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Las Vegas Stadium Injury Attorney

There are a number of stadiums in Las Vegas (the iconic Sam Boyd Stadium, for instance). There are also many ballparks in the city. The last thing you would expect is to get injured in a stadium in Las Vegas, but it does happen. For example, every good personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas knows about the case of Kathleen Turner Vs Mandalay Sports Entertainment.

In the case, Ms. Kathleen Turner was sitting at Cashman Field’s Beer Garden having a snack during a Minor League baseball game when a foul ball struck her on the face, breaking her nose. She sued the owners of the stadium for negligence. Though she lost the case, it went up to the Supreme Court and it was a narrow decision of 4-3. Call us at 702-252-0055.

We Can Help You Get Justice In Stadium Injury Cases

Stadiums are obliged to protect fans from the threat of accidents and if they are found negligent, they are liable to pay compensation. If you have been injured in a stadium in Las Vegas, do not waste any time. Contact Ladah Law Firm and we will determine if you have a case against the stadium owners. If you do, we will help you can take it forward. We can even fight your case in court. If you are looking for an aggressive accident lawyer in Las Vegas, please contact us at 702.252.0055.

The stadium owners may have told you that they are not responsible for the safety of their patrons but it is not true. They are obliged to erect a screen guard in the most dangerous areas such as the space behind the home plate and if they do not, they can be held liable for your injuries.

Our Experience Is Your Best Protection

Kathleen Turner was running an auto repair shop with her husband before her injury, but the case shook her so much (she had to undergo facial reconstruction surgery), she had to stop working. She winces whenever she has to talk about the incident (an indication of emotional injury, pain and suffering). She is still fighting terrific headaches (indication of brain damage) and says the incident has changed her whole life. It can happen to anyone. If you are injured by such an accident, it is only fair that the stadium pays for your injuries and losses.

You need an aggressive and experienced Las Vegas stadium injury attorney, who will study the circumstances in detail and if there is a case, take it to the defendant and make them pay. Call Ladah Law Firm for a free initial consultation about your case today.

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