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Las Vegas Injuries to Children & Attractive Nuisance Attorney

Children are naturally curious and if you are not always around to keep an eye on them, they may occasionally get into a tight spot. Sometimes, they get away from situations with bruises and scratches; other times it can be worse. Unfortunately, such accidents are common. At Ladah Law Firm, we have the experience necessary to protect your rights in such cases. Call us today: 702-252-0055.

Children do not have the life experiences of adults and they may not know what is good for them or bad. It is the responsibility of adults to ensure that there are no harmful objects around them, which can lead to a mishap. Some objects or locations may not look harmful but may be dangerous for children, such as swimming pools, holes in the ground and construction sites.

These objects are called ‘attractive nuisances’ – a hazardous or dangerous object which a child may find interesting or appealing. It is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure that such objects are fenced off if there are children around. Warning signs should also be visible so that parents are aware of the hazard. If your child has received injuries in such an accident in Las Vegas we can help you take the case forward. You need an experienced Las Vegas injuries to children & attractive nuisance attorney by your side.

Understanding ‘Attractive Nuisance’ And Making A Case For Your Child’s Injury

Swimming pools, farm and lawn equipment, ponds and fountains are all examples for attractive nuisance. Children will be attracted to them and may injure themselves if there is no adult around to monitor them. The legal dilemma is to determine what precautions should the property owners have taken to ensure that children do not have easy access to such things. Would a warning sign be enough? How about a fence? Fence with barbed wire, perhaps? The precautions depend on the nuisance.

What Will The Court Do In Such Cases?

If a child is injured around such things, the court will determine if the child was not capable of understanding the risks, connected to the encounter. They will also focus on the neglect of the property owner. Certain statutes exist that determine the course property owners need to take to protect children from the hazards on their property.

If you come to Ladah Law Firm, we can investigate the incident and determine who was at fault. If your child was not at fault, but the business was, we can launch a lawsuit against the business to compensate you for your child’s injuries and to ensure that no child goes through the same situation. To learn about our injuries to children & attractive nuisance services and for a free consultation on the issue, please call Ladah Law Firm for a free initial consultation: 702.252.0055.

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