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truck blind spot accidents

Las Vegas Truck Accidents Blind Spots

Commercial vehicles, simply because of their size and weight, can pose a serious danger to other drivers on the road. This danger is all the more present when one or more drivers fail to operate a vehicle with proper care. Every year in the United States, thousands of people die in large truck-related crashes and in crashes between trucks and passenger cars.

A primary cause of accidents between trucks and passenger cars is speeding, whether it is the truck or the passenger car. Speeding is principally dangerous between these two vehicles because of blind spots. Large 18-wheeler trucks (much more so than any other vehicle) have significant blind spots due to the truck’s size and height.

If the truck driver or other drivers on the road are not aware of these blind spots, it can lead to accidents and cause devastating injuries. If you are involved in a truck accident, or if you are hit by an ambulance in Las Vegas, the Ladah Law Firm’s experienced truck accident attorneys can help protect your rights against. If you’ve been injured by a negligent big rig driver, call us at 702.252.0055.

Where Are the Truck’s Blind Spots?

Even though trucks have several large mirrors, there are still significant blind spots where the driver cannot see. There are several general “no-zone” areas that trucks and other drivers must be aware of. These “no-zones” include the front, rear, and side no-zones. The specific area of any vehicle’s blind spots, however, will necessarily depend on the length and the height of the vehicle. The right side is the truck’s largest and longest blind spot.

If a driver can see the truck’s mirrors then the truck driver can see the other motorist. This, however, does not necessarily mean that the truck driver actually does see the other driver. For whatever reason, the truck driver may not be paying attention. As such, it is important to use extreme caution whenever driving near trucks with large blind spots. The Nevada Department of Public Safety wants to educate others about driving near trucks and to help drivers understand the dangers of no-zones.

The Dangers of Blind Spots

If a truck driver cannot see a vehicle that is within its blind spot(s), it is possible that the truck driver will act without regard to another vehicle. Making a turn, changing lanes, speeding up, or stopping suddenly are all possible actions that can lead to side-swipe accidents, underride and override accidents, “squeeze play” accidents and even rollover collisions. These accidents can be devastating, leaving the driver and any passengers within the smaller vehicle with catastrophic injuries. When driving around large trucks, keeping plenty of distance and spending as little time as possible within blind spots and “no zones” can be a life-saving technique.

Who’s Liable for an Accident Involving a Large Truck and a Vehicle in Its Blind Spot?

If a vehicle is driving within the blind spot of a large truck, the large truck driver may be unable to see the vehicle, and therefore perform a maneuver, such as a lane change, that directly affects the other driver and causes a collision as such. In this case, the question of liability is raised: who is responsible for the accident – the truck driver, or the driver within the truck driver’s blind spot?

Both drivers and commercial truck drivers have a duty of care to others on the road, and in an accident caused by driving within a blind spot, a review of the facts must take place to determine negligence. Negligence means the failure to act with the level of care that is required; in a blind spot truck accident, either party could have been negligent.

For example, the driver of the smaller vehicle may be found negligent based on the idea that the fact that large trucks have blind spots is common knowledge, and therefore a reasonable driver would know better than to hang out in a “no zone.”

On the other hand, if the driver of the smaller vehicle was not within the truck driver’s blind spot for an unreasonable amount of time (i.e. was merely passing the truck in a legal manner), and the crash occurred because the truck driver acted hastily and without properly assessing the situation, double checking for vehicles, and giving plenty of warning of a lane change (putting on blinkers) ahead of time, then the truck driver may be liable for damages.

Because fault and negligence may be so unclear–and is often disputed–in truck blind spot accidents, working with an experienced attorney who has the resources to hire accident reconstruction experts and fully investigate your case is essential and could make a huge difference in your settlement award.

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If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident, an important first step is reaching out to an experienced truck accident attorney. An experienced attorney can help you investigate the cause of the accident of any accident to determine who may be liable. The Ladah Law Firm’s Las Vegas truck accident attorneys will work tirelessly to make sure that you recover the compensation you deserve.

Contact Ladah Law Firm’s truck blind spot accident attorneys today for a free initial consultation and case evaluation. You can call us at 702.252.0055.

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