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Hotel Injury Lawyer in Nevada

To say Las Vegas is a popular place is an understatement. In fact,statistics show that during 2014 over 38 million people visited Sin City. Over 87 percent of Las Vegas’ more than 150,000 hotel rooms were occupied during the year. Unfortunately, hotels are a prime location for injuries to happen. These injuries can include:


  • Slips or trips and falls on slippery, uneven, or dangerous surfaces;
  • Falls down poorly designed or illuminated stairways;
  • Thefts of personal property from hotel rooms;
  • Being struck by vehicles or carts while on hotel property; and
  • Being the victim of a violent crime on hotel property.


When you or a loved one is injured in a hotel accident, you need a skilled attorney in order to recover the maximum amount of compensation. An attorney experienced in premises liability cases can help make sure you are compensated for your injuries. The attorneys at Ladah Law Firm, PLLC have experience in these type of cases & can be reached at: 702-252-0055.


Basics of a Premises Liability Case


A premises liability case holds a property owner responsible for injuries that occur to others who are on his or her property. The elements of a successful premises liability case include:


  • Showing the injured party (or “plaintiff”) was lawfully present on the property. This is important because a plaintiff’s request for compensation can be denied if the plaintiff was trespassing or was not otherwise permitted to be on the property. For instance, a person who tries to sneak into a hotel through a back door and is injured by the door may not be able to recover any compensation.
  • Showing that the property owner owed a duty to the plaintiff: Where a business owner invites others to come onto his or her property, that business owner owes a duty to the general public to make a reasonable inspection of his or her property and correct or warn of any hazards that are obvious or that should be obvious. The “duty of care” can vary from case to case, as can the sort of steps a property owner should take.
  • Showing that the property owner failed to comply with his or her duty: This usually involves showing that the hotel owner did not do all that was reasonable in order to prevent the injury. What is “reasonable” will depend on the particular case, but will usually consist of at least noticing obvious hazards and taking steps to warn guests ofobvious hazards present in the hotel.
  • Quantifying the plaintiff’s injuries: Through the production of medical bills and other objective evidence, the plaintiff will show the monetary extent of his or her injuries. This is usually the amount of compensation that the plaintiff asks the court to award him or her as compensation.


Contact Ladah Law Firm, PLLC (702-252-0055) after a hotel injury in Nevada. We have helped numerous individuals recover monetary compensation for their injuries and can help you do the same. Recovering from a hotel injury can be a long, difficult process – and there is no reason why you should face this alone.

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