If you’ve been hurt at the mall due to carelessness of the establishment or store owners, contact an experienced attorney. You shouldn’t have to worry about being injured when shopping at the mall.

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Las Vegas Mall Injury Lawyer

Although malls around the country are shutting down in record numbers, destinations like Meadows Mall and Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas continue to attract millions of visitors a year. With so many people stopping by, it is unsurprising that accidents can and will occur. If you have been injured in a mall, then you could have a legal claim for compensation.

How You Can be Injured in a Mall

At Ladah Law, we have met with clients who were injured in shopping mall accidents. Although every case is different, the ways in which they hurt themselves usually fall into the following categories:
Slip and fall. Many people fall when slipping on freshly mopped floors or because something wet was left on the floor.

Trip and fall. Visitors can also trip over objects that should not be on the floor, such as boxes or merchandise that has fallen from the shelves. It is also easy to trip in a pothole in the parking lot.

Escalator accidents. It is very easy to be injured trying to get on an escalator, especially if it is designed poorly and you trip or get shoelaces stuck in the steps. Once on the escalator, you might trip or slip and tumble down to the ground.

Falling merchandise. Loose or poorly-constructed shelves could collapse or tip over, sending merchandise raining down on your head.

Food poisoning. If the mall has a food court, then something you eat could be prepared in an unsafe manner. You might immediately become sick.

The key in these cases will be to show that the shopping mall or tenant did not act in a safe manner toward their customers. If their carelessness caused you to suffer a physical injury, then you might have a valid legal claim for compensation.

Special Note on Assaults in Malls

Mall Security
The above incidents are all accidents—someone is injured unintentionally because the mall or a tenant was careless. But some injuries are the result of intentional violent conduct.
It is no secret that malls have their share of assaults and batteries. In fact, not having adequate security is now many people’s biggest fear in public places like this. The stories fill the newspapers:

  • In 2011, a woman from California was raped in the Fashion Show Mall parking lot by two homeless men.
  • In 2017, a man was charged with first-degree assault for stabbing a man in the Mall of America.
  • In 2017, a man was arrested for committing sexual assault in a mall in Georgia.
  • In 2018, a man donned a mask and a fake rifle to terrorize people in the Boulevard Mall.

In certain situations, a mall can be held responsible for a physical assault, especially if they did not provide adequate security. Malls are not always responsible for criminal activity occurring on the premises, but they will be responsible if the criminal activity was something they should have reasonably anticipated would happen.
Malls can fail to provide adequate security in many ways:
Failing to provide security cameras throughout the mall and in stores or failing to fix or replace broken security cameras.
Failing to hire adequate security.
Failing to set and enforce rules against loitering.
Failing to respond to complaints of criminal activity in a reasonable manner.

A mall that fails to provide adequate security has itself been negligent, and you might be able to sue them because of an attack.

Calculating How Much Your Injuries are Worth

At Ladah Law, our injured clients need compensation. Their injuries often require tens of thousands of dollars in medical care, and many of them cannot return to work, at least temporarily. As a result, our clients need funds for the following:

  • Medical expenses, such as surgery, doctor treatment, rehabilitation, and prescription drugs
  • Wages lost while our clients were recuperating
  • Pain and suffering, for the physical and emotional pain that accompanies any physical injury

The amount of compensation our clients can receive will differ depending on the circumstances, with the most serious physical injuries tending to receive the most money.

What to Do After a Mall Injury

It is easy to become confused after suffering a serious injury at the mall. But there are certain steps you should take that will help protect your right to compensation:

  • Notify security. If you have been the victim of a violent assault, then security needs to know to stop the assailant. Scream, shout, get someone’s attention. If no one hears you, run to the nearest store.
  • Notify a mall employee. Even if you were accidentally injured, you should let the mall know so that they can immediately keep people away from a dangerous hazard. Many mall accidents draw a crowd, but if you slip and fall in the bathroom then you need to let someone in a position of power know.
  • Get medical treatment. You need to protect your health, so immediately receive treatment by going to the doctor or hospital. Realize that some injuries, like brain injuries, don’t manifest symptoms in many cases for 24 hours. Follow your doctor’s orders so that you get well.
  • Identify witnesses. If someone saw the accident or assault, get their name and contact information. You might be shaken, so ask someone else to get this information.
  • Write down your memories of what happened. You are a witness to your accident or assault, and you should record what you remember as soon as possible.

By taking these steps, you will increase your chances of receiving compensation for your injuries.

Speak to Ladah Law Today

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The final step you should take is to hire an experienced mall injury attorney in Nevada. A skilled attorney can help gather evidence in support of your claim and present a claim to the mall’s insurer for compensation. They will know what evidence an insurer will find compelling and can aggressively negotiate a favorable settlement.

For more information, please contact a mall injury lawyer at Ladah Law today. We offer potential clients a free consultation, which they can schedule by picking up a phone and calling 702-252-0055.

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