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Stadium Accident Lawyer in Nevada

With college teams and professional sports teams in neighboring states, Nevadans have plenty of opportunities to visit sports arenas. Perhaps nothing is so quintessentially American than spending an afternoon or evening in a sports venue cheering on one’s favorite team. But what begins as a night of good times and friendly rivalry can quickly turn into a life-changing experience. Atrip down a flight of stairs or a fall to a lower level from an upper seating area can result in catastrophic head, neck, or spine injuries. Awayward foul ball or high-speed hockey puck can strike you. Some of these incidents can be fatal.


By opening up a venue such as a sports stadium to others and inviting the public to come in, the owner of a stadium is generally expected to make that stadium or venue a safe place for the public. When the owner does not do so and injuries result, the owner of the stadium can be held responsible for the monetary losses incurred by those who are injured. The experienced attorneys at Ladah Law Firm can help in such cases: 702-252-0055.


What is Premises Liability?


A personal injury lawsuit brought against a stadium or venue owner is one type of premises liability case. At its core, a premises liability case is used to hold the owner of property responsible for injuries that occur to others who are on that person’s property. These types of cases can be particularly complex as the following questions must be answered:


  • What is the status of the injured person? Generally, an injured person can recover damages in a premises liability case only if that person was invited onto the property or had a legal right to be on that property. A person who tries to jump a fence and injures himself, for instance, may not be able to recover any damages for his injuries.
  • What is the status of the property owner? The owner of a public venue or stadium owes a greater duty of care to others than does the owner of a private residence who is having people over for a party.
  • How was the person injured? Establishing how the injury occurred is important because it helps determine whether the property owner was actually negligent (and thus liable). Generally, owners of public venues and businesses owe a “duty of care” to those who come onto their property to look for obvious dangers and hazards and either correct them or, at the very least, warn the public about them. What steps a property owner must take will differ depending on the size and resources of the property owner and the particular hazard. For example, even small public property owners should be able to look out for spills and slippery surfaces and place a sign warning others where these hazards exist.

Ladah Law Firm, PLLC – Your Nevada Stadium Accident Lawyer

When a night out at the ball game turns into a night in the hospital due to an accident at a stadium,contact Ladah Law Firm, PLLC right away: 702-252-0055. We can help you hold the property owner responsible for failing to provide you with a safe environment and help you recover the compensation you need to get your life back on track.

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