Nevada Motorcycle Cop Injured In Accident

Operating a motor vehicle requires a high level of attention and it only takes a momentary lapse for an accident to happen. This is especially true when riding a motorcycle. Motorcyclists have an even more difficult time when on the roads because they not only have to ensure that they are riding in a safe manner, but they also have to watch every car and truck to make sure that they are seen.

In Henderson, Nevada there was an accident recently involving a police motorcycle and a car. The car was changing lanes and while doing so struck the officer’s motorcycle. The officer on the bike tried to avoid the accident but struck a curb and then ending up hitting the side of the car. The officer was injured and transported to a local hospital.

Failure to yield is one of the reasons that motorcycle accidents happen. Drivers of larger vehicles often lose sight of motorcycles because they are easily hidden in blind spots. When this happens, the driver may not yield as required. Failure to yield is negligence. If an accident results in injury, the injured party has the right to sue the negligent driver for damages including pain and suffering. In a case where the victim was on the job when the accident occurred, they can also recover workers’ compensation benefits for lost income, medical expenses and permanent or partial disability.

Motorcycle accidents occur with some regularity. If one is a victim in this type of accident, knowing and understanding one’s rights is important. An experienced Nevada personal injury lawyer can help a victim evaluate their options and represent them through the litigation process.

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