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Slip and Falls at Las Vegas Buffets

Slips and Falls occurring at buffets are better cases than average slip and fall cases.  While certain things need to be proven under Nevada law to win on a slip and fall case, buffets have a higher standard for safety of their premises because they are self service establishments.  When guests self-serve themselves at buffets, and the food is set out for guests to just come up and take for themselves, there is a higher chance that the guests will spill food and liquid on the floor.  The reason being, guests are untrained in service so when they take the place of trained food servers the chances of spills, and slip and fall injuries, is much higher.

Likewise, any time the establishment is attempting to save money by cutting down on the number of servers, which means less employees walking around to clean the floors, this means the establishment is more susceptible to slip and fall injuries.  Therefore, these types of business are held to a higher standard and it is easier to prove fault against these types of establishments in slip and fall cases.  The other types of cases where this higher standard for slip and fall liability applies includes the produce section of grocery stores, any restaurant that has a salad bar, and any other restaurants, the self-service food sections at fresh and easy, whole foods, and other grocery stores, self-serve pizza establishments, and others.  These types of establishments commonly have constant debris on the floors.

If you have been injured as a result of a slip and fall at a buffet, in the produce or self serve section of a grocery store, or any other slip and fall where the food is on display and customers serve themselves, then call Ladah Law Firm today at 702-252-0055.  We have free consultations and know how to win these cases.

You are Not Partially At Fault for Slipping and Falling

The most common defense in slip and fall cases in Nevada is the defense that the slip and fall victim is partially or entirely at fault for failing to see the dangerous condition or spill when it was “open and obvious”.  If a jury finds that you are more than 50% at fault for failing to see the spill or dangerous condition that caused you to fall, then you cannot recover anything for your injuries.  Yet, if you are found 50% at fault or less then you can recover and your damages award is reduced by the amount that you are found partially at fault.

While employees of a restaurant are required to constantly look for debris and spills on the floors, patrons and customers are not.  Thus, it is usually very difficult for defense attorneys to argue that you are partially at fault for failing to see the spill and failing to avoid slipping in it.  This is termed a “comparative negligence” argument, or an argument that you as the injured victim are partially or fully at fault for your own injuries.  It takes a competent and experienced slip and fall attorney to fight these types of arguments and successfully obtain the money that you deserve for your slip and fall injuries.  Call us today at Ladah Law Firm to discuss your case, at no charge, with an experienced slip and fall attorney.

Caution Signs and Cones as Slip and Fall Spill Warnings

Business owners often are under the mistaken belief that if they put up a caution sign or cone where the spill occurred, that they are no longer responsible for any slip and falls at that exact location.  They are wrong.  If they put up a cone or sign after you slipped and fell, then obviously they are likely still at fault for your injuries.  If the cone or sign existed when you slipped and fell, then it depends on how good of a warning the cone or sign was and how visible the cone or sign was.  Cones and signs are only one of many different safety procedures.  The other safety and prevention procedures, such as inspections, sweeps, sweeps logs, and others, still need to be followed.  If you have been injured in a slip and fall and the insurance company is claiming there was a sign or cone to warn people, call us today.  They often invent these claims as a defense.  The attorneys at Ladah Law Firm have experience fighting these types of claims.  Call us today at 702-252-0055

Mats and Flooring Safety on Las Vegas Slip and Falls Cases

Even when the liquid or substance on the floor comes from a natural source, such as rainwater, ice, snow, mud, sand, or any other type of natural substance,  business owners still need to protect patrons who are in their stores.  These natural substances can be dangerous to unsuspecting patrons, especially when they have no reason to expect a dangerous condition that is commonly found outside.

Types of substances that mats placed at entrances and high risk areas of the store can fix include the following:

  • Mud
  • Rainwater
  • Sleet
  • Ice
  • Snow

When these substances are in places that a patron cannot reasonably expect them, such as inside a store, or on a sidewalk, the business may be at fault if you slip and fall on the substance.  The business must inspect to clean up these hazardous conditions or make sure that there are mats in place to prevent the rain water and mud from being tracked into the store.

Sometimes sprinklers and hoses break, or refrigerators malfunction, causing water to leak onto walkways, into stores, onto sidewalks, or other places where this water should not exist.  Business owners, including apartment complexes, hotels and casinos, and other types of property owners, have a duty to ensure that broken or malfunctioning sprinklers and hoses do not cause hazardous conditions.

Usually, slip resistant matting, flooring, or other types of safety devices that can be placed on the floor can be an easy fix for the owner of the premises.  If the owner of the business fail to put these mats or safety devices in place, or fail to pay attention to their equipment, they can be held liable if you slip and fall as a result of their negligence.  If you have been injured in a slip and fall case as a result of one of these hazardous conditions, call Ramzy Ladah today at Ladah Law Firm for a free consultation at 702-252-0055 for your Las Vegas Slip and Fall injury case.

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