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Injuries Requiring Injections In Las Vegas

After a car crash, your car may require extensive repair. The auto-body shop may need to straighten the frame and replace panels, bumpers, and lights. Other dents can be hammered out, covered with special putty, then sanded out and painted. Your car looks new again. Start your claim today: 702-252-0055.

You are not a car; however some of your injuries aren’t that different. Broken bones can be set and cuts can be stitched. Injuries to joints though are much more complicated. They take longer to heal and the pain associated with them can be excruciating.

A rotator cuff injury, for example, is extremely painful and debilitating, even though the pain is isolated to that physical location; and the pain may last for weeks. Taking opiates for the pain may give a certain amount of relief for the injury but anesthetizing your entire body for one area of pain isn’t a good idea. The possibility of dependency is also high.

For isolated injuries that produce intense pain, direct injections into the area with long- lasting analgesic drugs can ease the pain without affecting any other part of your body. Additionally, anti-inflammatory drugs such as Cortisone may be included to aid in healing.

Back Injuries

Back injuries can also produce intense pain. Isolated pain management similar to the process above can be used for pain, however sometimes healing needs help. Sometimes when intervertebral discs rupture they need to be injected with fluid to restore it to its proper function.

Overall Chronic Pain

When a person suffers multiple injuries in a car crash, there may be multiple pain centers along with overall pain. Rather than resort to long-term opiate therapy, many doctors now endorse a spinal infusion pump that injects pain relief directly to that area of the spine registering the pain.

These are just a few injuries that may occur as a result of a serious car accident. Many times, when the injuries appear to be healed, chronic pain will continue. Pain management is a critical part of your medical treatment.

At Ladah Law Firm, PLLC we understand the some therapies after an injury will continue for a lifetime. Our focus on properly structured settlements makes it possible to get continued treatments for as long as needed.

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