Should I seek medical treatment immediately after a motor vehicle accident?

Yes, if you are injured in any way whatsoever then you absolutely should seek medical treatment from a medical professional immediately. Any delay in seeking medical treatment could be detrimental to your condition. Likewise, one of the factors insurance adjusters will look at closely when evaluating your case is how long after the accident the claimant/injured victim waited before seeking medical treatment. Therefore, in addition to being dangerous to your health, a delay in seeking medical treatment could also be detrimental to your case.
If you are feeling pain at the scene of a collision, allow emergency medical personnel to transport you to an emergency facility. Taking a ambulance to a Hospital Room could save your life. We will help you deal with the medical bills later and force the at-fault party’s insurance company (or your insurance company if you need to recover under UM/UIM) to pay for those bills. For now worry about saving your life and treating your injuries.