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Las Vegas Retail Store Accident Attorney

Commercial property &retail store owners, in the Las Vegas community lolowe a responsibility to the general public & their customers when they come onto the property they own. They must warn people of any potentially dangerous conditions and take reasonable precautions against injury.

If you have been hurt as the result of a Las Vegas retail store accident, call someone over at Ladah Law Firm, PLLC at 702-252-0055, today and you can get a free consultation to discuss the incident with a lawyer.

Falling Merchandise Injury Claims Lawyer

When retail establishments fail to take safety measures, severe injuries such as broken bones, severe contusions, or neck and back injuries may result. Retail store accidents may occur as the result of:

  • Dangerous property conditions such as construction work-sites: Often, additions to buildings or remodeling can lead to tools and/or equipment being left out in ways that lead to danger for customers.
    Ladders, flooring tools, heavy sheets of materials (wood, drywall, etc.) are all things that may be left out in an unsafe manner. Numerous construction tools, rolls of carpet, stacks of flooring materials (such as tiles, etc) often end up in the way of traffic flow during remodeling.
  • Brooken doors, escalators, & handrails on stairways: (not to mention broken stairs themselves) can lead to injuries.
  • Poorly placed objects & inventory: Retailers often get more inventory than they can safely display or store in the stockroom. This leads to situations where heavy objects get stacked high up on shelves without enough room to ensure they don’t fall when nudges or shaken. Later, unsuspecting customers stretch to grab something & a heavy object crashes down onto their head. Rearranging the way inventory is displayed adding or taking away shelving & just general reorganizations can also lead to things being poorly placed that lend toward unsafe situations that ultimately end up with people injured.
  • Spills or leaks that lead to slip-and-fall injuriesThis may be one of the more common ones & really one of the easiest to fix (in some situations). When a container gets dropped or broken, store owners have a responsibility to warn people coming into the establishment that a danger persists. They should also tend to making it safe again as a priority. It doesn’t take long to put out some type of sign as a warning & it’s a measure well worth the time/investment. Can you imagine learning your concussion from slipping on something in a store ultimately was caused because a property owner was just too cheap to purchase some inexpensive danger signs? Which, leads us to:
  • Poor Lighting: not being able to see to avoid obstacals or dangers can be a serious problem for retail stores. Unlit stairwells or objects left out can pose serious risks for customers. Poor lighting could actually act as an attractant for dangerous individuals who are looking for easy targets for theft.
  • Inadequate security measures: This could be anything from insufficient security personnel to lack of security cameras around the building, or even poor lighting, etc. These things may draw criminals to the location putting customers in the line of fire (maybe even literally speaking).
  • Fire Hazards: flammable objects or materials & chemicals left in the wrong places could lead to explosions or fires breaking out. This obviously a dangerous place for anyone to be.

Generally speaking, commercial establishments such as retail stores must carry liability insurance to protect its customers and other individuals visiting their premises. In many cases, properties carry a variety of insurance coverage under which injured victims may recover compensation.

Contacting Our Firm’s Las Vegas, Nevada, Dangerous Property Attorney

If you have suffered injuries as a result of a slip-and-fall in the store, falling merchandise or other accidents caused by negligent behavior of the store’s employees or its owners, contact Attorney Ramzy Ladah at Ladah Law Firm, PLLC, today to discuss a potential claim. Our initial consultation will cost you nothing & you won’t pay unless we win your case.

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