What Time Do Most Accidents Occur in Las Vegas?

Time of Las Vegas Accidents
Accidents can happen at any time, day or night, in Las Vegas. Nevertheless, we tend to see more collisions at certain times of the day, just like other cities around the country. If you are visiting Las Vegas, or if you live here, then staying safe is a top priority. If possible, you can reduce the amount of traveling during those peak hours when accidents are likely to occur.

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Most Accidents Happen During Evening Commute

It makes sense that most accidents occur when there are more people on the road. This means the greatest number of accidents happen during “rush hour,” which is really rush hours.
According to the National Highway Safety & Traffic Administration (NHTSA), most crashes occur from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm. This was true during the workweek when we would expect most people to be traveling home.

The next most dangerous time for car accidents was the 3-hour block from noon to 3:00 pm. Undoubtedly, there were many accidents during this time because schools let out before 3:00 pm and many people are out on the road during their lunch hour.

But congestion is not entirely to blame. There are other compounding factors present that can explain the high number of collisions in the early evening:
People might be distracted, especially if they are using the phone to call their spouse or their children’s daycare or ordering takeout food for the family.
Some drivers could be exhausted, especially after a long shift, and drive less carefully due to fatigue.
Whatever the reasons, motorists who avoid driving at 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm will reduce their odds of getting into a crash.

More Fatal Accidents Later in the Day

When it comes to fatal accidents, NHTSA’s data showed that the 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm block had a greater number of fatalities during most days of the week. This greater number of fatal accidents probably has several actors. For one, the roads are still congested in the evening, but people are driving faster to get home. For another, people are drinking more at this point in the day, so there will be drunk driving accidents.

More Fatal Accidents Late on the Weekend

If we look particularly at Saturday and Sunday, then most fatal accidents happen between 6:00 pm on Saturday and 3:00 a.m. on Sunday. There is no “rush hour” during the weekend, but there are more people drinking and partying into the early morning hours, which can dramatically increase the number of fatal accidents.

Intoxicated drivers might not be wearing seat belts and could be driving aggressively. Both of those factors can increase fatalities.

It Is Harder to See at Night

driving at night in Vegas
Even if roads weren’t congested, driving in the evening has special complications. The setting sun might get in someone’s eyes, and dusk can reduce visibility. All people on the road are vulnerable.
For example, it can be hard to see cyclists at certain hours of the day. Cyclists often blend in with other vehicles or even the road unless they are wearing bright colors. Few motorists are looking for cyclists to begin with, and reduced visibility creates all kinds of problems that can lead to collisions.

Reduced visibility of motorcycles is also an issue. However, according to NHTSA, 58% of motorcycle fatalities happen during daylight, with 38% happening in the dark and about 4% at dusk. These statistics might represent nothing more than the fact that more motorcycles are out on the road during the day. Bikers are still at risk in the evening, as ample news stories show.

The Strip is Busy During the Night

Our city’s exciting nightlife is another compounding factor that makes accidents common. Many pedestrians can be struck when walking on the Strip because of the congested traffic. In fact, there are many accidents late in the evening due to the nightlife.

Pedestrians should try to increase their visibility and walk-in groups, which are harder to miss. Also, do not rush into traffic, which only increases the odds of getting hit. If you want to hale a cab or get on a bus, stand several feet from the curb to increase safety.

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