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Las Vegas Surgical Mistakes Attorney

From the moment you see your surgeon for elective surgery or for a surgical solution to a health crisis, you are placing your life in his or her hands. Even though your surgery may be a life-defining event, it is just another day on the job for your doctor. Sometimes that is a good thing. He or she may be so good at what they do, they are able to approach your surgery with confidence and optimism. However, on occasion that aplomb results in an accident, a slip of the scalpel, or even a major error. Call us at 702-252-0055.

Now What?

Doctors and hospitals aren’t exactly free with information, particularly when it involves alerting you of a possible surgical mistake or failure. Sometimes an error is catastrophic, while other times it could cause lingering problems. Regardless, as your doctor and the hospital inundates you with medical jargon and even deceptive language mandated by their legal advisors you need to shake of the anesthesia and protect your rights by giving Ladah Law Firm, PLLC a call as soon as possible.

As an experienced surgical mistake attorney firm, we know the law pertaining to medical malpractice and we have our own doctors and medical experts willing to help gather the details and facts of your surgery. Since we have the law on our side, the hospital, doctors, nurses, and everyone involved are required to cooperate with us. If we have to depose them and put them under oath, we can do that as well.

Details Are Important

Law and medicine are an interesting combination since both are complicated and depend on adherence to strict protocol and details. We know how to obtain the details of your case to protect your rights and then present evidence to obtain the settlement you deserve for the surgical error.

Lawyers representing the doctor’s medical malpractice insurance will aggressively try to minimize the mistake or even claim the state of your health caused the reaction. Regardless, they don’t represent the doctor as much as they represent the insurance company and its money. We aren’t intimidated by this attitude. The law is on our side and we will obtain the compensation you deserve.

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