What A Henderson Personal Injury Attorney Can Do To Help You

As primarily a bedroom community to Las Vegas, Henderson still has its share of commercial property. Even in that seemingly benign environment, accidents are a regular occurrence. If your accident was caused through the negligence of a person, company, or even government agency, you shouldn’t have to suffer the financial consequences of the accident in addition to your pain and suffering.

If you feel the accident was the result of carelessness, negligence, or even the recklessness of someone else, give Ladah Law, PLLC a call as soon as possible: 702-252-0055. We can protect your rights and see that the responsible parties are held liable for their actions.

Details, Details

A personal injury claim is complicated and relies on many details and pieces of information associated with the dynamics of the accident. However, immediately after an accident you will want to focus on recovering from your injuries and rearranging your personal life. By involving us early on we will keep track of and begin to make a case around the specifics of your accident. We don’t let any detail escape our attention. The size of your settlement is in the details.

Shortly after your accident, attorneys for the insurance company will approach you with a settlement for your mishap. It may even seem fair. However, it never is. Ramzy Ladah previously worked for the insurance companies and knows their policies and procedures. He also knows how unfair they will try to be. Their intension from the beginning is to pay you as little as possible. You are not their concern; their bottom line is their primary focus.

A Settlement You Deserve

Your injuries and losses aren’t just related to the present. Your settlement needs to address future medical costs, rehabilitation, and even the effect your injuries have on your employment. Additionally, pain and suffering has a significant cost. Pain and suffering can affect relationships, your marriage, your job, and even your retirement. Also, if your accident was the result of malice by a company you may be entitled to punitive damages.

Your settlement isn’t just a dollar figure; it is a carefully structured plan for your bright future.

At Ladah Law, everything we do centers around you and your future. We keep you informed every step of the way, answering your questions and concerns. We even give you our cell numbers for easy access to us when you need us.

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What Should You Expect When You Hire A Car Accident Lawyer In Henderson?

Car accidents are an unfortunate part of life. Millions of drivers on the road each day increase the chances of you being involved in a serious accident. Serious injuries can be financially costly and requires the assistance of a car accident lawyer to help you recovery your losses and receive compensation for your medical expenses. It is crucial to the outcome of your case that you have an attorney with car accident experience.

Your Injury

At Ladah Law we understand the impact a serious injury from a car accident can have on your life. A serious injury affects your physical, emotional, and financial well being. Injuries can cause medical bills to accumulate, time lost from work, and additional expenses you had not considered because of the injury.

It is your legal right to seek compensation from the negligent party to pay for your personal injuries and property damage.

Financial Losses

It is your responsibility, as the injured party, to seek restitution for the losses resulting from your accident. The individual that is hurt and initiates the lawsuit is referred to as the plaintiff in a court of law. You will have the burden of proof and will need to prove why the other party was at fault.

By issuing a lawsuit with the assistance of a Henderson car accident lawyer, you will have an increased chance of recovering your financial losses.

Retaining An Attorney

If you plan to receive the compensation you need from the other guy’s insurance company without serious negotiation or litigation, you will be disappointed. They plan to pay you as little as possible while making it look fair. An experienced attorney knows what your case is worth and will help you receive the compensation you deserve. At your initial consultation we will:

1. Provide an opinion on the strength of your case based on the evidence you provide.

2. Give complete detail of the stages involved during the civil litigation process.

3. Take care of the discovery process, paying attention to the important details that will make the difference in your case.

4. Represent your case and help you receive the compensation that is right and fair.

Give Ladah Law a call today. We will help you receive compensation for your losses, Henderson personal injuries, pain and suffering, and more.

The Importance of Working With An Experienced Henderson Truck Accident Attorney

When you read a report on car and truck wrecks in Henderson, you almost never read anything that says, “Peterbilt hits Honda Civic on Wigwam Pkwy. Truck totaled, car sustains minor damage.” That’s not to say trucks and truck drivers don’t sustain damage in an accident, it’s just that cars usually don’t get off that easy. In fact, the injuries car passengers receive in truck accidents are often life-changing if not life-ending.

When your car gets hit by a truck, you will find your disadvantage isn’t just the size of the truck. After the accident, you will find out you are completely outgunned by the attorneys and multiple insurance companies representing the truck and its driver. Trucks are often represented by insurance companies for the driver, the truck owner, the trailer owner, and the maintenance company. Each has a stake in the accident and possible liability. While you are languishing in the hospital, they are performing damage control, attempting to limit your settlement.

Protecting Your Rights

As soon after your accident as possible, you or a family member should contact Ladah Law, PLLC. We aren’t intimidated by trucking lawyers, however, we want to get involved as soon as possible to make sure important evidence and testimony is preserved to protect your rights and the compensation you deserve. Not to paint the opposition in a bad light but their job is to find ways to pay you as little as possible. They aren’t paid to be fair, they are paid to protect profits.

Depending on the citations issued by the investigating agency at the crash scene, we may still need to prove negligence on the part of the truck. Our experience helps us to pay attention to details others might miss when we construct your case. We can even have an accident reconstruction expert help determine what happened. When we prove what happened we don’t let the responsible parties skip out on their liability.

Seeking For Your Rightful Compensation

Since truck accident injuries can be life-changing, it is important to determine your needs far into the future, including medical bills, rehabilitation, and sometimes even modifications to your home to accommodate limited mobility. We seek compensation for your lost income, lost property, pain and suffering, and any other expenses directly connected to your injuries.

The truck was bigger than you; it has more attorneys; and they don’t care about you; however, with Ladah Law, PLLC you will still have the advantage. Call us today.

Should You Work With A Henderson Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

If you have been in a motorcycle accident in Henderson, you need to be sure to find an experienced attorney that cares about helping you receive what you deserve. Once you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, your entire life can change. At Ladah Law we will be ready to listen to your unique situation and give you the personalized guidance you need.

Your Accident

Many car and truck drivers do not pay attention to motorcycle riders. They may not check their blind spots before crossing over into another lane, or they may drive haphazardly. If you need to be hospitalized, have surgery, or require physical therapy after an accident that was caused by another driver, the driver at fault should have to pay for these expenses.

Your life can be turned upside down after a wreck, but an experienced car accident attorney can help you get the compensation you need for medical bills and time missed from work. If you need to have your motorcycle repaired or replaced, the driver at fault should pay for that too.

Getting The Right Settlement

There are times when a settlement from an insurance company may look like the right choice. However, they aren’t factoring in your long-term needs nor do they want to pay the proper amounts for pain and suffering.

At Ladah Law, we are educated in insurance tactics and know-how to get you what you truly need. The best part of having us by your side is that you can focus on getting better while we take care of all of the legal battles.

Give Ladah Law a call when if you are injured in Nevada and you want the details of your case handled in such a way that you receive the maximum compensation available for your injury. Call us today.