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Forklift Accident Attorney

Forklifts unquestionably have made construction work immeasurably easier. That said, these immensely powerful machines can cause serious injuries in warehouses, plants, construction sites, fields and other workplaces. Forklift accidents often result in catastrophic accidents and injuries, including paralysis, spinal cord injury, amputation, broken bones, brain damage, and other serious injuries due to the powerful force and dangerous nature of forklifts. Call us today: 702-252-0055.

When a person is injured by a forklift, it is important to know that you may have recourse in the form of a product liability or personal injury lawsuit, depending on the circumstances surrounding your accident. Get in touch as soon as possible to inform yourself of your options.

The Lawyers at Ladah Law Firm are prepared to thoroughly conduct an investigation into any forklift accident case, including those involving:

  • Tips or rolls
  • Crushing or pinning a worker
  • Collision
  • Dropping the cargo
  • Lack of supervision
  • Operating the forklift in dangerous areas
  • Running over workers and pedestrians
  • Backing up over unsuspecting individuals

Companies need training to ensure their forklift drivers know how to safely operate the equipment. According to USFC (US Forklift Operator Certification) , OSHA requires all forklift operators in Nevada to be certified at least once every three years. This is to help ensure that accidents don’t occur from operators being unfamiliar with the equipment and understand the threat heavy equipment poses to bystanders. Forklift training may vary from company to company as OSHA itself does not provide the training. It is up to the employer of forklift operators to set up and/or provide the training program.

There is good reason for this certification, although, in some cases it’s obviously not enough to ensure safety. Forklifts are heavy vehicles capable of lifting thousands of pounds high above the vehicle. This requires a substantial amount of weight to be at the base of the vehicle which also means that the vehicle itself is quite powerful to move it’s own weight as well as the weight of the load it is carrying. Beyond that, the forks have to be constructed of heavy metal capable of withstanding a lat of weight extended out on the forks. This combination of weight, power & heavy metal is the perfect cocktail for serious injury under the right circumstances. In the hands of an inexperience driver, even if they are certified, this could be devastating to an innocent bystander or other employees. It doesn’t take much impact form something as solid as the fork or the body of the vehicle itself to inflict serious injury. What may seem nothing more than a little bump to the driver could be extensive damage & injury to someone struck by any aspect of this vehicle. That’s not even accounting for the potential for heavy loads being carried or recently place to fall on someone near by.

Forklift cases can be complicated and costly, requiring the hiring of construction and equipment experts. At Ladah Law Firm, PLLC, we are prepared to spend money on your case to make sure we win. From there we will bring our expertise to do everything we can to recover compensation for injuries to the head, brain, internal organs, spine, bones or other body parts. Using our comprehensive knowledge and rigorous approach to discovery, we will build the case to maximize your compensation and benefits. We are dedicated to your future & and urge you to connect with us as early as possible after being injured.

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