and trams are privately owned and operated, they must obtain insurance on the open market like any other business. If an injury occurs, they can be held liable for the damages.

Proving Fault for a Monorail or Tram Accident

To hold another party liable for your injuries, you must prove that they are legally liable for your accident. In Nevada, liability is based on fault, which is proven under the state’s comparative negligence rules. Nevada’s comparative fault standard has two critically important implications for accident victims:

  1. Liability for an accident requires proving negligence; and
  2. Multiple parties, including the victim, may potentially split the liability for the same accident.

On the first point, the state of Nevada defines negligence as the failure to take due care based on the given set of circumstances. Both the Las Vegas Monorail and all of the casino tram networks are considered to be ‘common carriers’. This is a legal classification that is given to entities that transport public passengers. Common carrier status is important because all common carriers, including the Las Vegas Monorail, are held to a higher standard of care. In other words, they have a heightened responsibility to protect the health and safety of their passengers and the general public.  

The second point, that negligence is ‘comparative’ in Nevada, is important because insurance companies may try to push some of the liability for an accident onto a victim. For example, if you were hurt because you slipped on a spill on the Las Vegas Monorail, an insurance company could theoretically try to blame you for part of the accident. If they can get away with this, then, your compensation would be reduced. This is unacceptable. Our attorneys can help to protect you from receiving an unfair share of the fault.

Compensation for Monorail/Tram Accident Victims  
Las Vegas Case Results

If you were hurt in a Las Vegas Monorail incident (or a casino tram accident), the responsible party owes you full and fair compensation. Not only can you seek financial recovery for any direct monetary losses, but you are also able to take action to recover compensation for any intangible (noneconomic) losses. More specifically, the experienced Clark County personal lawyers at Ladah Law Firm may be able to help you seek financial relief for:

  • Emergency room and ambulance fees;
  • Hospital bills;
  • Treatment with medical specialists;
  • Any required medication and medical equipment;
  • Lost income, including lost future wages;
  • Long-term disability;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Mental anguish; and
  • Severe physical trauma, including disfigurement.

Get Legal Assistance Today
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At Ladah Law Firm, our Vegas personal injury lawyers have extensive experience handling monorail and tram accident claims. If you or a loved one was hurt in an accident, we can help you seek full and fair compensation for your losses.

To schedule a free review of your case, please contact our team today at (702) 252-0055. From our office in downtown Las Vegas, we serve injured victims throughout Clark County and Southern Nevada.


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