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You shouldn’t have to worry about unsafe conditions when you’re on the casino floor. If you’ve been injured due to negligence, you need to speak with an experienced attorney.

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Las Vegas Casino Injury Lawyer

Las Vegas is known all over the world for its casinos. Each year, billions of dollars are wagered at casino properties in Vegas and throughout Southern Nevada. Whether it is on the Strip, in Downtown Vegas or anywhere else in Clark County, casino patrons are looking for a good time, a safe experience, and hopefully, some good luck.

While casino owners and operators are certainly not obligated to provide you with a winning time, they do have a legal duty to provide reasonably safe conditions to their patrons and to any members of the public who are coming onto their property. Not only must they warn of potentially dangerous conditions such as those that exist when upgrades are being made to the casino, but they must also take reasonable action to prevent injuries.

When Las Vegas casinos fail to live up to their obligations to provide safe conditions, patrons can suffer very serious injuries. At Ladah Law Firm, our dedicated personal injury team is proud to fight for the rights and interests of casino injury victims. We work aggressively to help victims recover every dollar that they rightfully deserve. If you have been injured at a casino, call (702) 252-0055 today for a free initial consultation with Las Vegas Attorney Ramzy Ladah.

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Common Types of Casino Accidents and Injuries

When casino owners fail to take necessary safety precautions, whether purposefully to cut costs or simple carelessness, serious injuries such as broken bones, paralysis or brain injury, or even death may occur as a result. These injuries can have a wide variety of underlying causes, as there are many potential dangers at casinos. Some of the most common reasons that accidents occur in Vegas casinos include:

Broken or unsafe gambling machines: Vegas casinos are loaded with gambling machines and equipment. Some of these machines are quite large, and they have the potential to cause serious injuries should something go wrong. Casino operators must always ensure that their gambling floor is properly designed and maintained, so that customers can play in safety.

  • Dangerous property conditions: Beyond the well-trafficked casino floor, the rest of the casino property must be safe for invited guests as well. You should not face any unreasonable injury risks while walking to your room, while riding on the elevator or escalator or while you are anywhere else on the property. Indeed, casinos also need to make sure that exterior areas, such as walkways and parking lots, are safe.
  • Poorly maintained pool areas: If a casino has a pool on the property, strict safety precautions must be taken to ensure that no one is injured or killed at the pool. This means that casino operators must do everything from ensuring that lifeguards are present, to ensuring that the pool area itself is free from property defects.
  • Slippery floors: Wet floors are always a major safety threat. This is true at every Vegas business, and casinos are no exception. Whether it is from a spill or a leak, a slippery floor has the potential to lead to a very serious accident. Casino staff must act quickly to clean up spills and mark off slippery spots to warn customers.
  • Poorly run restaurants: Most Vegas casinos now have their own restaurants right on the property. A restaurant is always a source of potential danger, and it must be managed with due care. Poorly managed restaurants can cause many different types of injuries, from food poisoning to a patron being burned at dinner.
  • Over-serving customers: It is no secret that heavy alcohol consumption often occurs at casinos. Managers have a legal duty to ensure that alcohol is served in a safe manner, and this means not over-serving patrons, as over-served patrons present dangers to both themselves and to the other guests.
  • Poor security: With so much money flying around, casinos must have adequate security. Of course, casinos hire security to protect their own assets, but they must also hire security to protect guests. As patrons are also entitled to secure conditions, casinos must have sufficient, well-trained security personnel on site.
  • Exposed construction: Vegas casinos are constantly being upgraded. When construction is occurring, particularly when it is in a section of the property that is exposed to guests, casino managers must ensure that the area is adequately marked to prevent injuries.

Compensation Available to Casino Injury Victims

Victims deserve financial compensation that is equal in value to the value of their damages. To obtain this recovery, injured victims be able to prove their damages with evidence. Under Nevada law, you have a right to recover for both monetary losses as well as intangible losses. At Ladah Law Firm, our personal injury attorneys can help you seek compensation for:

All medical bills, including emergency expenses;
Required physical or psychological therapy;
Long-term disability;
Lost income, including diminished earning capacity;
Pain and suffering;
Mental anguish;
Disfigurement; and
Loss of life enjoyment.

Victims Must Be Ready to Deal With Insurance Companies

Legally, commercial premises such as casinos are required to hold large liability insurance policies under which individuals injured on their property may recover compensation. In most cases, several such policies exist, providing ample opportunity for a full and fair recovery. However, this does not mean that full and fair recovery is easy; quite the contrary. Unfortunately, insurance companies will work hard to try to limit a victim’s recovery, sometimes even outright denying valid claims. If you were injured in a casino accident, you need to be ready to take on the big insurance companies. To do this, it is best to always deal with insurance company representatives through your Las Vegas premises liability attorney. Your attorney will be able to determine precisely what needs to be done in your case, in order to best protect your rights and interests.

Las Vegas Injury Lawyer Representation

Contact Our Las Vegas Casino Injury Claims Lawyers

If you were hurt in an accident at a casino, the experienced personal injury lawyers at Ladah Law Firm can help. To set up a free review of your claim, please do not hesitate to call us today at (702) 252-0055 or to reach out to us directly online. We represent injured victims in Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City, Green Valley, Spring Valley and State Lane, at Galleria Mall, Fashion Show Mall, Outlet malls and at other locations.

Frequently Asked Questions About Casino Accidents & Injuries

What’s the first thing I should do after an injury in a casino?

Get medical attention. Chances are you do not know the full extent of your injuries, and you might be more injured than you initially think. It isn’t unusual for head injuries, in particular, to get worse over 24-48 hours, but prompt medical treatment is key.

If you are hurt, ask someone to call an ambulance or get to the hospital as soon as possible.

I think this settlement offer is fair; should I sign it?

Not without talking to an attorney first. It is highly unusual for an insurance company to make a fair offer right out of the gate. Instead, they usually go with a low ball first offer and only increase the amount of compensation offered with great reluctance.

No matter how fair you think the settlement is, you should absolutely meet with an attorney first. The fact is that before you can get any compensation you will need to sign away your right to sue the casino in the future for more money. Every settlement offer comes with a waiver that cuts off your right to sue in the future, so this is your one chance to get all the money you can.

Can I sue a casino if I was assaulted by another patron?

Possibly. As an initial matter, the casino is not responsible for everyone’s behavior in the casino. So the casino is not automatically on the hook if someone assaults you. But the law might sometimes hold casinos responsible when a patron assaults you.

For example, the casino might have received complaints about a patron being rowdy or touching people without permission. Once they receive this notice, the casino should promptly investigate and ask the person to leave, if necessary. If no one at the casino responds to complaints about a dangerous patron, and this person goes on to assault you, then you might be able to sue the casino. The key is what the casino knew and how they responded.

Can I use the casino’s security footage to help my case?

Yes. Nobody should suffer a physical injury; but if you are going to be injured, then getting hurt in a casino is one of the best places. There are security cameras everywhere. It’s not an overstatement to say that casinos record everything but you going to the bathroom. Very little happens in a casino that is not recorded on video somewhere, and this evidence can help bolster your claim.

For example, you might have tripped and fallen over an object left on the floor. With the help of video, you can prove that the object was where you claimed it was. You might even be able to identify how long it was on the floor without being removed by staff. This type of evidence can prove crucial in a trip and fall or slip and fall case.

Now, casinos do not turn over their tapes easily. You’ll need to do more than call someone up and get access to security video. This is one of the major reasons you should work with an experienced Las Vegas attorney. At our firm, we are skilled at preserving evidence that you need for your case, and we can alert the casino that it needs to preserve evidence, such as video evidence.

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