$10 million jury verdict for 26 year old female involved in a trucking accident.

The Plaintiff’s medical bills were approximately $800,000. She refused transport to the hospital from the scene of the accident and the paramedics documented that only had minor injuries at the scene. Ladah Law Firm took this case to trial and convinced a jury to award more than 10 times the Plaintiff’s medical bills. The insurance company’s highest offer before trial was only $2 million meaning Ladah Law Firm took this case to trial and obtained a jury verdict of 5 times more than the highest offer made by the insurance company before trial. The insurance company even brought in out of state lawyers, in addition to the two local defense firms on the case, to defend the case at trial, who were convinced the jury would not even award $1 million. Obviously, the defense lawyers and the insurance company were wrong. Ladah Law Firm took on three different law firms throughout the trial, including an appeals law firm. Ultimately, Ladah Law Firm was able to obtain justice for a very deserving client.