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The FDA is Probing Nevada-Based ‘Real Water’ After Several Serious Injuries Reported

little girl drinking Real Water
Have you or your loved one consumed Real Water? The Las Vegas-based alkaline bottled water brand is currently being probed by federal regulators for possible health and safety violations. According to a report from the Las Vegas Review Journal, multiple lawsuits have been filed against the company and several retailers—including Whole Foods and Costco—alleging that serious liver illnesses are linked to the alkalized bottled water product.

At Ladah Law Firm, our Las Vegas Real Water injury lawyers are strong, devoted advocates for victims and their families. We know how to hold product manufacturers, distributors, and retailers accountable for the harm they cause. If you or your family member was harmed by Real Water, you need professional representation. To set up a free, confidential consultation with an experienced Las Vegas personal injury attorney, please call us at 702-252-0055 or contact us directly online.

What is Real Water?

Real Water is the brand name of alkaline bottled water owned and sold by a company called AffinityLifestyles.com Inc. Founded back in 1998, AffinityLifestyles.com is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. The brand name product ‘Real Water’ is distributed throughout the country. Alkaline water (alkalized water) is water with a high pH level. As explained by the United States Geological Survey, “pH is a measure of how acidic/basic water is”, with a score of ‘1’ being highly acidic and ‘13’ being very alkaline. In other words, alkaline water is less acidic than other water.

Some people have touted the health benefits of alkalized water. Though, the health claims are controversial. A recent article published by the Mayo Clinic, notes that there is “little credible evidence” to support any special health benefits for alkaline water. The issue with ‘Real Water’ is not that the brand may have overstated the health benefits in its marketing. The allegations are far more serious. The brand-name bottled water product may be defective and unreasonably dangerous for public consumption.

Real Water: An Overview of the Current Health and Safety Information

In recent weeks, multiple lawsuits have been filed alleging the consumption of tainted Real Water is linked directly to serious liver damage. The United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA) is currently investigating the product to figure out exactly what happened. A product safety recall has already been issued by the company. This is a fast-moving case and new updates are coming frequently. Here is the latest information about the water safety issues:

  • March 16th, 2021: The FDA announced that the agency was alerted to several acute non-viral hepatitis in Southern Nevada. The patients suffered liver failure. The only link between the unusual injuries was consumption of Real Water. The agency announced that it is launching a more comprehensive investigation into the product.
  • March 24th, 2021: The FDA noted that similar liver damage was reported in other areas outside of Southern Nevada, including in Southern Utah, Arizona, and Central California. The FDA also noted that the company was not providing adequate cooperation on its own. It issued an official demand for records and information under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.
  • March 25th, 2021: The FDA issued a product safety recommendation for consumers, restaurants, and retailers. The official guidance from the federal agency is as follows: “Do not drink, cook with, sell, or serve “Real Water” alkaline water until more information is known about the cause of the illnesses. Further, FDA advises that this water not be served to pets.”
  • March 27th, 2021: According to reporting from SBNation, Stephen Bonnar—a retired UFC fighter based in Las Vegas, NV—has filed a lawsuit for a Real Water injury. The legal claim alleges that Mr. Bonnar was hospitalized for liver failure after drinking the alkaline water product.

Former UFC star Stephen Bonnar’s unfortunate medical complications provide an illustrative example of the types of injuries people are reporting. A complaint filed in a Clark County, NV court alleges that Mr. Bonnar and his similarly situated co-plaintiffs all suffered acute liver failure after consuming Real Water. Mr. Bonnar was reportedly hospitalized for nearly a week due to the severity of his condition. The investigation is still ongoing and more needs to be learned about the adverse impact of this potentially dangerous and defective product. Notably, the founder of Real Water recently apologized for the product safety issues.

Companies Must Ensure Product Safety

Real Water
When you purchase a product, you have the fair and reasonable expectation that it will not cause serious harm to you or a family member. Businesses have a legal duty to ensure that their products are fit for public consumption. Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers may all bear liability for putting a dangerous and defective product into the stream of commerce. Unfortunately, there are now very serious questions being raised about the safety of Real Water. If you or your loved one suffer an injury because of a dangerous or defective product, a Las Vegas product liability attorney can help you take action to get justice and compensation.

Injured Victims May Be Entitled to Financial Compensation

Through a product liability claim, injured victims may be entitled to get financial compensation. To recover financial support, you must prove the company’s liability and the extent of your damages. At Ladah Law Firm, our Las Vegas Real Water injury attorneys have the knowledge and tenacity to get you the full compensation you are owed. Depending on the nature and severity of your injuries, you may be eligible to recover financial compensation for:

  • Emergency medical treatment;
  • Surgical operations;
  • Other medical bills and expenses;
  • Rehabilitative care;
  • Lost wages;
  • Loss of ability to earn money;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Scarring or disfigurement;
  • Permanent impairment; and
  • Wrongful death.

You Can Rely on the Product Liability Attorneys at Ladah Law Firm

Justice for injuries
Product liability claims are complicated. Big businesses and their insurers put major resources into protecting their own financial interests. At Ladah Law Firm, we have the professional skills and legal knowledge to hold negligent manufacturers and retailers accountable. Our law firm is investigating and evaluating Real Water injury claims. When you call our Las Vegas office, you will have a chance to consult with a Nevada product liability attorney who can:

  • Conduct a free, comprehensive assessment of your Real Water injury case;
  • Answer your questions and provide a step-by-step explanation of the claims process;
  • Investigate your injury—compiling the documents, records, and evidence you need; and
  • Take forceful legal action to protect your rights and get you justice.

As every defective product case is unique, you need personal guidance, support, and attention from a qualified lawyer. Ladah Law Firm will be by your side throughout the entire legal process. With a well-documented record of successful results in product liability claims, you can count on our Las Vegas Real Water injury attorneys to handle your case the right way.

Call Our Las Vegas Real Water Injury Lawyers for Help

At Ladah Law Firm, our top-rated Nevada Real Water injury attorneys have the skills, knowledge, and expertise to protect your rights. You deserve justice and financial compensation. Companies must be held to account for product safety violations. If you or your loved one suffered harm after consuming Real Water, we are more than ready to protect your rights. Call us at 702-252-0055 or send us a message online for a free, no-obligation review of your legal case. With a law office in Las Vegas, we represent victims and their families throughout Southern Nevada.


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