What Are the Most Common Causes of Las Vegas Pedestrian Accidents?

Each year, millions of visitors descend on Las Vegas for fun or to attend business conventions, and a good chunk of them prefer to walk as their primary mode of transportation. Getting around on foot makes sense, especially for those visiting the Strip, where traffic is congested and out-of-state drivers might be afraid of a wreck. Even better, walking is free—which few things are in this city.

Unfortunately, walking around Vegas is not free of risk. Statistics show that pedestrian accidents are a serious problem in our city. One study of fatal accidents showed that 387 people died in pedestrian accidents from 2014 to 2018. Clark County had most of those fatal accidents. In addition to fatalities, thousands of people are seriously injured in non-fatal accidents, incurring thousands of dollars in medical care and forced to miss work.

In this post, our Las Vegas pedestrian Accident Lawyer looks at the most common causes of accidents in our city. We strongly encourage you to reach out to Ladah Law Firm if you were hurt to review whether you can file an injury claim.

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1.       Distracted Driving Accident

Drivers can easily get distracted in Vegas, especially on the Strip. Many tourists who are driving into the city for the first time might get distracted staring at people, the buildings, or advertisements. They never see a pedestrian stepping in front of their vehicle because they are too focused on seeing who is performing at the casinos.

Other common distractions include cell phones, GPS devices, and passengers. It is very easy for people to start arguing, especially if they are lost, and that only increases the odds of a crash. Drivers who are not fully focused on the road have an increased likelihood of getting into a collision, including collisions with pedestrians.

2.       Driver Fatigue Accident

A tired driver is more likely to overlook a pedestrian. In addition to possibly falling asleep, their slowed reflexes will make it harder for them to stop in time. Many people are out driving in the a.m. hours, especially tourists who are soaking in the sights when they would normally be in bed back home. Their fatigue could lead to a crash.

3.       Speeding Accident

Speeding is also high on the list. When a car is traveling too fast, it needs more space to come to a full stop. That means that many vehicles will hit a pedestrian, even if the driver saw them because they were scanning ahead. Speeding vehicles also give pedestrians less time to cross, and some pedestrians might misjudge the amount of time they have.

On top of everything else, a car that is speeding could easily cause serious injuries. Many fatalities stem from a speeding motorist hitting a pedestrian.

4.       Chemical Impairment Accident

A driver who is chemically impaired will struggle to drive safely. Alcohol, drugs, and prescription medications can cause serious problems, including:

  • Fatigue. A driver might be so tired that they nod off briefly and not see a pedestrian crossing up ahead.
  • Lack of coordination. It’s harder to make a turn when intoxicated. Some drivers can’t take sudden defensive action because they lack coordination due to alcohol.
  • Poor judgment. An intoxicated or high driver might take risks that they normally wouldn’t. For example, they might try to beat a red light by hitting the gas.
  • Delayed reflex. Even if a driver sees a pedestrian step in front of them, they might be unable to step on the brakes in time.

Because impaired driving is a crime, many motorists will flee and not even render aid to an injured pedestrian. Contact our Hit & Run Las Vegas pedestrian Accident Attorney for assistance with your case.

5.       Night Time Driving  Accident

Although the Strip might be lit up at all hours of the night, other parts of the city have less lighting, which means it is harder to see people walking around. A driver might not see a pedestrian stepping out from the sidewalk. In fact, 76% of fatal pedestrian accidents in Nevada happen at night, so this is probably a contributing factor in many collisions.

6.       Rain Accident

A heavy downpour can make it difficult for motorists to see pedestrians. Pedestrians might also take more risks to get where they want to go given the wet conditions. Any inclement weather reduces visibility, and poor weather at night is even worse.

7.       Jaywalking Accident

We must be honest: pedestrians sometimes contribute to their accidents. Some pedestrians hurl themselves into the road and end up getting hit by a driver who had no reason to expect them there.

Jaywalking is a crime in Nevada under NRS 484B.287. If you cross the street somewhere other than in a marked or unmarked crosswalk, then you must yield the right of way to cars on the road. Sometimes, pedestrians try to scoot across or beat the traffic, only to end up getting hit.

Jaywalking can make it harder to receive compensation for a pedestrian accident. Failing to yield is a form of negligence, which can reduce the amount of compensation you receive. For example, if you were 45% to blame for jaywalking, then you will receive only 55% of the compensation you would probably receive if you were blameless.

Additionally, NRS 41.141 says you are completely barred from receiving compensation if you are more at fault than the driver. That means someone who is 51% at fault (or more) will receive nothing.

8.       Lack of Familiarity with Surroundings Accident

People who haven’t driven in Vegas regularly might find the streets confusing. Inexperienced drivers can easily become flustered and not notice a pedestrian stepping off the sidewalk into the road because the driver is looking for street signs or other references to orient themselves.

9.       Left-hand Turns Accident

A driver hanging out in the intersection to make a left-hand turn might be more focused on oncoming traffic than whether the crosswalk is free of pedestrians. It is easy to pull directly into someone because they are trying to beat oncoming traffic and make their turn in time.

10.   Road Construction Accident

Road construction not only takes up space, but equipment and signage can block a driver’s view, making it harder to see a pedestrian. Pedestrians also can’t see drivers, so they might hop into the road when they shouldn’t.

11.   Missing Crosswalk Markings Accident

Although the state wants people to cross in crosswalks, they are sometimes faded or missing altogether. Pedestrians might step into a road when a motorist doesn’t expect them, which can lead to a collision.

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Why You Should Document Your Pedestrian Accident?

Documentation is key to receiving compensation for an accident. If a driver strikes you, then you should consider bringing a personal injury claim. Drivers owe pedestrians a duty to care, but too many drivers are careless.

You might also sue if missing lights or crosswalks make the intersection dangerous for pedestrians. In that case, you might sue the city for failure to maintain safe roads.

Evidence helps establish fault for the crash. The driver might claim you sprang out into the road without warning, and you will want evidence to show they are to blame. Your attorney can help you identify what information is most helpful, but eyewitnesses are usually important pieces of evidence.

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