What Are the Window Tint Laws in Las Vegas and Why?

Vegas Window Tinting

Nevada adopted window tint laws in 1993. These laws apply around the state and in Las Vegas. There are many reasons why people want to tint windows, to improve privacy and limit the amount of ultraviolet light that enters a vehicle.
However, allowing tint on the window also creates risk, which is why Nevada keeps a tight rein on how you can tint a vehicle. Below, our Las Vegas car accident lawyer reviews the current regulations in the state. Please contact us if you have a question.

What is VLT?

You need to understand this term before you can understand the rules on window tinting. VLT stands for Visible Light Transmission. Basically, it is the amount of light that can pass through the film and glass. Each state sets maximum VLT standards for certain windows on a car.

The higher the number, the more light that can pass through. A VLT of 50% means that 50% of light can pass through the film. If the VLT is 10%, then only 10% of the light can pass through, and the window should appear darker.

How Much Tint is Allowed for a Passenger Vehicle?

In a passenger vehicle, the maximum amount of tint allowed will depend on the window:

  • Front windshield: Tint is allowed only above the AS-1 line. This is the line that runs across the windshield from characters AS-1, which are printed on most windshields.
  • Roughly, this is 5 inches down from the top.
  • Side windows in front: Up to 35% VLT is allowed.
  • Side windows in back: Any amount of tint is allowed.
  • Rear window: Any amount of tint is allowed.

.Do Multi-Purpose Vehicles Have Different Requirements in Nevada?

They have the same requirements for all windows. However, Nevada might adopt different rules when it comes to non-passenger vehicles in the future, so it is best to stay on top of the law.

How Do You See Out the Back if it Is Tinted?

A tint does not prohibit someone from seeing out a window. However, Nevada also requires that those who tint their back window to install dual side mirrors, which should help them see more behind the vehicle.

What Color Tint Can You Use?

Nevada lets vehicle owners select the color. The only colors prohibited are red and amber, for obvious reasons. When someone sees red, they automatically assume that an emergency vehicle is flashing red lights behind them. However, you can choose any other color you want.

Must You Display a Sticker Identifying the Type of Tint Used?

No. This might be a requirement in other states, but Nevada does not currently require that a person display a sticker that names the level or type of tint that has been applied.

Can You See Out of Tinted Windows?

Yes, depending on the VLT. A very low VLT will probably make it impossible to see out of. However, higher VLTs allow enough light through so that someone can see out. What you see will be darkened, though.

If you are worried about being able to see, you should test drive a vehicle with a window tint before paying to have a tint applied to your vehicle. You might find that the tint inhibits your ability to see.

What If You Need Darker Tint for a Medical Condition?

Nevada has provided for medical exemptions if you need tint to manage a medical condition. Some people are very sensitive to light, so they need a darker shade than what is allowed. You should talk with your doctor and the shop that is applying the tint to your windows. You should also always carry a note with you from your doctor explaining your medical condition in case you are pulled over by a cop.

Why Does Nevada Limit the Amount of Tint?

texting while driving
There are sensible reasons, most of which have to do with public safety. One of the main causes of car accidents is distracted driving. According to the Centers for Disease Control, distracted drivers account for about 9 deaths every single day. About 1,000 people are also injured.

There are many sources of distraction, but texting or talking on the phone while driving are prime ones. It is easier to text and get away with it if no one can see into your car. For this reason, Nevada has taken the sensible measure of not allowing anyone to tint most of their windshield and to not use a darker tint on the sides in the front. This way, law enforcement can see into the vehicle and notice whether the driver is texting or talking on the phone when they should be focused on driving.

Contact a Las Vegas Car Accident Lawyer

If you were injured in a car accident, then tinted windows might be to blame. Although the law allows people to apply tint, this does not mean that motorists are free to be reckless or negligent. Some vehicles might be dangerous when too much tint has been applied in contravention of Nevada law.

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